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 Ian And The Zodiacs: One of Liverpool's top live groups that became as popular in Germany as on Merseyside. In fact their records sold more heavily in Germany than they did in the UK and the group split up during 1967.
Oriole CB1849 1963 Beechwood 45789/ You Can Think Again
Fontana TF548 1965 Just The Little Things/ This Won't Happen To Me
Fontana TF708 1966 No Money, No Honey/ Where Were You
Fontana TF753 1966 Wade In The Water/ Come On Along, Girl

 Ian Campbell Folk Group: Scottish flavoured folk group, actually from the Midlands, appearing on some unusual labels.
Topic STOP102  1964 The Sun Is Burning/ Crow On The Cradle
Decca F11802  1964 Marilyn Monroe/ Bells Of Rhymney
Transatlantic TRASP2  1965 Kelly From Killane/ Boys Of Wexford
Transatlantic TRASP5  1965 The Times They Are A-Changin'/ Across The Hills
Transatlantic TRASP6  1966 Come Kiss Me/ The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
Transatlantic TRASP7  1966 Guantanamera/ Mary Anne
Transatlantic TRASP10  1966 One Eyed Reilly/ Snow Is Falling
Big T BIG103  1967 Lover Let Me In/ Private Harold Harris

 Iain Campbell: Same man as above with a slight change of name- solo.
Major Minor MM639  1969  Break My Mind/ Govan Cross Special

 Impressions: Originally called the Roosters, this Chicago all-male group featured the great Curtis Mayfield. Despite a string of hits in the US throughout the 1960s, they had no luck with the chart in the UK (at least not until 1975). Mayfield, born in Chicago during 1942 was a maestro of Soul Music, and penned a number of the finest examples of the genre. Although recording less in later years Mayfield was a popular live performer until an accident occurred during a concert which left him paralysed from the neck down.
HMV POP961  1961 Gypsy Woman/ As Long As You Love Me
HMV POP1129  1963 I'm The One Who Loves You/ I Need Your Love
HMV POP1226  1963 It's Alright/ You'll Want Me Back
HMV POP1262  1964 Talkin' About My Baby/ Never Too Much Love
HMV POP1295  1964 I'm So Proud/ I Made A Mistake
HMV POP1317  1964 Keep On Pushing/ I Love You (Yeah)
HMV POP1343  1964 You Must Believe Me/ See The Real Me
HMV POP1408  1965 People Get Ready/ I've Been Trying
HMV POP1429  1965 Woman's Got Soul/ Get Up And Move
HMV POP1446  1965 A Meeting Over Yonder/ I Found That I've Lost
HMV POP1472  1965 I Need You/ Never Could You Be
HMV POP1492  1965 Amen/ Long Long Winter
HMV POP1498  1966 You've Been Cheatin'/ Just One Kiss From You
HMV POP1516  1966 Since I Lost The One I Love/ Falling In Love With You
HMV POP1526  1966 Too Slow/ No One Else
HMV POP1545  1966 Can't I Satisfy/ This Must End
HMV POP1581  1967 You Always Hurt Me/ Little Girl
Stateside SS2083  1968 We're A Winner/ You've Got Me Running
Stateside SS2139  1969 Can't Satisfy/ You've Been Cheatin'
Buddah 201021  1968 Fool For You/ I'm Loving Nothing
Buddah 201062  1969 Choice Of Colors/ Might Mighty Spade And Whitey

 Innocents: US West Coast Trio who a little later backed Kathy Young.
Top Rank JAR508  1960  Honest I Do/ My Baby Hully Gullys
Top Rank JAR541  1961  Gee Whiz/ Please Mr Sun

 Innocents: UK London group who backed Mike Berry.
Columbia DB7098  1963  Stepping Stones/ Grazina
Columbia DB7173  1963  A Fine, Fine Bird/ Spanish Holiday
Columbia DB7314  1964  Stick With Me Baby/ Not More Than Everything

 Intrigues: US
London HL10293  1969 In A Moment/ Scotchman Rock

 Irving Davies And The Method Men: UK
Decca F11456  1962  The Method/ ABC The Method

 Isabel Bond: Nice 'answer' version of the Percy Sledge hit, though rather too late.
Major Minor MM565  1968  When A Woman Loves A Man/ Cry
Major Minor MM627  1969  Don't Forget About Me/ You'll Never Get The Chance Again

 Ivan: Really the Cricket's drummer Jerry (Ivan) Alison. He must rate as one of the greatest Rock And Roll drummers of all time, but couldn't sing. Described by Bobby Vee as playing 'lead drums' he appears on the hits of several other artists, for example the Everly Brothers. If the UK public had known who 'Ivan' was at the time this record might have sold rather more copies; it includes Buddy Holly on guitar.
Coral Q72341  1958  Real Wild Child/ Oh, You Beautiful Doll

 Ivan D. Juniors: UK group from Burnley who had taken their name from their leader Ivan Dixon. They had a good following in the North of England and even appeared at Liverpool's Cavern. Their bass guitarist was Bernie Calvert who replaced Eric Haydock in The Hollies in 1966.
 {Thanks go to Nigel Smith for the above info.}
Oriole CB1874 1963 On My Mind/ Catch You If I Can

 Ivy Three: US, Briefly lived novelty group formed on Long Island during 1959.
London HLW9178  1960 Yogi/ Was Judy There

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