Discographies - Artists 'J'


  • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only.
  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
  • Artists are listed strictly alphabetically
  • Collector's Items are shown In Red

 J.B. Lenoir: Mississippi born in 1929, but moved to Chicago in 1949 where he was to become one of the great innovators of the blues but without quite achieving the fame or recognition of some of his peers. Sadly, only three singles were issued in the UK near the end of his life.
Sue WI339 1965 I Sing Um The Way I Feel/ I Feel So Good
Bootleg 503 1965 Man Watch Your Woman/ Mama Talk To Your Daughter
Blue Horizon 451004 1966 Mojo Boogie/ I Don't Care What Nobody Say

 J.J. Barnes: James Jay Barnes was born in Detroit and became involved with soul music after singing gospel. His 1960s singles are particularly sought after by UK Northern soul fans.
Polydor 56722 1967 Day Tripper/ Deeper In Love
Stax STAX130 1969 Baby Please Come Back Home/ Easy Living

 J.J. Jackson: Soul Singer who took 'But It's Alright' to #22 in the US Chart.
Polydor 56718  1967 But It's Alright/ Do The Boogaloo
Strike JH329  1967 Come See Me/ Try Me
Warner Bros. WB2082 1967 Sho Nuff (Got A Good Thing Going)/ Here We Go Again
Warner Bros. WB2090  1968 Down, But Not Out/ Why Does It Take So Long
Warner Bros. WB6029  1968 Courage Ain't Strength/ You Do It 'Cause You Wanna 
Warner Bros. WB7276  1969  Ain't Too Proud To Beg/ But It's Alright

 J. Vincent Edward:
CBS 4388  1969  Run To The Sun/ I Never Thought I'd Fall In Love

Jack Dailey:
Columbia DB4487  1960 Little Charmer/ Please Understand
Fontana 269031  1962  No Beer, No Wine, No Nothin'/ Hello, Jeanie, Hello

 Jack Good's Fat Noise: Jack Good pioneered Rock And Roll television in the UK. His impresario skills did much to promote the careers of many of Britain's first stars. This record was identical in style to the 'Lord Rockingham XI' stuff that he had presented earlier, however it is doubtful how many of the musicians previously used in the 'XI' were employed here because Good had by then split with Harry Robinson.
Decca F11984  1960  The Fat Noise/ The Fat Washerwoman

 Jack Parnell Orchestra: UK 'big band' who like the Heath band dabbled with 'rock and roll', but never quite made the 'hit parade'.
Parlophone R4500  1958  Topsy/ Cha Cha Cha
HMV POP630  1959 Kansas City/ The Golden Stalker
Philips PB1005  1960  77 Sunset Strip/ Teen Ride
Decca F11958   1964  The Kiss/ Theme from 'The Hidden Truth'

Jack Ross:  A popular US artist who went almost unnoticed in the UK. Most of his output was orchestral, but 'Cinderella' was a comedy vocal on which he employed a similar 'double talk' to that made famous in the UK by Britain's own Stanley Unwin.
London HLD9534 1962  Cinderella/ Margarita
London HLD9485  1962 Happy Jose/ Sweet Georgia Brown

 Jackie de Shannon:  born in Hazel, Kentucky during 1944, Jackie DeShannon was a well air-played singer in the UK and it will surprise many that she never reached the chart. Unfortunately for Jackie her excellent songs were always covered by popular UK artists like Helen Shapiro, Dave Clark Five and Marianne Faithfull or even by fellow Americans. Despite this she is still well recognised in the UK as one of the great contributors to the best of the music from the 1960s and beyond.
Liberty LIB55497  1962 You Won't Forget Me/ I Don't Think So Much
Liberty LIB55563  1963 Needles And Pins/ Did He Call Today Mama
Liberty LIB55645  1964 When You Walk In The Room/ Till You Say You'll Be Mine
Liberty LIB10165  1964 Say You Do/ Let The Sunshine In
Liberty LIB10175  1964 Don't Turn Your Back On Me/ Be Good Baby
Liberty LIB10192  1965 She Don't Understand Him Like I Do/ The Prince
Liberty LIB10202  1965 What The World Needs Now Is Love/ It's Love
Liberty LIB12019  1965 A Lifetime Of Loneliness/ I Remember The Boy
Liberty LIB66171  1966 Come And Get Me/ Splendour In The Grass
Liberty LIB66202  1966 I Can Make It With You/ To Be Myself
Liberty LIB66224  1966 Come On Down/ Find Me Love
Liberty LBF15133  1968 The Weight/ Effervescent Blue
Liberty LBF15238  1969 Put A Little Love In Your Heart/ Always Together 
Liberty LBF15281  1969 Love Will Find A Way/ I Let Go Completely

