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  • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only.
  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
  • Artists are listed strictly alphabetically
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 Cadets: Los Angeles group led by Aaron Collins. Also sang as the Jacks and as back up singers for other artists. Aaron Collins was the brother of the 'Teen Queens' who made the original version of 'Eddie My Love'. 'Stranded In The Jungle' was actually their, better, cover of the original by fellow west coast musicians 'The Jayhawks'.
London HLU8313  1956 Stranded In The Jungle/ I Want You

 Cadillacs: Harlem group that originally called themselves the 'Carnations'. They are well known for several up-tempo Doo-Wop R&B classics, but only had this solitary UK single released at the time.
London HLJ8786 1959 Peek-A-Boo/ Oh, Oh, Lolita

 Cannonballs:  US
Coral Q72428  1961  Cannonball Caboose/ New Orleans Beat
Coral Q72431  1961  Lullaby Of Birdland/ Calliope Boogie

 Capris:  New York, male five piece doo-wop group whose only single was resurrected more than two years after its first release. It reached the #3 spot in the States benefiting from the resurgence of interest in Doo-Wop that took place as the 1960s began.
Columbia DB4605  1961 There's A Moon Out Tonight/ Indian Girl

 Carolyn Crawford: Although she had several releases on the Motown label in the US, only this solitary single on Stateside (who carried the Motown output at the time) appeared in the UK
Stateside SS384 1965 When Someone's Good To You/ My Heart

 Carter-Lewis & The Southerners: UK group led by singer/ songwriters John Carter and Ken Lewis. They had much more success in the guise of the Flowerpot Men and the Ivy League when they produced some great pop songs. The group's later singles featured guitar work from Jimmy Page.
Piccadilly 7N35004  1961 So Much In Love/ Back On The Scene
Piccadilly 7N35084  1962  Here's Hoping/ Poor Joe
Ember EMBS145  1961  Two Timing Baby/ Will It Happen To Me
Ember EMBS165  1962  Tell Me/ Broken Heart
Oriole CB1835  1963  Sweet And Tender Romance/ Who Told You
Oriole CB1868   1963  Your Momma's Out Of Town/ Somebody Told My Girl
Oriole CB1919   1964  Skinny /Minnie/ Easy To Cry

 Castle Sisters: West Indian Ska .
Ska Beat JB257  1968  Don't Be A Fool/ Stop Your Lying

 Castle Sisters: UK
Columbia DB4335  1959  Drifting And Dreaming/ Lucky Girl

 Cats:  West Indian style Ska
BAF BAF1 1968  Swan Lake/ Swing Low
BAF BAF2  1968 My Girl/ The Hog
BAF BAF3  1968  The Hig/ Blues For Justice
BAF BAF4  1968  William Tell/ Love Walk Right In
BAF BAF5  1968  Falling In Love/(Ray Pereira) - Don't Mess With Cupid

 Chad And Jeremy:  Although British, Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde were almost unknown in the UK. However they had a string of successful hits in the US where their brand of light pop rode high on the tide of the British 'invasion'.
Ember EMBS180 1964 Yesterday's Gone/ Lemon Tree
Ember EMBS186 1964 Early In The Morning/ Like I Love You Today
Ember EMBS205 1965 If I Loved You/ No Tears For Johnnie
Ember EMBS217 1965 What Do You Want With Me/Donna Donna
United Artists UP1062 1965 Summer Song/No Tears For Johnnie
United Artists UP1070 1965 Willow Weep For Me/If She Was Mine
CBS 201769 1965 Before And After/Evil Hearted Me
CBS 201814 1965 I Don't Want To Lose You/Pennies
CBS 202035 1966 Teenage Failure/Early Mornin' Rain
CBS 202279 1966 Distant Shores/ Last Night
CBS 202397 1966 You Are She/ I Won't Cry

 Chambers Brothers:  Los Angeles quartet of real brothers. Gained popularity in U.S. through their hippie image, but never charted in the UK.
Vocalion VL9267  1966  Love Me Like The Rain/ Pretty Girls Everywhere
Vocalion VL9267  1966 Call Me/ Seventeen
CBS 202565  1966  All Strung Out Over You/ Falling In Love
Direction 58-3215  1966  Up Town/ Love Me Like The Rain
Direction 58-3671  1967  Time Has Come Today/ Dinah
Direction 58-3865  1967  I Can't Turn You Loose/ Do Your Thing
Direction 58-4098  1968  Are You Ready/ You Got The Power To Turn Me On
Direction 58-4318  1968  People Get Ready/ No, No, No, Don't Say Goodbye
Direction 58-4367  1969  Wake Up/ Everybody Needs Someone

