Discographies - Artists 'D'


  • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only.
  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
  • Artists are listed strictly alphabetically
  • Collector's Items are shown In Red

 Dale Hawkins: US Rockabilly from Louisiana
London HL8482  1957 Suzie-Q/ Don't Treat Me That Way
London HLM8728  1958  La-Do-Dada/ Cross Ties
London HLM8842  1959  Yea-Yea/ Lonely Nights
London HLM9016  1959  Liza Jane/ Back To School Blues
London HLM9060  1960  Hot Dog/ Our Turn

 Dallas Boys:  UK male singing group. Were a resident group on Jack Good's Rock And Roll TV Show 'Oh Boy!'
Columbia DB4005  1957  Shangri La/ By The Fireside
Columbia DB4041  1957  All The Way/ I Never Had The Blues
Columbia DB4102   1958  Sail Along Silv'ry Moon/ 26 Miles
Columbia DB4154  1958  Big Man/ Lonesome Traveller
Columbia DB4231  1958  Fatty Patty/ Do You Wanna Jump Children
Columbia DB4244  1959  Gigi/ Mocking Bird
Columbia DB4313  1959  I'm Aware/ Morning Papers
Columbia DB4380  1959  Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square/ Christmas Away from Home
Columbia DB4445  1960  Ramona/ Boston Tea Party
Columbia DB4599  1961  One Finger One Thumb Keep Movin'/ Nice To Know You Care
Major Minor MM534  1967  He Won't Love You/ What Do You Know About Losin'
Major Minor MM563  1968  I Can't Fool My Heart/ Night Of Love

 Dalys: UK group
Decca  1964 Without You/ Winter Rushes On
Fontana TF546  1965  Me Japanese Boy (I Love You)/ Never Kind Of Love
Fontana TF637  1966  She's My Girl/ When Love Is Gone
Strike JH317  1966  Don't Go Breaking My Heart/ Little Stranger
Fontana TF809  1967  Sweet Maria/ Leaving Time
Fontana TF841  1967 Fistful Of Dollars/ Man With No Name
Fontana TF907   1968  Let Me Go Lover/ Place In The Sun
Fontana TF988   1969  Early Mornin' Rain/ Chanson D'Amour

 Dandy: West Indian Ska.
Dice CC21  1964  Rudie Don't Go/ It's Just Got To Be
Dice CC24  1964  You Got To Pray/ I Got To Have You
Dice CC29  1964  Little More Ska/ Operation
Blue Beat BB308  1965  To Love You/ I'm Looking For Love
Blue Beat BB319  1965  Hey Boy Hey Girl/ So Long Baby
Blue Beat BB327  1965  My Baby/ I'm Gonna Stop Loving You
Blue Beat BB336  1965  I Found Love/ You've Got Something Nice
Ska Beat JB247  1966  The Fight/ Do You Know
Ska Beat JB269  1967  One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer/ Maximum Pressure
Ska Beat JB273  1967  Rudie A Message To You/ Til Death Do Us Part
Ska Beat JB279  1967  You're No Hustler/ No No
Giant GN3  1967  My Time Now/ East Of Suez
Giant GN5  1967  Puppet On A String/ Have Your Fun
Giant GN7  1967  We Are Still Rude/ Let's Do Rocksteady
Giant GN10  1967  Somewhere My Love/ My Kind Of Love
Giant GN15  1967  There Is A Mountain/ This Music Got Soul
Giant GN20  1968  Charlie Brown/ Groovin' At The Cue
Giant GN27  1968  Sweet Ride/ Up The Hill
Giant GN30  1968  Tears On My Pillow/ Mad Them
Giant GN36  1968  I'm Back With A Bang Bang/ Jungle Walk
Trojan TR618  1968  The Toast/ Kicks Out
Trojan TR629  1968  Sentence
Downtown DT402  1968  Come Back Girl/ Shake Me Wake Me
Downtown DT404  1969  Tell Me Darling/ Cool Hand Luke
Downtown DT410  1969  Reggae In Your Jeggae
Downtown DT411  1969  You Don't Care/ Tryer
Downtown DT415  1969  Rocksteady Gone/ Walking Down
Downtown DT416  1969  I'm Your Puppet/ Water Boy
Downtown DT421  1969  Games People Play
Downtown DT429  1969  People Get Ready
Downtown DT434  1969  Be Natural Be Proud/ Who Do You Want To Run To
Downtown DT437  1969  Come On Home/ Love Is All You Need
Downtown DT442  1969  Everybody Loves A Winner/ Try Me One More Time
Downtown DT445  1969  Let's Come Together
Downtown DT453  1969  Won't You Come Home/ Baby Make It Soon
Columbia DB112  1969  Play It Cool/ Rude With Me