 Jackie Gleason:  This versatile US entertainer and composer is probably best known for his role as a master of ceremonies. He was born Herbert John Gleason in Brooklyn, New York during 1916.
Capitol CL14363  1955  Autumn Leaves/ Oo What You Do To Me
Capitol CL14549  1956  You're My Greatest Love/ Capri In May
Brunswick 04775  1960 What Is Boy/ What Is A Girl

 Jackie Lynton:  UK vocalist with an eclectic mix of material from 'Teddy Bear's Picnic' to 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy' but none good enough to chart, apparently.
Piccadilly 7N35012  1961  Over The Rainbow/ High In The Sky
Piccadilly 7N35055  1962  Don't Take Away Your Love/ Wishful Thinking
Piccadilly 7N35064  1962  All Of Me/ I'd Steal
Piccadilly 7N35107  1963  I Believe/ The Girl In The Wood
Piccadilly 7N35140  1963  Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair/ Teddy Bear's Picnic
Piccadilly 7N35156  1963  I'm Talkin' About You/ Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Piccadilly 7N35177  1964 Little Child/ Never A Mention 
Piccadilly 7N35190  1964  Laura/ Ebb Tide
Decca F12052  1965  Three Blind Mice/ Corrina Corrine
Columbia DB8097  1967 He'll Have To Go/ Only You 
Columbia DB8180  1967  Decisions/ Sporting Life
Columbia DB8224  1967  Answer Me/ I Never Loved A Girl Like You

 Jackie Rae:  Canadian musician who found a niche as a UK 'TV celebrity' during the 1960s, often found on panel games. He hosted the popular 'The Golden Shot' for a while.
Fontana H155  1958  More Than Ever/ Hello Ma Baby
Fontana H170 1958  Day By Day/ Take A Deep Breath
Fontana H242  1960 Summer Place/ The Moon Got In My Eyes
Fontana H275  1960 Dreamy/ Close
Coral Q72495 1967 Believe In Love/ Lonely One

Jackie Ross:  A lady who came from St. Louis and whose first musical outings were with gospel, but later made her name in Chicago.singing R&B and soul.
 Chess CRS8003  1964  Jerk And Twine/ New Lover
 Pye 7N25259  1964  Selfish One/ Everything But Love

 Jacqueline Boyer:  French winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1960.
Columbia DB4452 1960 Tom Pillibi

 Jacques Loussier:  Almost successful, this delightful piece of Bach became familiar to almost everybody, because of its long term use in a TV cigar commercial.
Decca F22383  1966  Air On A 'G' String/ Prelude No 16

 Jaguars:  Just a couple of rare and locally released singles from this obscure band who featured future Traffic musician and songwriter, Dave Mason.
Impression IMP101 1963 Opus To Spring/ The Beat
Contest RGJ152 1965 We'll Live On Happily/ Now You Wonder Why

 James Last Orchestra:  Quintissential MOR German musician loved by the British. Born in Bremen during 1929, Last had a wide repertoire of musical genres and always kept up to date. He eventually charted on both sides of the Atlantic with 'The Seduction' from the movie 'American Gigolo'.
Polydor 56537  1968  Theme From 'Elvira Madigan'/ Mornings At Seven