RCA RCA1704  1968  Never Been Loved Before/ Timber

 Chantels:  Archetypal US Girl Group. Original Lead Singer: Arlene Smith, Producer: Richard Barrett.
London HLU8561  1958  Maybe/ Come My Little Baby
London HLL9428  1962  Look In My Eyes/ Glad To Be Back
London HLL9480  1962  Well I Told You So/ Still
London HLL9532  1962  Summertime/ Here It Comes Again
Capitol CL15297  1963  Swamp Water/ Eternally

 Chants:  US
Capitol CL14876  1958  Close Friends/ Lost And Found

 Chants: Liverpool based Doo-Wop group! Early recordings arranged by Tony Hatch.
Pye 7N15557  1963  I Don't Care/ Come Go With Me
Pye 7N15591  1964  I Could Write A Book/ A Thousand Stars
Pye 7N15643  1964  She's Mine/ Then I'll Be Home
Pye 7N15691  1964  Sweet Was The Wine/ One Star
Fontana TF716  1966  Come Back And Get This Loving Baby/ Love Light
Decca F12650  1967  A Lover's Story/ Wearing A Smile
Page One POF016  1967  Ain't Nobody Home/ For You
RCA Victor RCA1754  1968  A Man Without A Face/ Baby I Don't Need Your Love
RCA Victor RCA1823  1969  I Get The Sweetest Feeling/ Candy

 Chapter Five:  John Ritson was vocalist with this British soul group from Barrow-In-Furness who have a very collectable 45 to their name.
CBS 202395 1966 Anything That You Do/ You Can't Mean It

 Charles Blackwell & Orchestra:  UK Orchestra, some of whose singles were produced by Joe Meek and consequently are very collectable.
HMV POP977  1961  Taboo/ Midnight In Luxembourg
Columbia DB4839  1962  Supercar/ Persian Theme
Columbia DB4919  1962  Freight Train/ Death Valley
Columbia DB4994  1962  High Noon/ For Me And My Gal
Columbia DB7066  1963  El Toro/ Hawaiin War Chant
Columbia DB7139  1963  Hokey Croakey/ Lost Patrol
Columbia DB7501  1965  La Bamba/ Meditation

 Cherry Roland: UK Female Vocal, changed name later to Cherry Rowland
Decca F11579  1963 Handy Sandy/ Stay As I Am
Decca F11648  1963  What A Guy/ Just For Fun
Fontana TF420  1963  Nobody But Me/ Boys

 Cherry Wainer:  Female UK organist who came to fame playing the introduction to Jack Good's legendary Rock and Roll TV programme 'Oh Boy!'.
Pye 7N15161  1958  Itchy Twitchy Feeling/ Cerveza
Pye 7N15170  1958  Valencia/ Blue Cha Cha
Pye 7N15197  1959  Spanish Marching Song/ The Happy Organ
Pye 7N15217  1959  Song Of Lotus Lee/ Iced Coffee
Top Rank JAR253  1959  I'll Walk The Line/ Saturday Night In Tia Juana
Columbia DB4528  1960  Happy Like A Bell/ Money
Honey Hit TB128  1963  Red River Rock/ Sleepwalk

 Cheynes:  London R&B group who had Mick Fleetwood on drums. Peter Bardens was also briefly with the band.
Columbia DB7153 1963 Respectable/ It's Gonna Happen To You
Columbia DB7368 1964 Going To The River/ Cheyne-Re-La
Columbia DB7464 1965 Down And Out/ Stop Running Around

 Chick Graham And The Coasters:   The Coasters were originally the backing group of Billy J. Kramer, who had left this Liverpool group to team up with the Dakotas from Manchester. Chick became the new front man, but they held on to their name, shared with the famous US R&B outfit. Unfortunately, their recorded material was probably just not good enough for chart success.
Decca F11859  1964  I Know/ Education
Decca F11932  1964 A Little You/ Dance Baby Dance