 Danleers: Short lived R&B group from Brooklyn N.Y.
Mercury AMT1003 1958 One Summer Night/ Wheelin' And A-Dealin'

 Danny Adams And The Challengers: UK beat group from Yorkshire.
Philips 1346  1964  Bye Bye Baby, Bye Bye/ I'm So Proud Of You

 Danny Purches: UK singing star and father of the QVC TV presenter Dale Franklin.
Columbia SCM5183 1955 Mama/Just One More Time
Columbia DB3860 1957 You Don't Know Me/You Can't Run Away From It
Columbia DB4129 1958 The Shrine On The Second Floor/He

 Danny Simpson:  West Indian Ska Instrumentalist
Trojan TR653 1969  Out Of Sight

 Danny Storm :  UK
Piccadilly 7N35025  1966 Honest I Do/ Sad But True
Piccadilly 7N35053  1966 Just You / I Told You So
Piccadilly 7N35091  1966 I Just Can't Fool My Heart/ Thinking Of You
Piccadilly 7N35143  1966 Say You Do/ Let The Sunshine In

 Dantalian's Chariot:  Zoot Money, Andy Somers and co. taking time off from the 'Big Roll Band' to try their hand with some psychedelia.
Columbia DB8260 1967 The Madman Running Through The Fields/ The Sun Came Bursting Through My Cloud

 Darrell Banks:  US Soul singer born in Ohio, but moved to 'motor town', Detroit for his music. Shot dead during 1970.
London HL10070 (demo)  1966  Open The Door To Your Heart/ Our Love
Stateside SS536  1966  Open The Door To Your Heart/ Our Love
Atlantic 584 120  1967  Angel Baby (Don't You Ever Leave Me)/ Look Into The Eyes Of A Fool
Stax STAX124  1969  Just Because Your Love Is Gone/ I'm The One Who Loves You

 Dave And Don:  
Polydor 56212  1967  What A Feeling/ That's My Way

 Dave Fortt:  
RCA 1781  1969  Lie In The Sun/ Let The World Go Round

 Dave Justin:  
Polydor BM56185  1967 For Brandy / What You Going To Do
Polydor BM56221  1967  Everybody's Gone Home/ Lincoln Green
Polydor BM56292  1968  Rachel/ Louise
Polydor BM56253  1968  You Outside/ Thinking Twice

 David Ede (Band):  UK Orchestral
Pye 7N15280  1960  Easy Go/ Blue Bird
Pye 7N15329  1961  Bootnik/ Obsession
Pye 7N15370  1961  Last Night/ Ding Dong John
Pye 7N15394  1961  Twelfth Street Rag/ No Hats On Ilkley
Pye 7N15417  1962  Twistin' Those Meeces To Pieces/ Twistin' The Trad

 David Frost: The well known broadcaster.
 See also Millicent Martin
Parlophone R5441  1966 Deck Of Cards/ Zookeeper

 David Kernan: UK actor/ singer, better known for his involvement in stage musicals than vinyl.
Decca F11347  1958  Late Last Evening

 David Lisbon:  
Philips PB1136  1961  Deer Stalker/ Almost Growen Up
Philips PB1163  1961 Joy Ride/ Swiss Miss
Philips 326528  1962  Altogether Now/ Fish 'n' Chips
Philips 326548  1962  Ton Up/ Julie's Piano
Philips 326555 1962   Party Time Southern Style

 David McWilliams: Northern Irish Singer/ Songerwriter
CBS 202348  1966  God And My Country/ Blue Eyes
Major Minor MM533  1967  The Days Of Pearly Spencer/ Harlem Lady
Major Minor MM561  1968  This Side Of Heaven/ Mister Satisfied
Major Minor MM592  1969  The Stranger/ Follow Me
Major Minor MM616  1969  Oh Mama Are You My Friend/ I Love Susie In The Summer

 David Nelson:
Philips BF1321  1964  Somebody Loves Me/ Well I Have
Philips BF1351  1964  Heart/ Just Call Me

