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  • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only.
  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
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 Eagles: Instrumental group from Bristol, UK
Pye 7N15451  1962  Bristol Express/ Johnny's Tune
Pye 7N15473  1962  Exodus: The Main Theme/ March Of The Eagles
Pye 7N15503  1962  The Desperados/ Special Agent
Pye 7N15550  1963  Come On Baby (To The Floral Dance)/ Theme From Station Six Sahara
Pye 7N15613  1964  Andorra/ Moonstruck
Pye 7N15650  1964  Write Me A Letter/ Wishin' And Hopin'

 Earl Bostic: Highly regarded R&B saxophonist, born 1913 in Oklahoma.
Parlophone R4208  1956 Mean To Me/ The Bo-Do Rock
Parlophone R4232  1956  Beyond The Blue Horizon/ For All We Know
Parlophone R4263  1957  Harlem Nocturne/ I Hear A Rhapsody
Parlophone R4278  1957 Indiana/ Bubbins Rock
Parlophone R4305  1957  Avalon/ Too Fine For Crying
Parlophone R4370  1957  September Song/ Temptation
Parlophone R4460  1958  Twilight Time/ Over The Waves Rock
Ember JBS708  1962  Tuxedo Junction/ Air Mail Special
 Vogue V2145  1969  Flamingo/ Sleep
Vogue V2148  1969  Ain't Misbehaving/ Moonglow
 Vogue V2149  1969  Always/ Lover Come Back To Me

 Earl Guest: Pianist who appeared on a lot of singles, but usually as a backing musician.
Columbia DB4707  1962 Winkle Picker Stomp/ Honky Tonk Train Blues
Columbia DB4926  1962 Twistin' John/ The Girl From The Fair Isle
Columbia DB7212  1964 Begin The Beguine/ Foxy

 Earl Hooker: Born during 1929 in Mississippi, Hooker was a fine blues guitarist whose solo work is largely unrecognised.
Blue Horizon 573166  1969 Boogie Don't Blot/ Funky Blues

 Earl-Jean: Ethel McCrea from North Carolina was the lead singer of the Cookies. Her first solo release missed out to Herman's Hermits cover version on both sides of the Atlantic.
Colpix PX729 1964 I'm Into Something Good/ We Love And Learn
Colpix PX748 1964 Randy/ They're Jealous Of Me

 Earls: US White Doo-Wop group from the Bronx New York. Their greatest US hit, 'Remember Then', was eventually brought to the UK chart by the revivalist band 'Showaddywaddy' in 1979.
Stateside SS153  1963  Remember Then/ Let's Waddle
London HL9702  1963  Never/ I Keep Tellin' You

 East Of Eden: Started by Dave Arbus as a kind of a rather oriental sounding British rock-jazz outfit, they found no success on vinyl until 1971with Jig-A-Jig by which time they'd arguably moved a bit nearer the mainstream.
Atlantic 584 198  1968 King Of Siam/ Ballad Of Harvey Kaye
Deram DM242 1969 Northern Hemisphere/ Communion

 Eccentrics:  UK Group
Pye 7N15850  1965   What You Got/ Fe Fi Fo Fum

 Echoes:  US
Top Rank JAR399  1960  Born To Be With You/ My Guiding Light
Top Rank JAR553  1961  Baby Blue/ Boomerang

 Echoes:  UK Instrumental and Vocal Group.
Fontana 267254  1962  Cloak And Dagger/ Sounds Like Winter
Fontana TF392  1962  Happy Whistler/ Sticks And Stones
Fontana TF415  1963  The Jog/ Marching Thru'
Fontana TF439 1964  My Little Girl/ More
Philips BF1370  1964 Don't You Believe Them/ I'll Get Over You
Philips BF1480  1966  Got To Run/ Thanks A Lot
Philips BF1687  1968  Searchin For You Baby/ Listen To Me Baby

 Eddie Boyd:  Chicago Blues pianist who played with the likes of British bluesmen John Mayall and Peter Green. Green featured on the first of the two singles he had released in the UK and Fleetwood Mac on the second.
Blue Horizon BH1009 1966 Empty Arms/ It's So Miserable To Be Alone
Blue Horizon 57-3137 1967 The Big Boat/ Sent For You Yesterday

