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 Halos: This New York group, who never charted in their own right, were regular backing vocalists and can be heard on Curtis Lee's 'Pretty Little Angel Eyes'.
London HLU9424  1961 Nag/ Copycat

 Hank Snow: Undoubtedly the greatest Canadian singer of American country music. Hank was born in Nova Scotia in 1914, though he actually became an American citizen at the beginning of the 1950s. Hank was renowned for his recorded material, but he did not feature highly in 45s on either side of the Atlantic.
RCA RCA1151  1959  The Last Ride/ Old Shep
RCA RCA1248  1961  Poor Little Jimmie/ Beggar To A King

 Hank Thompson: born in Texas during 1925, this Hank was also very popular on record, but with very little success on 45rpm. He led a band called the 'Brazos Valley Boys' who would play a variety of material including jazz and country music in their reportoire. Wanda Jackson sang with them briefly during the 1950s.
Capitol CL14517  1956 Honey Honey Bee Ball/ Don't Take It Out On Me
Capitol CL14668  1956 I'm Not Mad, Just Hurt/ Blackboard Of My Heart
Capitol CL14869  1958 Li'l Liza Jane/ How Do You Hold A Memory
Capitol CL14945  1958 Gathering Flowers/ Squaws Along The Yukon
Capitol CL14961  1958 I've Run Out Of Tomorrows/ You're Going Back To Your Old Ways Again
Capitol CL15014  1959 Anybody's Girl/ Total Strangers
Capitol CL15074  1959 I Guess I'm Getting Over You/ I Didn't Mean To Fall In Love
Capitol CL15114  1960 A Six Pack To Go/ What Made Her Change
Capitol CL15156  1960 She's Just A Whole Lot Like You/ There My Future Goes
Capitol CL15177  1961 Will We Start It All Over Again/ It Got To Be A Habit
Capitol CL15247  1962 The Wild Side Of Life/ Give The World A Smile

 Hank Williams: born in Alabama during 1923, Hank Williams became one of the most accomplished and influential country singers in the history of the genre. Although he had continual success on the country chart he never managed a Pop cross-over and none of his many UK 45s reached the chart. Frequently songs that Hank Williams had country hits with were turned into mainstream big sellers by other artists.
MGM SP1085  1954 There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight/ Crazy Heart
MGM SP1102  1954 I'm Satisfied With You/ I Ain't Got Nothin' But Time
MGM MGM921  1956 There's No Room In My Heart/ I Wish I Had A Nickel
MGM MGM931  1956 Blue Love/ Singing Waterfall
MGM MGM942  1957 Low Down Blues/ My Sweet Love Ain't Around
MGM MGM957  1957 Rootie Tootie/ Lonesome Whistle
MGM MGM966  1957 Leave Me Alone With The Blues/ With Tears In My Eyes
MGM MGM1309  1966 You Win Again/ I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
MGM MGM1322  1966 Kaw-Liga/ Let's Turn Back The Tears

 Harold Dorman: Born in Mississipi during 1926, but made his home in Memphis and started an unsuccessful recording career at Sun's studio. However it was years later that Harold recorded 'Mountain Of Love' which after overdubbing with vocal and strings backings became his only hit.
Top Rank JAR357  1960  Mountain Of Love/ To Be With You
London HLS9386   1961  There They Go/ I'll Stick By You

 Harry Roche Constellation: All I know of this orchestra is that their sole US hit was the theme from the spoof James Bond movie of the same name. It was outsold in the UK by Herb Alpert.
CBS 202653  1967  Casino Royale/ In The Pad Of The Mountain King

 Harvey And The Moonglows: New York Doo-Wop group who were cultivated by Alan Freed.
 See Also 'Moonglows'
London HLN8374 1957 Over And Over Again/ I Knew From The Start

 Hawkshaw Hawkins: born in West Virginia during 1921, Hawkshaw Hawkins was a country singer whose music had a romantic hillbilly flavour. Hawkshaw died in 1962. 
London HL9737  1963  Lonesome 7-7203/ Everything Has Changed