 David Rose Orchestra: US
MGM SP1158  1956  The Stripper/ Ebb Tide
MGM SP1181  1956  Forbidden Planet/ Portuguese Washerwoman
MGM MGM1110  1960  Bonanza/ Gloria's Theme from Butterfield 8
MGM MGM1124  1961  Spellbound/ Cimarron
MGM MGM1158  1962  The Stripper/ Ebb Tide
MGM MGM1197  1962  Whistle Bait/ Happy Bow
MGM MGM1237  1963  Grasshopper/Holiday For Flutes
MGM MGM1264  1964  Emily/ Lefty Louie

 David Thorne:  US
Stateside SS141  1962  The Alleycat Song/ The Moon Was Yellow
Stateside SS190  1963  One More Fool, One More Broken Heart/ Don't Let It Get Away

 Davie Jones & King Bees or Davy Jones:  UK, later became David Bowie
Vocalion POPV9221  1964  Liza Jane/ Louie Louie Go Home
Parlophone R5315  1965  You've Got A Habit Of Leaving/ Baby Loves That Way

 Davy Jones:  UK (Of The Monkees)
Colpix PX784  1965 What Are We Going To Do/ This Bouquet
Pye 7N17302  1967 It Ain't Me Babe/ Baby It's Me
Pye 7N17380  1967 Theme For A New Love/ Dream Girl
Pye 7N25432  1967 Theme For A New Love/ Dream Girl

 Davy Jones:  US
Pye 7N15254  1960 Amapola/ Mighty Man
Pye 7N15318  1961 Shenendoah/ Scenery
Pye 7N25072  1961 Model Girl/ Scarlet Woman
Pye 7N25095  1961 Bonnie Banks/ Baby Baby
Piccadilly 7N35038  1962 Jezebel/ Don't Come Crying To Me

 Davy Morgan:  Folkish UK singer whose first single was a Joe Meek production.
Columbia DB7624 1965 Tomorrow I'll Be Gone/ Ain't That Much More To See
Parlophone R5692 1968 True To Life/ Dawning (Credited to David Morgan)

 DeLaine Sisters : Former Vernons Girls
Piccadilly 7N35070  1962  It Might As Well Rain Until September/ Puppet On A String

 Dead Sea Fruit:  Five piece beat combo who played at the UFO Club in London and very popular in France during the late 1960s, but had no UK (or US) success on vinyl.
 Web Page You can learn more and hear a sample of their great 60's sound here.
Camp 602 001 1967 Kensington High Street/ Put Another Record On
Camp 602 004 1968 Love At The Hippiedrome/ My Naughty Bluebell

 Dean & Jean: US
Stateside SS249  1964  Tra La La Suzy/ I Love The Summertime
Stateside SS283  1964  Hey Jean Hey Dean/ Please Don't Tell Me How
Stateside SS313  1962  Thread Your Needle/ I Wanna Be Loved

 Dean Ford And The Gaylords: Glasgow based beat group who were popular in Scotland and later became the Marmalade.
Columbia DB7264 1964 Twenty Miles/ What's The Matter With Me
Columbia DB7402 1964 Mr Hearetbreak's Here Instead/ I Won't
Columbia DB7610 1965 The Name Game/ That Lonely Feeling
Columbia DB7805 1966 He's A Good Face But He's Down And Out/ You Know It Too

 Dean Stevens: UK
Philips 326540  1962  Sad And Lonely/ I've Just Heard
Philips 326580  1963  Let Me Show You Now/ High On The Hill Of Love
Philips BF1300  1964  Only 'Cause I'm Lonely/ Love Me Like I Love You

 Declan Ryan & The Regal Showband: Popular Irish showband. Declan Ryan left to help form the 'Arrivals'.
Decca F12202  1965  Hurtin' Inside/ I Need You

 Dee Dee Warwick: US. Despite plenty of attempts Dee Dee's UK chart career remained in sharp contrast to her sister Dionne's.
Mercury MF860  1965  Do It With All Your Heart/ Happiness
Mercury MF867  1965  We're Doin' Fine/ You Don't Know
Mercury MF890  1965  Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself/ Another Lonely Saturday
Mercury MF909   1966  A Lover's Chant/ Worth Every Tear I Cry
Mercury MF937   1966  I Want To Be With You/ Alfie
Mercury MF953  1966  Yours Till Tomorrow/ I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Mercury MF974  1967  When Love Slips Away/ House Of God
Mercury MF1061   1968  I'll Be Better Off/ Monday Monday
Mercury MF1084  1969  Foolish Heart/ Thank God
Mercury MF1125   1969  That's Not Love/ It's Not Fair