 Eddie Fontaine: This rockabilly artist appeared in the movie 'The Girl Can't Help It' in which he sang his second UK release, 'Cool It Baby'. 
HMV 7M304 1955 Rock Love/ All My Love Belongs To You
Brunswick 05624 1956 Cool It Baby/ Into Life Some Rain Must Fall
London HLM8711 1958 Nothin' Shakin'/ Don't Ya Know

 Eddie Hickey:  
 Decca F11153  1959  Lady May/ Cap And Gown
 Decca F11204  1960  Who Could Be Bluer/ Plain Jane
 Decca F11241  1960  Another Sleepless Night/ Barbara

 Eddie Holland:  US Motown performer responsible for two of UK's rarest singles.
Fontana H387 1962 Jamie/ Take A Chance On Me
Oriole CBA1808 1963 If It's Love (It's All Right)/ It's Not Too Late

 Eddie Rambeau:  A singer/ songwriter from Pennsylvania, but his only chart success was in the USA with a cover version of 'Unit Four Plus Two's 'Concrete And Clay'
 (Eddie Rambeau Web Site)
Stateside SS116  1962  Summertime Guy/ Last Night Was My Last Night
Stateside SS301  1964  Come Closer/ She's Smilin' At Me
Stateside SS448  1965 My Name Is Mud/ I Just Need Your Love
Stateside SS486 1965 The Train/ Yesterday's Newspapers
Stateside SS501  1966 I'm The Sky/ I Just Need Your Love
Stateside SS561  1966  The Clock/ If I Were You

 Eddie Reeves: graduated from Amarillo High School in Texas in 1958. He was the lead vocalist for the Nighthawks who were produced by Norman Petty. Eddie went on his own for this 1961 Petty produced release "Talk Talk". The basic rhythm / vocal tracks were laid down in Clovis then Petty sent the masters to New York for overdubs.
Thanks go to Tom Reed for the above.
London HL9548  1962  Cry Baby/ Talk Talk

 Edmundo Ros:  West Indian born 1910, Ros and his band were well known in the UK especially during the 1950s when they were frequently seen on TV. The band specialised in latin dance rhythms and were associated with numbers like 'Tico Tico', 'The Coffee Song' and 'Enjoy Yourself'.
Decca F10716  1956  Don't Ringa Da Bell/ Mister Cuckoo
Decca F10834  1957  Jamaica Farewell/ I Saw Esau
Decca F10907  1957  Melodie D'Amour/ Coronation Girl
Decca F10954  1957  The Pania/ Bahia Bambaree
Decca F10988  1958  Isle Of Capri/ Colonel Bogey
Decca F11030  1958  Tipi Tipi Tipso/ Saunabad
Decca F11056  1958  Night Of Adventure/ After You've Gone
Decca F11092  1958  Love Is A Many Splenoured Thing/ Harry Lime Theme Cha Cha
Decca F11098  1959  Monte Carlo/ Zaragoza
Decca F11113  1959  I Talk To The Trees/ Whistle A Happy Tune
Decca F11150  1959  Comin' Through The Rye/ Scotland The Brave
Decca F11379  1961  La Chaconga
Decca F11533  1962  Desafinado/ One Note Samba
Decca F11633  1963  Mediterranean/ Maria's Her Name

 Edsels: Ohio based vocal group whose original Doo Wop release in 1959 failed. The 1961 re-issue reached #21 in the US, but was still ignored in the UK.
Pye 7N25086 1961 Rama Lama Ding Dong/ Bells

Eleanor Toner:  Singer with the Hilton Irish showband. She became the wife of Northern Ireland and Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Pat Jennings.
Decca F12119  1965  All Cried Out/ A Hundred Guitars
Decca F12192  1965  Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/ Between The Window And The Phone
Decca F12454   1966  Red Rose/ Time To Spare Dreaming

Ella Washington:  Singer based in Miami who had grown up singing gospel music. This sole UK soul is probably the finest example of her work, recorded before she returned to singing the gospel
Monument MON1030 1969 He Called Me Baby/ You're Gonna Cry Cry Cry