 Chick With The Ted Cameron Group and the D.J's: UK male vocalist with Joe Meek 'gathering'.
Pye 7N15292  1960  Early In The Morning/ Cool Water

 Chicks: 'Girl Group' (I don't know nationality, probably not UK or US)
Oriole CB1828  1963  What Are Boys Made Of/ Over The Mountain

 Chimes: US 'Doo Wop' group.
London HLU9283  1961  Once In A While/ Summer Night

 Chimes: UK group 'featuring Denise' . They were a Manchester band whose closest claim to stardom was once appearing on Radio's 'Saturday Club' 
Decca F11783  1963  Say It Again/ Can This Be Love
Decca F11885  1964  I'll Be Waiting, I'll Be Here/ Hello Heartache

 Choker Campbell: This Mississippi born saxophone player was an important and influential musician in Tamla Motown's music.
Tamla Motown TMG517  1965  Mickey's Monkey/ Pride And Joy

 Chords: This New York based Doo Wop outfit produced the original version of 'Sh-boom' which became a major hit for the Canadian 'Crew Cuts'. I don't think you'll ever come across this UK issue, but it is reputed to be out there somewhere.
Columbia SCM5133 1954 Sh-boom (Life Could Be A Dream)/ Little Maiden

 Chris Bartley: A Harlem New Yorker who hit #32 in the US with the record that became his first UK release. Sadly he became a 'one hit wonder'.
Cameo Parkway P101 1967 The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Heaven/ Love Me Baby
Bell BLL1031  1968 I Found A Goodie/ Be Mine Forever

 Chris Clark: This white lady singer's brand of soul became sought after by UK Soul afficianados.
Tamla Motown TMG591 1967 Love's Gone Bad/ Put Yourself In My Place
Tamla Motown TMG624 1967 From Head To Toe/ The Beginning Of The End
Tamla Motown TMG638 1968 I Want To Go Back There Again/ I Love You

 Chris Ravel & Ravers: This is the UK singer/songwriter Chris Andrews with his pals- before his association with Sandie Shaw as her songwriter or his own great hit "Yesterday Man".
Decca F11696 1963 I Do/ Don't You Dig This Kind Of Beat

 Christine Campbell:  UK Vocalist
Parlophone R4881  1962 Wherever I Go/ Near Your Heart
Parlophone R4984  1963 If This Should Be A Dream/  One Life
Parlophone R5014  1963 My Love/ The Loving Tree
Parlophone R5127  1964 Don't You Know/ You
Page One POF011  1966 Auld Lang Syne/ All Through The Night
Page One POF021   1967 Sleep Little Boy/ Nos Da

 Chuck Jackson:  Born in South Carolina during 1937, this former Gospel singer moved to New York to further his career. He became a member of the Del Vikings before moving on and cutting plenty of singles in his own right and coupled with other singers like Maxine Brown.
Top Rank JAR564 1961 I Don't Want To Cry/ Just Once
Top Rank JAR607 1962 The Breaking Point/ My Willow Tree
Stateside SS102 1962 Any Day Now/ the Prophet
Stateside SS127 1962 I Keep Forgettin'/ Who's Gonna Pick Up The Pieces
Stateside SS171 1963 Tell Him I'm Not Home/ Getting Ready For The Heartbreak
Pye 7N25247 1964 Beg Me/ For All Time
Pye 7N25276 1964 Any Day Now/ The Prophet
Pye 7N25287 1965 Since I Don't Have You/ Hand It Over
Pye 7N25301 1965 I Need You/ Chuck's Soul Brothers Twist
Pye 7N25321  1965 If I Didn't Love You/ Just A Little Bit Of Your Soul
Pye 7N25384  1966 Chains Of Love/ I Keep Forgettin'
Pye 7N25439  1967 Shame On Me/ Candy
Tamla Motown TMG651  1968 Girls Girls Girls/ (You Can't Let The Boy Overpower) The Man In You

 Chuck Miller:  US Vocalist whose 'The Auctioneer' is instantly recognised by many in the UK despite the fact he never reached the chart.
Capitol CL14543  1956  Rogue River Valley/ No Baby Like You
Mercury 7MT153  1958 The Auctioneer/ Me Head's In De Barrel
Mercury 7MT215  1958  Down The Road A-Piece/ Mad About Her Blues
Mercury AMT1026  1959  The Auctioneer/ Baby Doll