 James Ray: His original of Rudy Clark's 'If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody' was ignored in Britain in favour of the 'Freddie And The Dreamers' version. That is how collector's items are made.
Pye 7N25126  1962 If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody/ It's Been A Drag
Pye 7N25147   1962 Itty Bitty Pieces/ You Remember The Face

 Jan And Kelly: UK harmonising female duet who tried comedy, unsuccessfully.
Philips  1962 Ooh 'e Didn't/ Prepare To Meet Your Fate Mate
Philips BF1253   1962 I Could Have Died/ Make Me A Doormat
Philips BF1265   1963 Ooh I Can't/ Write Me A Letter
Philips BF1323  1964 And Then He Kicked Me/ My Country
Philips BF1377  1964 There Was A Girl/ There Was A Boy/ And Then There Was Nothing

 Jan Burnette:  UK Vocalist
Oriole CB1716  1962  Miracle Of Life/ I Could Have Loved You So Well
Oriole CB1742  1962 All At Once/ Does My Heartache Show
Oriole CB1807  1963  Unimportant Things/ The Boy I Used To Know

 Jan Douglas:
Vogue V9226  1964  Walking In The Rain/ More And More

 Janet Richmond:
Top Rank JAR288  1960  You Got What It Takes/ Not One Minute More
Top Rank JAR378  1960  June Bride/ My One And Only Love
Top Rank JAR536  1961  Senora/ I Need You

 Janice Peters: UK lady with a great talent for rock'n'roll; her first single was a very competently made cover of the American original and is now very sought after by British R&R fans.
Columbia DB4222 1958 This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'/ Kiss Cha Cha
Columbia DB4276 1959 A Girl Likes/ You're The One

 Janie Grant: US one hit wonder with the ballad 'Triangle'. However the novelty, 'Greasy Kid Stuff' is the more interesting piece of early 1960s ephemera.
Pye 7N25093  1961  Triangle/ She's Going Steady With You
Pye 7N25148  1962  That Greasy Kid Stuff/ Trying To Forget You

 Jarmels:  US Gospel turned R&B Quintet from Virginia.
Top Rank JAR560  1961  She Loves To Dance/ Little Lonely One
Top Rank JAR580  1961 A Little Bit Of Soap/ The Way You Look Tonight

 Jay And The Americans:  New York six piece group who had a string of hits on their home ground but had little appeal in the UK.
HMV POP1009  1962  She Cried/ Dawning
United Artists UP1002  1963  This is it/ It's My Turn To Cry
United Artists UP1018  1963  What's The Use/ Strangers Tomorrow
United Artists UP1039  1964  Come Dance With Me/ Look Into My Eyes Maria
United Artists UP1069  1964  Come A Little Bit Closer/ Goodbye Boys Goodbye
United Artists UP1075  1965  Let's Lock The Door / I'll Remember You
United Artists UP1088  1965  Think Of The Good Times/ If You Were Mine Girl
United Artists UP1094  1965  Cara Mia/ When It's All Over
United Artists UP1108  1965  Some Enchanted Evening/ Girl
United Artists UP1119  1966  Sunday And Me/ Through This Doorway
United Artists UP1129  1966 Why Can't You Bring Me Home/ Baby Stop Your Crying
United Artists UP1132  1966  Crying/ I Don't Need A Friend
United Artists UP1142  1966  Livin' Above Your Head/ She's The Girl
United Artists UP1162  1966  (He's) Raining In My Sunshine/ Reasons For Living
United Artists UP1178  1967  You Ain't As Hip As All That Baby/ Nature Boy
United Artists UP1191  1967  (We'll Meet In The) Yellow Forest/ Got Hung Up Along The Way.
United Artists UP2211  1968  French Provincial/ Shanghai Noodle Factory
United Artists UP2268  1969  This Magic Moment/ Since I Don't Have You
 United Artists UP35008  1969  When You Dance/ So Much In Love
 United Artists UP35026  1969  Hushabye/ No I Don't Know Her
 United Artists UP35074  1969  Walkin' In The Rain/ For The Love Of A Lady