 Headliners: UK
Parlophone R4593  1959  The Bubble Car Song

 Headliners: UK These might be the same group as above, I don't know. There was an American group also with the same name to make matters worse.
Decca F12209  1965  That's The Way I Must Go/ Four Seasons
Decca F12279  1965  What Became Of Love/ Even Though

 Heath Hampstead: Not a made up name by any chance, do you think?
Fontana H946  1968  Tenement Tragedy/ Loneliness
Polydor BM56289  1968  I Started A Joke/ The Beginning Of The Ending
Polydor BM56311  1969 The Happiest Day Of My Life/ Where Love Has Gone

 Henson Cargill: Country singer, now associated with Nashville, but originally from Oklahoma.
Monument MON1015  1968 Skip A Rope/ Very Well Traveled Man
Monument MON1034  1969 This Generation Shall Not Pass/ Little Girls And Little Boys

 High Numbers: Unfortunately for Fontana, when this single failed- instead of trying again with their follow-up 'The Kids Are Alright'- they rejected them and the group went off to Polygram and suddenly became the Who.
Fontana TF480 1964 I'm The Face/ Zoot Suit

 Hollywood Flames: This group formed during 1950 and worked in LA using a variety of names and personnel. Their US hit, 'Buzz Buzz Buzz' was written by Bobby Day (real name Bobby Byrd of 'Rockin' Robin' fame), who frequently sang with the group. However, on this recording the lead is provided by Earl Nelson.
London HL8545 1958 Buzz Buzz Buzz/ Crazy
London HLW8955 1959 Much Too Much/ In The Dark
London HLE9071 1960 If I Thought You Needed Me/ Every Day Every Way

 Homer And Jethro: US Comedy pair, didn't 'click' in the UK though. 
HMV 7M211 1954 Swapping Partners/ Crazy Mix Up Song
RCA RCA1148  1959  The Battle Of Kookamonga/ Waterloo

 Homer Banks: Memphis born Soul singer who took a job as a clerk with a studio in an attempt to get noticed by Stax. Eventually his determination paid off and Homer became an important contributor to soul music as both a singer and a writer. 
Liberty LIB12028 1966 A Lot Of Love/ Fighting To Win
Liberty LIB12047 1967 60 Minutes Of Your Love/ Do You Know What
Liberty LIB12060 1967 Hooked By Love/ Lady Of Stone
Minit MLF11004 1968 Round The Clock Lover Man/ Foolish Hearts Break Fast
Minit MLF11007 1968 60 Minutes Of Your Love/ A Lot Of Love
Minit MLF11015 1969 Me Or Your Mama/ I Know You Know I Know You Know

 Homesick James (Williamson): US Blues singer guitarist who remade some classic Robert Johnson material. He also helped to keep the music of his more illustrious cousin Elmore James in the public ear.
Sue WI319 1964 Crossroads/ My Baby's Sweet
Sue WI330 1965 Set A Date/ Can't Afford To Do It

 Honor Blackman: She was the first of the TV Avenger girls.
CBS 3896 1968 Before Today/ I'll Always Be Loving You

 Hortense Ellis: West Indian Ska
Blue Beat BB119 1962 Midnight Train
R&B JB101  1963 I'll Come Softly/ I'm In Love
Blue Beat BB295 1965 I've Been A Fool/ Hold Me Tenderly
FAB FAB20 1967 Somebody Help Me

 Houston Boines: Houston played with Little Milton and Ike Turner among others during the 1950s..
Blue Horizon 45BH1006 1966 Superintendent Blues/ Monkey Motion

 Howie Casey And The Seniors: These records are among the earliest of what was to become the Liverpool led beat boom. However, Fontana didn't get around to issuing the singles until this Merseyside band was on the point of splitting up.
Fontana H364 1962 Double Twist/ True Fine Mama
Fontana H381 1962 I Ain't Mad At You/ Twist At The Hop
Fontana TF403 1963 The Boll Weevil Song/ Bony Moronie