Chuck Willis:  Highly regarded R&B vocalist from Atlanta, Georgia. Died at the height of his recording career aged only 30 in April 1958.
London HLE8444 1957 C.C.Rider/ Ease The Pain
London HLE8489 1957 That Train Has Gone/ Love Me Cherry
London HLE8595 1958 Betty And Dupree/ My Crying Eyes
London HLE8635 1958 What Am I Living For/ Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes
London HLE8818 1959 My Life/ Thunder And Lightning

 Cindy Cole: Cindy's real name was Rita Hughes. She had previously been 'Jeannie' of 'Jeannie And The Big Guys'. 
Columbia DB7519 1965 A Love Like Yours/ He's Sure The Boy I Love
Columbia DB7973 1966 Just Being Your Baby/ Lonely City Blue Boy

 Clancy Eccles: West Indian Ska  
Blue Beat BB34  1961  River Jordan/ I Live And I Love
Blue Beat BB67  1961  Freedom/ More Proof
Island WI044  1963  Judgement/ Baby Please
Island WI098  1963  Glory Hallelujah
Ska Beat JB194  1965  Sammy No Dead/ Roam Jerusalem
Ska Beat JB198  1965  Miss Ida
Doctor Bird DB1156  1967  Feel The Rhythm
Pama PM701  1967  What Will Your Mama Say/ Darling Don't Do That
Pama PM712  1968  The Fight/ Great
Nu Beat NB006  1968  Festival '68/ I Really Love You
Trojan TR639  1969  Sweet Africa/ Let Us Be Lovers
Trojan TR647  1969  Bangarang Crash
Trojan TR648  1969  Constantinople/ Deacon Sun
Trojan TR658  1969  Demonstration
Duke DU9  1969  Auntie Lulu
Duke DU31  1969  Shoo Be Do
Clandisc CLA201   1969  The World Needs Loving/ Dollar Train
Clandisc CLA209  1969  Open Up

 Classics:  Another set of four Doo Woppers from Brooklyn N.Y. Their second UK release made #20 in the US chart.
Mercury AMT1152 1961 Life Is But A Dream/ That's The Way
Stateside SS215 1963 Till Then/ Enie Minie Mo

 Claude King: US country singer from Shreveport, Louisiana  
Philips BF1173  1961  Sweet Loving/ Big River Big Man
Philips BF1199  1961  The Comancheros/ I Can't Get Over The Way
CBS AAG108  1962  Wolverton Mountain/ Little Bitty Heart
CBS AAG119  1962  Burning Of Atlanta/ Don't The Moon Look Lonesome

 Claudine Clark: Born in Macon, Georgia, during 1941 she graduated in music and began recording in 1958. However, further success after 'Party Lights' eluded her and she's been disappointed like it says on the flip side.
Pye 7N25157  1962  Party Lights/ Disappointed
Pye 7N25186  1963  Walk Me Home From The Party/ Who Will You Hurt
Sue WI4039  1967  The Strength To Be Strong/ Moon Madness

 Clay Cole:  US. Music from the movie 'Twist Around The Clock' which starred Chubby Checker, Dion and many others.
London HLP9499  1962  Twist Around The Clock/ Don't Twist

 Clay Morton:
Decca F11703  1963  Don't Blow Us Up/ Tombstone No.9

 Clear Light:  Californian 'Psychedelia' outfit.
Elektra EKSN45019  1967  Black Roses/ She's Ready To Be Free
Elektra EKSN45027  1968  Night Sounds Loud/ How Many Days Have Passed

 Cleftones: One of New York's most durable Doo Wop groups whose members came from the unsuccessful 'Clefs' and the 'Silver Tones'.
Columbia DB3801 1956 You Baby You/ Little Girl Of Mine
Columbia DB4678 1961 Heart And Soul/ How Do You Feel
Columbia DB4720  1961 (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons/ Deed I Do
Columbia DB4988 1963 Lover Come Back To Me/ There She Goes

 Clevelands:UK group
Philips BF1315  1964  Big Town/ Lonely Weary And Blue
Philips BF1342  1964  Little Girl In Calico/ Everything Is Fine

 Cliff Aungier: London based blues artist.
Polydor BM56250  1968  Time/ Fisherboy
RCA RCA1730  1968  Abigail/ My Love And I
Pye 7N17753  1969  Lady From Baltimore/ Back On The Road Again