 Jay Epae:  Hawaiian
Mercury AMT1132  1961 Hawaiian Melody/ Putti Putti

 Jaye P. Morgan:  US Singer and actress who frequently found engagements on American TV game shows, but was never found in the UK pop chart.
HMV 7M327   1955 The Longest Walk/ Swanee
HMV 7M348  1956  If You Don't Want My Love/ Pepper Hot Baby
HMV 7M365  1956  Not One Goodbye/ My Bewildered Heart
Brunswick 05519  1956 Have You Ever Been Lonely/ Baby Don't Do It
RCA RCA1014  1957  You, You Romeo/ Graduation Ring
MGM MGM1005  1959 Are You Lonesome Tonight/ Miss You
MGM MGM1021  1959 It Took One Kiss/ My Reputation
MGM MGM1039  1959 Somebody Loses, Somebody Wins/ Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
MGM MGM1093  1960 I Walk The Line/ Wondering Where You Are
MGM MGM1182  1962  Heartache Named Johnny/ He Thinks I Still Ache
MGM MGM1190  1962  Brotherhood Of Man/ Nobody's Sweetheart

 Jayhawks:  West Coast group whose version of 'Stranded In The Jungle' was actually the original. However, the Cadet's version was the superior and was the one that sold.
Parlophone R4428 1956 Stranded In The Jungle/ My Only Darling

Jayne Mansfield: A (not so dumb) 'dumb blonde' movie actress. She died tragically, while still young, in a car accident. Her singing skills have not made this rare single sought after, but its collectability may owe something to the fact that Jimi Hendrix was playing guitar on it.
London HL10147 1967 As The Clouds Drift By/ Suey

Jaynetts : Another huge hit in the USA that was ignored by the British. This, the Jaynetts' solitary UK release was arranged by Artie Butler and unusually engineered to give the backing a rather ethereal appeal.
Stateside SS227  1963  Sally Go Round The Roses/ (Instrumental Version)

 Jean Carter And The Centrepieces: US
Stateside SS2214  1968  No Good Jim/ And Now

 Jean-Claude Pascal: Luxembourg winner of Eurovision in 1961.
HMV POP861 1961 Nous Les Amoureux

 Jeannie & The Big Guys: Chester based group with lead singer Rita Hughes. They were formerly called 'Four Hits And A Miss', presumably in deference to TV's 'Juke Box Jury'. However, they had no chart success under either name despite developing a solid 'Girl Group' sound. Jeannie (Rita), later went solo and even changed her name to Cindy Cole, but still didn't succeed.
Piccadilly 7N35147 1963 Don't Lie To Me/ Boys
Piccadilly 7N35164 1963 I Want You/ Sticks And Stones
Parlophone R5343 1965 I Love Him/ With Any Other Girl

 Jeannie Seely: Popular US country singer.
London HLU10052  1966  Don't Touch Me/ You Tied Tin Cans To My Heart
Monument MON1023  1963  How Is He/ Little Unfair

 Jeff Rowena Group: UK instrumentalists
Pye 7N15328  1961  Peanut Vendor/ Bullfight
Pye 7N15365  1961  Ambush/ John Peel
Pye 7N15423  1962  La Cucuracha/ Ten Ton Caroline
Oriole CB1787  1963  Dance Baby Dance/ Diddle De Dum
Oriole CB1797  1963  Dance Baby Dance/ Love Me Once Again
Oriole CB1810  1963  Diddle De Dum/ Lovely Water Melon
CBS 202460  1967  Eleanor/ Short Skirts

 Jefferson Airplane:  Creative San Francisco group formed by Martin Balin, Paul Kantner and Grace Slick. They didn't hit in the UK until they later became 'Jefferson Starship'
RCA RCA1594  1967  Somebody To Love/ She Has Funny Cars
RCA RCA1631  1967  White Rabbit/ Plastic Fantastic Lover
RCA RCA1647  1967  Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil/ Two Heads
RCA RCA1711  1968  Greasy Heart/ Share A Little Joke (With The World)
RCA RCA1736  1968  If You Feel Like China Breaking/ Triad