 Elmore James:  Mississippi born; one of the blues' greatest innovators who died in 1963 before he had a single released in Britain. His ringing electric slide-guitar sound on tunes like 'Dust My Broom' is instantly recognisable and has been copied innumerable times by young aspiring guitarists of many shades of blue.
Sue WI335 1964 Dust My Blues/ Happy Home
Sue WI383 1965 It Hurts Me Too/ Bleeding Heart
Sue WI392 1965 Calling The Blues/ Knocking At Your Door
Sue WIP4007 1966 I Need You/ Mean Mistreating Mama

 Emeralds: US
London HL9839  1964  Sittin' Bull/ Kick Backs

 Emeralds: UK Beat Group from Farnborough in Hants.
Decca F12096  1965  Don't Listen To Your Friends/ Say You're Mine
Decca F12304  1965  King Lonely The Blue/ Someone Else's Fool

 Emma Rede: Also recorded as Jackie Lee and Jacky, under which name she charted in 1968 with 'White Horses'
Columbia DB8136  1967  Just Like A Man/ I Gotta Be With You

 Episode Six: Group that played with vocalist/ organist Sheila Carter. They included future Deep Purple members Ian Gillan and Roger Glover.
Pye 7N17018 1966 Put Yourself In My Place/ That's All I Want
Pye 7N17110 1966 I Hear Trumpets Blow/ True Love Is Funny That Way
Pye 7N17147 1966 Here, There And Everywhere/ Mighty Morris Ten
Pye 7N17244 1967 Love, Hate Revenge/ Baby Baby Baby
Pye 7N17330 1967 Morning Dew/ Sunshine Girl
Pye 7N17375 1967 I Can See Through You/ When I Fall In Love
Chapter One CH103 1968 Lucky Sunday/ Mr. Universe
Chapter One CH104 1969 Mozart Versus The Rest/ Jak D'Or

 Eric Delaney (Band):  UK drumming virtuoso who really could get a tune out of his timpanis. His best known work was probably a version of "Oranges And Lemons" which like many of his singles is available only on 78. Although his period at the top was comparatively short lived, at the time of writing this great percussionist was still regularly hitting the skins.
Pye 7N15113 1957 Fanfare/ Jingle Bells
Parlophone R4646 1960 Bass Drum Boogie/ Let's Get Organised
Parlophone R4753 1961 Drum Twist/ Yes Indeed
Parlophone R4876 1962 Sing Sing Sing/Washington Blus Twist
Parlophone R4925 1962 Manhattan Spritual/ Down Home
Pye 7N15782 1965 The Big Beat/ Big Noise From Winetka

 Eric Morris:  West Indian Ska
Blue Beat BB53  1961  Humpty Dumpty/ Corn Bread And Butter
Blue Beat BB74  1962  My Forty Five/ I've Tried Everybody
Blue Beat BB81  1962  Sinners Repent And Pray
Blue Beat BB83  1962  Money Can't Buy Life
Blue Beat BB105  1962 Pack Up Your Troubles/ Oh What A Smile Can Do
Blue Beat BB115  1962  GI Lady/ Going To The River
Blue Beat BB128  1962  Over The Hills/ Lazy Woman
Blue Beat BB137  1962  Miss Peggy's Gandmother
Blue Beat BB140  1962 Seven Long Years/ For Your Love
Blue Beat BB153  1963  Lonely Blue Boy
Blue Beat BB184  1963  Country Girl/ Sweet Love
Blue Beat BB218  1964  Worried People/ Love Can Break A Man
Blue Beat BB273 1964   Forever/ Stitch In Time
Blue Beat BB298  1965  Those Teardrops
Blue Beat BB349  1966  I'm The Greatest
Black Swan WI414  1964  Solomon Gundie
Black Swan WI433  1964  Supper In The Gutter
Black Swan WI439  1964  River Come Down/ Seek And You'll Find
Black Swan WI445  1964  Home Sweet Home
Island WI142  1964  Penny Reel
Island WI147  1964  Mama No Fret
Island WI150  1964  Drop Your Sword
Island WI151  1964  What A Man Doeth
Island WI183   1965  Love Can Make A Mansion/ Ungodly People
Island WI185  1965  Suddenly/ Many Long Years
Island WI199  1965  Fast Mouth/ The Harder They Come
Island WI234  1965  Children Of Today
Rio R39  1964  Little District/ True And Just
Rio R48  1964  Live As A Man/ Man Will Rule
Rio R72  1964  By The Sea/ I Wasn't Around
Starlite 052  1961  Search The World/ Buster's Shack