 Clifford Curry: This American R&B singer was with a myriad of different groups (mostly unknown in the UK) before going solo to record the following.
Action ACT4549 1969 She Shot A Hole In My Soul/ We're Gonna Hate Ourselves In The Morning
Pama PM793 1969 You Turn Out The Light/ Good Humour Man
Pama PM797 1969 I Can't Get A Hold Of Myself/ Ain't No Danger

 Clifton Chenier: He claimed to be 'King of the Zydeco'. He played cajun and zydeco in the tradition of Louisiana on his accordion.
Action ACT4550 1969 Black Gal/ Frogs Legs

 Clovers: This Washington D.C. group's 'Love Potion Number Nine' was a great favourite with British 1960s beat groups and had more remakes than most. Several of their other best songs were bigger hits for other artists, these included 'Blue Velvet' (Bobby Vinton), 'Love Love Love' (Diamonds) and 'Devil Or Angel' (Bobby Vee).
London HLE8229 1956 Nip Sip/ If I Could Be Loved By You
London HLE8314 1956 Love Love Love/ Hey Doll Baby
London HLE8334 1956 From The Bottom Of My Heart
HMV POP542 1958 In The Good Old Summer Time/ Idaho
London HLT8949 1959 Love Potion No.9/ Stay Awhile
London HLT9122 1960 Lovey/ One Mint Julep
London HLT9154 1960 Easy Lovin'/ I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)
HMV POP883 1961 Honey Dripper/ Have Gun
Atlantic 584160 1968 Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash/ I've Got My Eyes On You

 Club Quintet:  
Top Rank JAR362  1960  Bluer Than Blue/ Caravelle

 Colin Hicks And The Cabin Boys:  The brother of British rock'n'roll pioneer Tommy Steele, Colin never sold many records despite following Tommy's footsteps to the famous 2-'I's coffee bar in London.
Pye 7N15114 1957 Wild Eyes And Tender Lips/ Empty Arms Blues
Pye 7N15125 1958 La Dee Dah/ Wasteland
Pye 7N15163 1958 Little Boy Blue/ Jamabalaya

 Commodores:  This black R&B group have nothing to do with Lionel Richie, but both their UK releases are ultra-collectable.
London HLD8209 1955 Riding On A Train/ Uranium
London HLD8251 1956 Speedo/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

 Contours:  Formed in 1959 by Billy Hoggs, Joe Billingslea and Sylvester Potts, with the addition of Jackie Wilson's cousin Hubert Johnson in 1960. They were one of the first and longest lasting of Motown's groups, though they had no chart success in the UK until a re-release of 'Just A Little Misunderstanding' became a minor hit in 1970.
Oriole CB1763 1962 Do You Love Me/ Move Mister Man
Oriole CB1799 1963 Shake Sherry/ You Better Get In Line
Oriole CB1831 1963 Don't Let Him Be Your Baby/ It Must Be Love
Stateside SS299 1964 Can You Do It/ I'll Stand By You
Stateside SS381 1965 Can You Jerk Like Me/ That Day She Needed Me
Tamla Motown TMG531 1965 First I Look At The Purse/ Searching For A Girl
Tamla Motown TMG564  1966 Determination/ Just A Little Misunderstanding
Tamla Motown TMG605 1967 It's So Hard Being A Loser/ Your Love Grows More Precious Every Day

 Cooperettes: Girl Group managed by Philadelphia DJ, Sonny Hopson.
Brunswick BR22  1967*  Shing-A-Ling/ Don't Trust Him
 *Not released in UK until 1975

 Corina Minette:
HMV POP752  1960  He'll Have To Stay

 Corries: UK Folk Group
Fontana H738  1966  October Song/ How Shall I Get There
Fontana H1064 1969  Lord Of The Dance/ Kishmul's Gallery

 Corsairs: R&B singing group made up from three Uzzell brothers, Jay, James and Moses with their cousin George Wooten. All from N. Carolina but made New Jersey their home.
Pye 7N25142  1962  I'll Take You Home/ Sitting On The Doorstop

 Corsairs: UK
CBS 202624  1967  Pay You Back With Interest/ I'm Going To Shut You Down