 Deena Webster:  
Parlophone R5699  1968  You're Losing/ Wish You Were Here
Parlophone R5721  1968  Your Heart Is Free Just Like The Wind/ Queen Merka And Me
Parlophone R5738  1968  Scarborough Fair/ The Water Is Wide
Parlophone R5798  1969  Joey/ It's Alright With Me
Columbia DB8692   1969  Things Men Do/ The End Of The Day

 Deep Set:  Irish group.
Pye 7N17594  1968  That's The Way Life Goes/ Hello Amy
Major Minor MM607  1969  I Started A Joke/ Spicks And Specks

 Deep Six:  
Liberty LIB55882  1966  Counting/ When Morning Breaks

 Deidre O'Callaghan:
Top Rank JAR164  1959  The Bridal Path/ I'll Walk With My Love

 Deirdre-Wilson Tabac:  
RCA RCA1880  1969 Get Back/ Angel Baby

 Deke Layne:
Fontana TF774  1966  Ringing Reindeer/ Cross And Chain
Fontana TF797 1967 How Do You Think I Feel/ I'll Be So Glad To Get Back Home

 Delicates: US East Coast Girl Group
 Web Page
London HLT8953  1959  Black And White Thunderbird/ Ronnie Is My Lover
London HLT9176  1960  The Kiss/ Too Young To Date

Vogue V928  1967 Red Baron's Revenge/ The Dog Fight

 Del-Vikings: Former USAF personnel originally formed this group. Their recordings enjoyed greater success while the group still had commitments to Uncle Sam than they did later.
London HLD8405 1957 Come Go With Me/ How Can I Find A True Love
London HLD464 1957 Whispering Bells/ Little Billy Boy
Mercury 7MT199 1958 Voodoo Man/ Can't Wait
Mercury AMT1027 1959 Flat Tyre/ How Could You
HMV POP1072 1962 Confession Of Love/ Kilimanjaro
HMV POP1145 1963 An Angel Up In Heaven/ The Fishing Chant

 Denis Lopez:
Pye 7N25023  1959  Cha Cha Carlotte/ Los Pasos Del Cha Cha Cha

 Dennis D'Ell: Former vocalist with the Honeycombs, Dennis' first single wasn't properly released and is consequently very rare and sought after by British 'Northern Soul' collectors.
CBS 202605 1967 It Breaks My Heart In Two/ Better Use Your Head
Decca F12647 1967 A Woman Called Sorrow/ The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

 Dennis Lotis: 1950s UK MOR Vocalist, well known at the time, but never charted.
Columbia DB3993  1957 Tammy/ I Complain
Columbia DB4056  1957  Valentina/ Good Mornin' Life
Columbia DB4090  1958  I May Never Pass This Way Again/ Gretna Green
Columbia DB4158  1958  The Only Man On The Island/ Guessing What The Neighbours'll Say
Columbia DB4182  1958  Safe In The Arms Of My Darling/ Belonging To Someone
Columbia DB4277  1959  Moonlight Serenade/ Danger Within
Columbia DB4339  1959  Who Is? You Are!/ Too Much
Columbia DB4432  1960 I Wish It Were You/ Love Me A Little 
Columbia DB4507  1960  Strangers When We Meet/ Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right
Columbia DB4626  1961  Where Are You/ Love's A Secret Game
Columbia DB4706  1961  She'll Have To Go/ St. Louis Blue
Polydor BM56171  1967  Memories/ Reaching For The Impossible
Polydor BM56225  1968  Together/ Spellbound
Polydor BM56248  1968  Only The Lonely Are Blue/ Everywhere
Polydor BM56266   1968  Funny One/ One Man's Life
Polydor BM56298  1968  Celebration/ Why Do They have To Fall In Love
Polydor BM56346  1969  One Woman Man/ The Finger Points At You

 Derek Martin: US artist who cut several influential R&B classics featuring the sax of King Curtis.
Sue WI308 1964 Daddy Rolling Stone/ Don't Put Me Down Like This
Columbia DB7694 1965 You Better Go/ You Know
Stax 601039 1968 Soul Power/ Sly Girl