 Jelly Beans: US Girl Group; Elyse & Maxine Herbert, Alma Brewer, Diane Taylor with token male, Charles Thomas.
Pye 7N25252  1964  I Wanna Love Him So Bad/ So Long
Red Bird RB1011  1964  Baby Be Mine/ Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget

 Jenny Moss: This disc features the singing of a young actress. In fact she played the part of Lucille Hewitt back in the days when Coronation Street was top of the ratings. Sadly, in common with most of producer Joe Meek's attempts to produce a 'girl' record, it didn't sell too well.
Columbia DB7061 1963 Hobbies/ Big Boys

 Jericho Brown:  US artist who unsuccessfully tried to update the Norman Wisdom hit of a few years earlier.
Warner Bros. WB14  1960  Look For A Star/ Don'tcha Know (That I Love You)
Warner Bros. WB141  1964  Wisdom Of A Fool/ I'm Watching You

 Jerry Butler:  Born during 1939, this Mississippi vocalist was a member of the Chicago based 'Impressions' with the great Curtis Mayfield. Despite the large number of singles issued, Jerry never enjoyed UK chart success- however many of his singles are now very sought after.
London HL8697 1958 For Your Precious Love/ Sweet Was The Wine
Top Rank JAR389 1960 I Found A Love/ A Lonely Soldier
Top Rank JAR531  1960 He Will Break Your Heart/ Thanks To You
Top Rank JAR562 1961 Find Another Girl/ When Trouble Calls
Columbia DB4743 1961 Moon River/ Aware Of Love
Stateside SS121 1962 Make It Easy On Yourself/ It's Too Late
Stateside SS158 1963 You Can Run But You Can't Hide/ I'm The One
Stateside SS170 1963 You Go Right Through Me/ The Wishing Star
Stateside SS195 1963 Whatever You Want/ You Won't Be Sorry
Stateside SS252 1964 Need To Belong/ Give Me Your Love
Stateside SS300 1964 Giving Up On Love/ I've Been Trying
Fontana TF553 1965 Good Times/ I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
Fontana TF588 1965 I Can't Stand To See You Cry/ Nobody Needs You Love
Mercury MF932 1965 Love (Oh, How Sweet It Is)/ Loneliness
Sue WI4003 1966 I Stand Accused/ I Don't Want To Hear Anymore
Sue WI4009  1966 Just For You/ Believe In Me
Mercury MF964 1967 I Dig You Baby/ Some Kinda Magic
Mercury MF1005  1967 Mr. Dream Merchant/'Cause I Love You So
Mercury MF1035 1968 Never Give You Up/ Beside You
Mercury MF1058 1968 Hey Mr Western Union Man/ Just Can't Forget About You
Mercury MF1078 1969 Are You Happy/ Strange I Still Love You
Mercury MF1094 1969 Only The Strong Survive/ Just Because I Really Love You
Mercury MF1122 1969 Moody Woman/ Go Away And Find Yourself
Mercury MF1132 1969 A Brand New Me/ What's The Use Of Breaking Up

 Jerry O:  US
London HLZ10162  1967  Karate-Boo-Boo/ The Pearl

 Jess And James: Really Antonio and Fernando Lameirinhas, a Belgian duo of Portuguese descent. They played in the company of Screaming Lord Sutch before developing their own brand of soul music.
MGM MGM1389  1968  Move/ What Was I Born For
MGM MGM1420  1968  Something For Nothing/ I Let The Day Go By
MGM MGM1454  1968  Thank You Show Biz/ Motherless Child

 Jesse Belvin:  Jesse, born in Los Angeles during 1933, wrote the great Penguins' classic 'Earth Angel'. He participated in several hits during the 1950s, but his career was cut short due to a tragic car accident in 1959.
RCA RCA1119  1959 Guess Who/ Funny