 Cousins: Belgian group who emulated the UK's Shadows. Their first single 'Kili Watch' was a huge hit in Belgium.
Palette PG9011 1961 Kili Watch/ Feugo
Palette PG9017 1961 Bouddha/ Kana Kapila
Palette PG9035 1962 Anda/ Danseuse

 Cozy Cole: US
London HL8750  1958  Topsy Pts1 & 2
Mercury AMT1015  1959  St. Louis Blues/ Father Co-operates
London HL8843   1959  Turvy Pts 1 & 2
Coral Q72457   1962  Big Noise From Winnetka Pts 1 & 2

 Craig Alden: US
London HLW9224  1960  Crazy Little Horn/ Goggle-Eye'd

 Crazy Otto: German pianist whose real name was Fritz Schulz-Reichel. Often confused with American ragtime piano player Johnny Maddox who covered some of his work.
Polydor NH66633  1959  Near You/ Mack The Knife
Polydor NH66634   1959  Glad Rag Doll/ Answer Me
Polydor NH66965  1962  Have You Ever Been Lonely/ Piano Choo Choo
Polydor NH66982   1962  Alley Cat/ Cheerio Choo Choo
Polydor NH66985   1965  Slow Worm/ Charmaine

 Crestas: A later line-up of the Cresters (see below) with Richard Harding on lead guitar. They had a drummer called Johnny Casson who has since become a successful 'club' comedian.
Fontana TF551  1965  To Be Loved/ When I Fall In Love

 Cresters: This group came from Bramley near Leeds in Yorkshire. They were the backing group of vocalist, Mike Sagar (see artists-m ), and had Richard Harding on lead guitar and John Harding on bass. Richard Harding had released an instrumental solo in 1961 (see artists-r ). The group later underwent a minor change of name; see 'Crestas' above.
HMV POP1249  1964  I Just Don't Understand/ I Want You
HMV POP1296  1964  Put Your Arms Around Me/ Do It With Me

 Crocheted Doughnut Ring: UK group on the fringes of 'Psychodelia' and responsible for some collectable singles. They later simplified their name to 'Doughnut Ring'.
Polydor 56204  1967  Two Little Ladies/ Nice
Deram DM169  1968  Havana Anna/ Happy Castle
Deram DM180  1968  Maxine's Parlour/ Get Out Your Rock And Roll Shoes

 Crows: This five piece R&B unit from New York City were responsible for one of the earliest 'rock & roll' records ever made. This UK issued 45 exists, at least in theory, so if you find a copy in your attic then let me know immediately!
Columbia SCM5119 1954 Gee/ I Love You So

 Cuddly Duddly (& The Redcaps): UK Was actually Dudley Heslop whose rock and roll had a little West Indian flavour to it. He deserved more success, but never reached the chart.
HMV POP586 1959  Lots More Love/ Later
HMV POP725  1960  Too Pooped To Pop/ Miss In- Between
Ember S136  1961  Sitting In A Train/ One That I Like
Oriole ICB9  1964  Blarney Blues/ Peace On Earth
Oriole ICB10  1964  Way Of Life/ When Will You Say You'll Be Mine

 Cues: This group, which included Jimmy Breedlove as a member, were originally formed to back other singers for Atlantic Records sessions. However their spell with Capitol produced these highly collectable gems.
Capitol CL14501 1956 Burn That Candle/ O My Darlin'
Capitol CL14651 1956 Crackerjack/ The Girl I Love
Capitol CL14682 1957 Prince Or Pauper/ Why

 Cy Grant: UK (West Indian)
Columbia DB4443  1960  Tall Oak Tree/ Rocks And Gravel
Parlophone R5327  1965  Lords Prayer/ I Wonder As I Wander
Pye 7N17153  1966  King Cricket/ The Constantine Calypso

 Cy Tucker: UK Liverpool Vocalist
Fontana TF424  1963  My Prayer/ High School Dance
Fontana TF470  1964  I Apologise/ Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Fontana TF534  1965  My Friend/ Hurt

 Cyril Davies: UK Blues harmonica & vocals. Born 1932 in England and died 1964. Davies' band the 'All Stars' featured future pop balladeer, blues singer Long John Baldry.
Pye 7N25194  1963  Country Line Special/ Chicago Calling
Pye 7N25221  1963 Preachin' The Blues/ Sweet Mary
Pye 7N17663  1965  Country Line Special/ Sweet Mary

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