 Derrick Morgan: West Indian Ska
Blue Beat BB7  1960  Fat Man/ I'm Gonna Leave You
Blue Beat BB12  1960  Don't Cry/ I Pray For You
Blue Beat BB18  1960  Lover Boy/ Oh My
Blue Beat BB31  1961  Now We Know/ Nights Are
Blue Beat BB35  1961  Leave Earth/ Wee Wigger Shuffle
Blue Beat BB48  1961  I Love You Baby/Times Are Going (Martin & Derrick)
Blue Beat BB62  1961  Shake A Leg/ Golden Rule
Blue Beat BB76  1962  Be Still/ Sunday Morning
Blue Beat BB82  1962  Don't You Know Little Girl (Derrick & Basil)
Blue Beat BB85  1962  Come On Over/ Come Back My Darling
Blue Beat BB94  1962  Meekly Wait/ Day In Day Out (with Yvonne)
Blue Beat BB97  1962  Love Not To Brag (Derrick & Patsy)
Blue Beat BB110  1962  Are You Going To Marry Me/ Troubles (Derrick & Patsy)
Blue Beat BB130  1962  Should Be Ashamed/ Marjorie
Blue Beat BB141  1962  Joybells/ Going Down To Canaan
Blue Beat BB148  1963  Jezebell/ Burnette (Derrick & Patsy)
Blue Beat BB177  1963  Patricia My Dear/ The Girl I left Behind
Blue Beat BB187  1963  Tears On My Pillow/ You Should Have Known
Blue Beat BB196  1963  Telephone/ Life Is Tough
Blue Beat BB233  1964  Let Them/ Sleeping
Blue Beat BB239  1964  Miss Lulu/ She's So Young (Derrick & Patsy)
Blue Beat BB261  1964  The Soldier Man
Blue Beat BB268  1964  Katy Katy/ Call On Me
Blue Beat BB276  1965  I Want A Girl/ Weep No More
Blue Beat BB280  1965  Stir The Pot/ Mercy
Blue Beat BB283  1965  Johnny Grave
Blue Beat BB298  1965  Those Teardrops
Blue Beat BB311  1965  Throw Them Away/ Baby Face
Blue Beat BB329  1965  Sweeter Than Honey/ You Never Know (with Prince Buster)
Blue Beat BB349  1966  I'm The Greatest
Crab CRAB3  1968  River To The Bank
Crab CRAB8  1968  Seven Letters
Crab CRAB11  1969  My First Taste Of Love
Crab CRAB18  1969  Don't Play That Song/ How Can I Forget You
Crab CRAB23  1969  Send Me Some Loving/ Give Me Back
Island WI004  1962  Travel On/ Teach Me Baby
Island WI006  1962  The Hop/ Tell It To Me
Island WI011  1962  Forward March/ Please Don't Talk About Me
Island WI013  1962  Cherry Homes/ See And Blind
Island WI037  1963  Dorothy/ Leave Her Alone
Island WI051  1963  Blazing Fire/ I'm In A Jam (with Patsy)
Island WI053  1963  No Raise, No Praise/ Loving Baby
Island WI080  1963  Angel With Blue Eyes/ Corner Stone
Island WI225  1965  Starvation/ I Am A Blackhead Again
Island WI277  1966  It's Alright/ I Need Someone
Island WI288  1966  I Found A Queen/ It's True My Darling
Island WI289  1966  Ameletia/ Don't You Worry (with Patsy)
Rio R1  1963  Blazing Fire/ Edmarine
Rio R122  1966  Cool Off Rudies/ Take It Easy
Black Swan WI402  1964  Street Girl/ Edmarine
Black Swan WI425  1964  Cherry Pie
Pyramid PYR6010  1967  Tougher Than Tough
Pyramid PYR6013 1967   Greedy Gal
Pyramid PYR6014  1967  Court Dismiss
Pyramid PYR6019  1967  Judge Dread In Court/ Last Chance
Pyramid PYR6021  1967  Kill Me Dead/ Don't Be A Fool
Pyramid PYR6024  1967  No Dice/ I Mean It
Pyramid PYR6025  1967  Do The Bang Bang/ Revenge
Pyramid PYR6029  1968  I Am The Ruler/ I Mean It
Pyramid PYR6039  1968  Woman A Grumble/ Don't Be A Fool
Pyramid PYR6040  1968  Want More
Pyramid PYR6045  1968  Try Me/ I'm Leaving
Pyramid PYR6053  1968  Me Now Give Up
Pyramid PYR6056  1968  Ben Johnson Day
Pyramid PYR6061  1968  What's Your Grouse
Pyramid PYR6063  1968  Johnny Pram Pram/ Don't Say
Jackpot JP700  1969  Seven Letters/ Too Bad