 Jesse Lee Turner: Texan rock and roller.
London HLL8785 1959 The Little Space Girl/ Shake Baby Shake
London HLP9108 1960 I'm The Little Space Girl's Father/ Valley Of Lost Soldiers
Top Rank JAR303 1960 That's My Girl/ Teenage Misery
Top Rank JAR516 1960 Do I Worry (Yes I Do)/ All Right, Be That Way
Vogue V9201 1962 The Voice Changing Song/ All You Gotta Do Is Ask

 Jim Backus: Jim Backus, the voice of the short sighted Mister Magoo, had at least these two unsuccessful UK releases to his credit. 'Delicious' made US #40.
Brunswick 05549 1956
(with Peggy Lee)
Three Cheers For Mister Magoo/ Mister Magoo Does The Cha Cha
London HLJ8674  1958  Delicious (The Laughing Song)/ I Need A Vacation

 Jimmie Skinner: Known as the 'Kentucky Colonel', Jimmie Skinner had been picking and singing country music for 25 years when these discs were released. However, despite his song writing talents and musical skills they did not have enough appeal to reach the UK chart.
Mercury AMT1030  1959  Walkin' My Blues Away/ Dark Hollow
Mercury AMT1062  1959 John Wesley Hardin/ Misery Loves Company
Mercury AMT1088   1960  Riverboat Gambler/ Married To A Friend
Mercury AMT1117  1960  Reasons To Live/ I'm A Lot More Lonesome Now

 Jimmy And The Dimensions:  
Young Blood YB1008  1969 Sugar Man/ Slow Down

 Jimmy Breedlove:
London HLE8490  1957  Over Somebody Else's Shoulder/ That's My Baby
Pye 7N25121  1962  You're Following Me/ Fabulous

 Jimmy Charles:  New Jersey vocalist who was born during 1942. This little ballad got to #5 in the States but never raised any interest at all in the UK.
London HLU9206 1960 A Million To One/ Hop Scotch Hop

 Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra: born in Pennsylvania during 1904 he was nearly two years senior to his brother Tommy. Benefitting from their musical father they both became talented Jazz musicians. As they found it difficult to work together they split and each formed his own successful orchestra. They remained apart until 1953 when they united as the 'Dorsey Brothers' Orchestra'. Sadly, both died shortly afterwards.
HMV POP324  1957 So Rare/ Sophisticated Swing
HMV POP383  1957 Jay-Dee's Boogie Woogie/ June Night

 Jimmy Durante: Jimmy 'Schnozzle' Durante was one of America's greatest all round entertainers who could do almost everything including songwriting. Sadly, he did not sell many singles so his 45s are very hard to find.
Brunswick 05395  1955  Pupalina (My Little Doll)/ Little People
Brunswick 05445  1955  It's Bigger Than Both Of Us (with Patty Andrews)/ When The Circus Leaves Town
Brunswick 05495  1955  Swingin' With Rhythm And Blues (with Peter Lawford)/ I Love You I Do (with Eddie Jackson)
Brunswick 05829  1960  Shine On Harvest Moon/ The Best Things In Life Are Free
Warner Bros. WB112  1963  September Song/ Young At Heart
Warner Bros. WB149  1964  Old Man Time/ I Came Here To Swim

 Jimmy Jaques:
Fontana H131  1958  In My Life/ Never Let You Go
Fontana H161 1958  Barb'ry Ann/ For A Lifetime
Parlophone R4710  1960  Do Me A Favour/ Not To Worry

 Jimmy Page: This is another artist that Fontana gave up on too quickly. Mind you, Led Zeppelin didn't sell many UK singles either!
Fontana TF533 1965 She Just Satisfies/ Keep Moving

 Jimmy Reed: Born in 1925, he was one of many Mississippi guitarist bluesman that resettled in Chicago. His work was popular among the 1960s blues revivalists in the UK and did much to inspire British performers.
Top Rank JAR333 1960 Baby What You Want Me To Do/ Caress Me Baby
Top Rank JAR394 1960 Found Love/ Where Can You Be
Top Rank JAR533 1960 Hush-Hush/ Going By The River
Stateside SS205 1963 Shame Shame Shame/ Let's Get Together
Stateside SS330 1964 Shame Shame Shame/ Let's Get Together
Sue WI4004 1966 Odds And Ends/ Going By The River (Inst)