 Eric Winstone Orchestra: UK Orchestra
Pye 7N15603  1964  Dr. Who/ Pony Express

 Ernest Maxin Orchestra: UK Orchestra leader and producer who did a lot of TV work.
Parlophone R4319  1957  Four Walls/ The Star You Wished Upon Last Night
Top Rank JAR267  1960  On The Beach/ Take A Giant Step
Top Rank JAR335  1960  Conspiracy Of Hearts/ No Orchids For My Lady

 Esquires: Originally formed as a family trio from Milwaukee the group's line up had sustained several changes by the time these US hits were recorded.
Stateside SS2048 1967 Get On Up/ Listen To Me
Stateside SS2077  1968 And Get Away/ Everybody's Laughing

 Etceteras: This band were based in London's Hampstead, but the personnel had mostly originated in Singapore.
Oriole CB1973  1964  Little Lady/ Now I Know

 Eternal Triangle:
Decca F12954  1969  Turn To Me/ Windows
Decca F12979  1969  I Guess The Lord must Be In New York City/ Perfumed Candle

 Eternals: US. Their solitary UK released should not be confused with the famous Cadet's classic.
London HL8995 1959 Rockin' In The Jungle/ Rock 'N' Roll Cha Cha

 Ethna Campbell:  
Mercury MF804  1964  What's Easy For Two Is Hard for One/ Again
Mercury MF816  1964  Girls Like Boys/ Five Minutes More

 Etta James: Arguably, the queen of Rhythm and Blues, Etta 's career has spanned over forty years. She was born in Los Angeles during 1928 and began her career with renditions of songs like 'Roll With Me Henry'. Her work has retained its raunchy style ever since.though it has encompassed pop, blues, rock'n'roll and even standards.  
London HLM9139 1960 All I Could Do Was Cry/ Tough Mary
London HLM9234 1960 My Dearest Darling/ Girl Of My Dreams
Pye 7N25079 1961 At Last/ I Just Want To Make Love To You
Pye 7N25080 1961 Trust In Me/ Anything To Say You're Mine
Pye 7N25113 1961 Dream/ Fool That I Am
Pye 7N25131 1962 Something's Got A Hold On Me/ Waiting For Charlie To Come Home
Pye 7N25162 1962 Stop The Wedding/ Street Of My Tears
Pye 7N25205 1963 Pushover/ I Can't Hold It Any More
Sue WI359 1965 Roll With Me Henry/ Good Rockin' Daddy
Chess CRS8025 1965 Do I Make Myself Clear/ Somewhere Down The Line
Chess CRS8052 1967 I Prefer You/ I'm So Glad
Chess CRS8063 1967 Tell Mama/ I'd Rather Go Blind
Chess CRS8069 1968 Security/ I'm Gonna Take What He's Got
Chess CRS8076 1968 I Got You Babe/ I Worship The Ground You Walk On
Chess CRS8082 1968 You Got It/ Fire

 Eugene Church:  R&B singer from Los Angeles.
London HL8940 1959 Miami/ Ain't Goin' For That

 Evelyn Kingsley With The Towers:  
Capitol CL14944  1958  To Know Him Is To Love Him

 Eyes: West London 'Mod' outfit who, despite starting out just a little down the Uxbridge road from 'The Who', never made it. However their imaginative singles command high prices today. They also recorded an Album, but called themselves 'The Pupils' on that.
Mercury MF881 1965 When The Night Falls/ I'm Rowed Out
Mercury MF897 1966 The Immediate/ Pleasure/ My Degeneration
Mercury MF910 1966 Man With Money/ You're Too Much
Mercury MF934 1966 Good Day Sunshine/ Please Don't Cry

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