 Diana Decker: Vivacious film actress and TV 'personality' whose singing career was largely based on creating UK covers of popular songs of the time. Her 'Rock-A-Boogie Baby' is a rock 'n' roll gem.
Columbia SCM5083 1954 Oh My Papa/ Crystal Ball
Columbia SCM5096 1954 The Happy Wanderer/ Till We Are One
Columbia SCM5120 1954 Jilted/ The Man With The Banjo
Columbia SCM5123 1954 Kitty In The Basket/ Never Never Land
Columbia SCM5130 1954 Mama Mia/ Percy The Penguin
Columbia SCM5145 1954 Sisters/ Abracadabra
Columbia SCM5166  1955 Open The Window Of Your Heart/ The Violin Song
Columbia SCM5173 1955 Apples Peaches And Cherries/ Paper Valentine
Columbia SCM5246 1956 Willie Can/ Rock-A-Boogie Baby

 Diana Dors: UK actress whose very glamorous image tended to obscure the fact that she could act. Although these singles are well crafted they indicate that her future would probably be with screen and stage, not vinyl.
Pye 7N15242  1960  April Heart/ Point Of No Return
Fontana TF506  1964  So Little Time/ It's Too Late
Polydor BM56111  1966  Security/ Gary

 Dick Dale And His Del-Tones: US Surf Instrumentalists from Southern California. Dick's (real name Monsour) music evolved into the 'surf' sound that made him famous. The Deltones, comprising two guitars, two saxophones, pianist, bass and drums became the inspirational focus of many other groups that identified themselves with 'surf' music. However, although other groups like the Surfaris and the Chantays had chart successes in the UK, Dick Dale did not.
Capitol CL15296  1963  Surf Beat/ Peppermint Man
Capitol CL15320  1963  The Scavenger/ Wild Ideas

 Dickie Henderson: UK comedy/ song/ dance man.
Columbia DB3972  1957  Tiptoe Through The Tulips/ Let The Grass Grow
Top Rank JAR105   1959  But Not For Me/Come To My Arms Baby
Oriole CB1536 1960 Sympatica/ It's Nice To Sleep With No-One (with June Laverick)
Decca F11609  1963  I Believe In You/ Love Makes The World Go Round

 Dickie Rock: Irish crooner who became popular during the heyday of the Irish showbands. His son became a member of the group 'Boyzone'.
Piccadilly 7N35154  1963  Boys/ There's Always Me
Piccadilly 7N35202  1964  Twenty Flight Rock/ From The Candy Store
Pye 7N15729 1964   Me Not You/ For Old Time's Sake
Pye 7N15750  1965  Round And Around/ Little Baby
Pye 7N15855 1965   Rock And Roll Music/ Every Step Of The Way
Pye 7N15891    1965  I Left My Heart In San Francisco/ One By One
Pye 7N15977  1965  Georgie Porgie/ Wishing It Was You
Pye 7N17063  1966  Come Back To Stay/ Can't Make Up My Mind
Pye 7N17206  1966  Suspicion/ Darling I Love You
Pye 7N17253  1967 To Whom It Concerns/ When You Cry
Pye 7N17527  1968  Simon Says/ Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
Pye 7N17806  1969  The Wanderer/ Uncle Tristian's Moonship

 Dino, Desi And Billy: The young teenage sons of Dean Martin and Desi Arnez/ Lucille Ball together with their friend Billy. They cut several sides on 'Uncle' Frank's Reprise label, but never gained much attention in the UK.
Reprise R20367  1965  I Just Don't Understand/ I Want You
Reprise R23047  1966  Not The Loving Kind/ Chimes Of Freedom

 Dixie Belles: Girl trio formed by Mary Hunt, Mildred Pratcher and Shirley Thomas. They were promoted by Bill Justis. They should not be confused with the similarly named all-girl orchestra.
London HLU9797  1963  Down At Poppa Joe's/ Rock, Rock, Rock
London HLU9842  1964  Southtown, U.S.A./ Why Don't You Set Me Free