 Jimmy Savile: UK Disc Jockey who made some records. (How about that, then?)
Decca F11493  1962  Ahab The Arab/ Very Unlikely
Decca F11576  1963  The Bosa Nova/ Don't Do Anything I Like

 Jimmy Witherspoon: blues singer born in Arkansas during 1923, Witherspoon effectively had two record making careers. Firstly in the 1950s as an R&B artist and then again in the 1960s somewhat closer to jazz. Sadly, neither of these periods delivered him UK chart success. Consequently, many of his discs are collector's items.
Parlophone MSP6125  1954 It/ Highway To Happiness
Parlophone MSP6142  1954  Oh Boy/ I Done Told You
Vogue V2060 1956 Big Fine Girl/ No Rollin' Blues
Vogue V2420  1962  All That's Good/ When The Lights Go Out
Stateside SS304  1964  Evenin'/ Money Is Getting Cheaper
Stateside SS325  1964  I Will Never Marry/ I'm Coming Down Blues
Stateside SS362  1964  You're Next/ Happy Blues
Stateside SS429  1965  Come Walk With Me/ Oh How I Love You
Stateside SS461  1965  Love Me Right/ Make My Heart Smile Again
Stateside SS503  1966  If There Wasn't Any You/ I Never Thought I'd See The Day
 Verve VS538  1966  It's All Over But The Crying/ If I Could Have You Back Again
 Verve VS553  1967  Past Forty Blues/ My Baby's Quit Me

 Jimmy Work: Country singer from Tennessee with a strong hillbilly flavour.
London HLD8270 1956 When She Said "You All"/ There's Only One You
London HLD8308 1956 You've Gotta Heart Like A Merry Go Round/ Blind Heart

 Jive Five: As with most Doo-Wop this New York group led by Eugene Pitt failed in the UK which makes their first release now ultra-collectable.
Parlophone R4822  1961  My True Story/ When I Was Single
Stateside SS133  1962  What Time Is It/ Begging You Please
United Artists UP1106 1965  I'm A Happy Man/ Kiss Kiss Kiss

 Jiving Juniors: West Indian Ska
Blue Beat BB4  1960  Lollipop Girl/ Dearest Darling
Blue Beat BB5  1960  My Heart's Desire/ I Love You
Blue Beat BB24  1960  I Wanna Love
Blue Beat BB36  1961  Over The River/ Hip Rub
Starlite ST45028  1960  Lovers Line/ Tu-Woo-Up-Tu-Woo
Starlite ST45049  1961  Stop And Mash/ My Sweet Angel
Island WI003  1962  Sugar Dandy/ Valerie
Island WI027  1962  Andrea/ Don't Leave Me
Island WI129  1963  Sugar Dandy/ Valerie

 Jo Shelton: UK singer somewhat less successful than her sister Anne.
Top Rank JAR124  1959  Tread Softly/ More More More Romancing
Top Rank JAR245  1959  If There Are Stars In My Eyes/ I Need Your Arms Around Me

 Joan Sims: Comedy actress who had much greater success in 'Carry On' films than on record.
Parlophone R5021 1963  Hurry Up Gran/ Oh Not Again Ken

 Joanie Sommers: US; her voice was apparently first heard commercially on Pepsi Cola commercials.
Warner Bros. WB23  1960  Be My Love/ Why Don't You Do Right
Warner Bros, WB31  1961  Ruby Duby Du/ Bob White
Warner Bros, WB44  1961  One Boy/ I'll Never Be Free
Warner Bros, WB71  1962 Johnny Get Angry/ Summer Place
Warner Bros, WB85  1963 Goodbye Joey/ Bobby's Hobbies
Warner Bros, WB105  1963  Little Girl Bad/ Wishing Well
Warner Bros, WB150  1965  If You Love Him/ I Think I'm Gonna Cry