 Hugh O'Brian: Wyatt Earp himself of the legend and TV Series.
HMV POP539 1958 Legend Of Wyatt Earp/ Down In The Meadow
Oriole CB1480 1958 I'm Looking For A Girl/ Ain't Got A Nickel

 Hullaballoos: UK group of four blonde young men. They went to the USA and played a TV series in the 'Hullaballoo Show', but they were virtually unknown in the UK.
Columbia DB7392 1964 I'm Gonna Love You Too/ Why Do Fools Fall In Love
Columbia DB7558 1965 I'll Show You How To Love/ Did You Ever
Columbia DB7626 1965 Don't Stop/ I Won't Turn Away Now

 Humblebums: Folky Glaswegian group whose members included no less than future star vocalist Gerry Rafferty and his mate, comedian Billy Connolly .
Big T BIG122 1969 Saturday Roiundabout Sunday/ Bed Of Mossy Green
Big T BIG127 1969 Coconut Tree/ Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway

 Humphrey Lyttelton: Well 'Humph' shouldn't be here really, he charted in 1956 with 'Bad Penny Blues', but that only appeared on 78rpm so it doesn't disqualify him from the lists. Born 1921 in Eton, Bucks 'Humph' made his mark as a trumpet player during the 1940s and became internationally respected by the 1950s. He has had a wide range of influences and is still active in Jazz today. He has recently collaborated with former 1960s Pop singer Helen Shapiro in Jazz projects both on tour and on record. He is also frequently heard on Radio and is renowned for his sharpness of wit even as he approaches his 80th birthday.
Parlophone R4212  1956  Love Love Love/ Echoing The Blues
Parlophone R4262  1957  It's Mardi Gras/ Sweet And Sour
Parlophone R4277  1957  Baby Doll/ Red Beans And Rice
Parlophone R4333  1957  Dixie Theme/ Blues At Dawn
Parlophone R4392  1958  Buona Sera/ Blues In The Afternoon
Parlophone R4428  1958  Hand Me Down Love/ Here And Gone
Decca F11058  1958  La Paloma/ Bodega
Parlophone R4519  1959  Saturday Jump/ The Bear Steps Out
Parlophone R4578 1959 Summertime/ Manhunt

 Hunters: The Hunters were set in the same mould as the Shadows and at some point in their career had backed Cliff Richard. They became the backing group for Dave Sampson, but were also a very proficient instrumental group in their own right. Brian Parker of the Hunters went on to co-write the Unit Four Plus Two smash hit 'Concrete And Clay' 
Fontana H276  1960  Teen Scene/ Santa Monica Flyer
Fontana H303  1961  Golden Earrings/ Tally-Ho
Fontana H323   1961  The Storm/ How's M'Chicks
Fontana TF514  1964  Teen Scene/ Someone Else's Baby

 Hush: Quintet from Birminhan with a single that is very sought after by afficianados of 'freak beat'. Original members included vocalist Albert Hammond who was also a notable songwriter- later penning "The Air That I Breathe". The band spent a long spell on The Isle Of Wight where they became well known, but eventually disbanded in September 1968. Drummer, Mac Poole went on to join "Young Blood" as a replacement for Cozy Powell.
Thanks are due to Mac Poole for the above information.
Fontana TF944 1968 Elephant Rider/ Grey

 Hustlers: UK beat group from Kent with Roy English on vocals. 
Philips BF1275  1963  Gimmee What I Want/ Not Much
Mercury MF807   1964  You Can't Sit Down/ Be True To You
Mercury MF817  1964  Sick Of Giving/ Easy To Find

 Hylda Baker: Former Musical Hall turned TV comedienne. Hylda's only hit came in conjunction with comedy actor Arthur Mullard with a parody of Olivia Newton John and John Travolta's 'You're The One That I Want' in 1978.
Decca F11186  1959  Makin' Love/ She Knows Y'Know

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