 Dixies: Irish showband from Cork.
Parlophone R5223 1964  Love Made A Fool/ Valley Of Tears
Pye 7N15845  1965 Geisha Girl/ He's Got You
Pye 7N17331  1967  Hey Joe/ One Of The Old Reserve
Pye 7N17591  1968  Little Arrows/ City Of Tears
Pye 7N17640  1968  Katie's Kisses/ Walk Through This World With Me

 Dobie Gray: Texan whose real name was Leonard Ainsworth.
London HL9953  1965  The 'In' Crowd/ Be A Man
Pye 7N25307  1965  (See You At The) Go Go/ Walk With Love
London HL10268  1969  The 'In' Crowd/ Be A Man

 Dodie Stevens: US
London HLD8834  1959  Pink Shoe Laces/ Coming Of Age
London HLD9174  1960  A-Tisket A-Tasket/ No
London HLD9280  1961  Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight/ Too Young
London HLD9672  1963  Don't Send Me Roses/ Daddy Couldn't Get Me One Of Those

 Dolores Gray: Born in Chicago during 1924, Dolores background was in Broadway Musicals. She was still appearing in London's West End during the late 1980s in Stephen Sondheim's 'Follies'.
Capitol CL14732  1957  There'll Be Some Changes Made/ Fools Errand
Capitol CL14770  1957 I'm Innocent/ My Mama Likes You
Philips 326582  1963 Mornin' Train/ Our Day Will Come

 Don And Juan: Roland Trone and Claude Johnson respectively; previously members of the New York Doo Woppers the 'Genies'.
London HLX9529  1962  What's Your Name/ Chicken Necks

 Don Arrol: Real name Donald Angus Campbell, born in Glasgow. Variety performer who was a popular comedian on 1950s UK television. He died in 1967 at the age of 38.
Decca F11318  1961  It's All Happening Here/ Ev'rybody Likes It

 Don Fox: UK
Decca F10927  1957  Be My Girl/ You'll Never Get To Heaven
Decca F10955  1957 Party Time/ Majesty Of Love
Decca F10983  1958 Pretend You Don't See Her/ Wasteland
Decca F11057  1958  When You Are A Long Way Away/ She Was Only Seventeen
Triumph RGM1022  1960  Out There/ 'Tain't What You Do
Oriole CB1643  1961  Don't Fool With Love/ If You Go

 Don Shirley: Pianist, born in Kingston Jamaica during 1927, but made New York his home.
London HLA9391  1961  Water Boy/ Freedom, I'm On My Way
London HLA9503  1962 I'll Drown My Tears/ Lonesome Road

 Donie Collins Showband: They were originally from County Limerick.
Pye 7N17004  1966  Young Love/ Mexican Boy
Pye 7N17329  1967 Today's Teardrops/ Agricultural Irish Girl
Pye 7N17682  1968 Get Down with It/ I Can't Help Myself

 Donnie Brooks: American singer Johnny Faire who used a different name on his early 45rpm releases, the first of which was a million seller release in the USA.
London HLN9168  1960  Mission Bell/ Do It For Me
London HLN9168  1960  Doll House/ Round Robin
London HLN9168  1961 That's Why/ Memphis
London HLN9168  1962 Oh, You Beautiful Doll/ Just A Bystander

 Dovells: Len Barry was a member of this Philadelphia based group when they got a #2 in the US with the song that is their first UK release. Len Barry found the UK chart a few years later as a solo artist.
Columbia DB4718 1961 The Bristol Stomp/ Out In The Cold Again
Columbia DB4810 1962 Do The New Continental/ Mopitty Mope Stomp
Columbia DB4877 1962 Bristol Twistin' Annie/ The Actor
Cameo Parkway P845 1962 Hully Gully Baby/ Your Last Chance
Cameo Parkway P861 1963 You Can't Run Away From Yourself/ Save Me Baby
Cameo Parkway P867 1963 You Can't Sit Down/ Stompin' Everywhere
Cameo Parkway P882 1963 Betty In Bermudas/ Dance The Froog
Cameo Parkway P901 1963 Be My Girl/ Dragster On The Prowl

 Dowlands: UK, Meek Produced duo David and Gordon Dowland from Bournemouth on the English south coast.
Oriole CB1748  1962  Little Sue/ Julie
Oriole CB1781  1962  Big Big Fella/ Don't Ever Change
Oriole CB1815  1963  Break Ups/ A Love Like Ours
Oriole CB1892  1963  Lucky Johnny/ Do You Have To Have Me Blue
Oriole CB1897  1964  All My Loving/ Hey Sally
Oriole CB1926  1964  I Walk The Line/ Happy Endings
Oriole CB1947  1964  Wishing And Hoping/ You Will Regret It
Columbia DB7547  1965  Don't Make Me Over/ Someone Must Be Feeling Sad

 Downliners Sect: Flamboyant west London group who never found sufficient following to chart. They were originally called the 'Downliners' and included Barry Allmark, vocals; Don Craine, guitar; Pete Maggs, drums; and Kevin Beaulieu, bass- and later incorporated harmonica player Ray Stone. They had an outrageously entertaining stage act into which they incorporated a lot of humour which can even be traced in the names of some singles. Despite having no great record success, the group has continued on in various guises under the stewardship of Don Craine.
Columbia DB7300  1964 Baby What's Wrong/ Be A Sect Maniac
Columbia DB7347  1964 Little Egypt/ Sect Appeal
Columbia DB7415  1964 Find Out What's Happening/ Insecticide
Columbia DB7509  1965 Wreck Of The Old '97/ Leader Of The Sect
Columbia DB7597  1965 I Got Mine/ Waiting In Heaven Somewhere
Columbia DB7712  1965 Bad Storm Coming/ Lonely And Blue
Columbia DB7817  1966 All Night Worker/ He Was A Square
Columbia DB7939  1966 Glendora/ I'll Find Out
Columbia DB8008  1966 The Cost Of Living/ Everything I've Got To Give

 Dreamlovers: R&B group, formed in Philadelphia during 1956. They were heard a lot in the UK at about this time because they backed Chubby Checker on 'The Twist'.
Coumbia DB4711  1961  When We Get Married/ Just Because

 Dubs: Harlem DooWoppers who were made up from former members of the Five Wings and the Scale Tones. Their first UK release was their only big hit
London HLU8526 1957 Could This Be Magic/ Such Lovin'
London HL8684 1958 Gonna Make A Change/ Beside My Love

 Duffy Power: One of Britain's finest Rock and Rollers turned Soul singers. Very under-rated in terms of chart success.
Fontana H194  1959  Dream Lover/ That's My Little Suzie
Fontana H214  1959  Kissin' Time/ Ain't She Sweet
Fontana H230  1959  Starry Eyed/ Prettier Than You
Fontana H279  1960  Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/ If I Can Dream
Fontana H302  1961  I've Got Nobody/ When We're Walking Close
Fontana H344  1961  No Other Love/ What Now
Parlophone R4992  1963  If I Get Lucky Someday/ It Ain't Necessarily So
Parlophone R5024  1963  I Saw Her Standing There/ Farewell Baby
Parlophone R5059  1963  Hey Girl/ Woman Made Trouble
Parlophone R5111  1964  Parchman Farm/ Tired, Broke And Busted
Parlophone R5169  1964  I Don't Care/ Where Am I
Parlophone R5631  1967  Davy O.Brien (Leave That Baby Alone)/ July Tree

 Duke Reid: West Indian Ska.(The flipsides of the records listed here are credited to other artists)
Blue Beat BB24  1960 Duke's Cookies
Blue Beat BB119  1962 Twelve Minutes To Go
Duke DK1002  1963 Pink Lane Shuffle
Trojan TR001   1967 Judge Sympathy

 Duprees: Five-piece vocal group from New Jersey. With lead singer Joey Vann they enjoyed a run of four hit singles in the US and a good clutch of releases in the UK. However, they never quite managed a British Hit.
HMV POP1073 1962 You Belong To Me/ Take Me As I Am
Stateside SS143 1962 My Own True Love/ Ginny
London HLU9678 1963 I'd Rather Be Here In Your Arms/ I Wish I Could Believe You
London HLU9709 1963 Gone With The Wind/ Let's Make Love Again
London HLU9774 1963 Why Don't You Believe Me/ My Dearest One 
London HLU9813 1963 Have You Heard/ Love Eyes
London HLU9843 1964 It's No Sin/ The Sand And The Sea
CBS 201803 1965 Around The Corner/ They Said It Couldn't Be Done
CBS 202028 1966 She Waits For Him/ Norma Jean
MGM MGM460 1968 My Special Angel/ Ring Of Love

 Dynatones: US group, not to be confused with the modern group of the same name.
Top Rank JAR149  1959  Steel Guitar Rag/ The Girl I'm Searching For
Pye 7N25389  1966 The Fife Piper/ And I Always Will

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