 Joe Bennett And The Sparkletones: US classic rockabilly.
HMV POP399  1957  Black Slacks/ Boppin' Rock Boogie
HMV POP445  1958  Rocket/ Penny Loafers And Bobby Socks

 Joe Gordon Folk Four: Scottish folk group who nearly made it with 'Football Crazy' which explains the less successful follow-up.
HMV POP591  1959 Barnyards O'Delgaty/ Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl
HMV POP600  1959 Gotta Travel On/ Ho Ro My Nubrown Maiden
HMV POP634  1959 Dream Lover/ Dance To You Daddy
HMV POP654  1954 Work O' The Weavers/ The Day We Went To Rothesay O'
HMV POP678  1959 The Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie/ Twa Heids Are Better Than Yin
HMV POP737  1960 Football Crazy/ By The Bright Shiny Light
HMV POP836  1961 Scooter Crazy/ Nessie The Loch Ness Monster
HMV POP962  1962 Bonnie Scotland/ The Ball Of Killiemuir
 HMV POP1139  1963 Taste Of The Blues/ My Heart Cries For You
 HMV POP1177  1963 Tartan Ball/ Granny Fraser's Flittin'

Joe Harnell Orchestra: Their bandleader was born in the Bronx, New York during 1924, but moved to California.
London HLR9637  1962  Harlem Nocturne/ Fly Me To The Moon
London HLR9716  1963  Diane/ Clopin-Clopant

Joe Jones: US R&B man who seems to have done very little other than this great classic.
Columbia DB4533  1960  You Talk Too Much/ I Love You Still

 Joe Melson: He was born in Bonham Texas during 1935.
Polydor NH66959  1961 Oh Yeah!/ What's The Use I Still Love You
Polydor NH66961  1961 Hey Mister Cupid/ No One Really Cares
Hickory 451229  1958 Stay Away From Her/ His Girl

 Joe White And Chuck Baba Brooks Band: West Indian Ska
Doctor Bird  1966  First Session/ Every Night

 Joey Cooper: US artist whose early career included a stint as one of the Los Angeles studio group called the 'Shindogs' for the TV music show 'Shindig'.
Pye 7N25136  1962  This Heart Of Mine/ I'm A Fool

 John Bromley: Singer/songwriter who was a member of 'Three People'
Polydor 56224  1968  What A Woman Does/ My My
Polydor 56287  1968 And The Feeling Goes/ Sweet Little Princess
Polydor 56305  1969 Melody Fayre/ Sugar Love
Polydor 56340  1969  Hold Me Woman/ Weather Man
Atlantic 584289  1969  Kick A Tin Can/ Wonderful Avenue USA

 John Cortez:
President PT184  1968  Fallen Star/ Your World And My World
President PT146  1968  If I Should Ever Lose Your Love/ Riccione
President PT254  1969  If I Ever Lose My Way/ How Could I Go To Your Wedding

 John Mayall's Bluesbreakers: born in Macclesfield, Cheshire during 1933, John Mayall has stood as a cornerstone of British blues for four decades. Since forming the legendary Bluesbreakers he has uncomprisingly stayed close to the roots of the music he loves, possibly at the expense of commercial success. So, although he appears here as uncharted, he is by no means an unknown obscurity. Apart from his own musical output, he could be remembered alone for the many musicians that have passed through his unit and gone on to greater fame. These include Mick Fleetwood, Peter Green, Jack Bruce, John McVie, and Eric Clapton to name but a handful.
Decca F11900  1964  Crawling Up The Hill/ Mr. James
 Decca F12120  1965 Crocodile Walk/ Blues City Shakedown
 Decca F12490  1966  Parchman Farm/ Key To Love
 Decca F12506  1966  Looking Back/ So Many Roads
 Decca F12545  1967  Sitting In The Rain/ Out Of Reach
 Decca F12588  1967  Curly/ Rubber Duck
 Decca F12621  1967  Double Trouble/ It Hurts Me Too
 Decca F12684  1967  Suspicions Pt.1 and Pt.2
 Decca F12732  1968  Picture On The Wall/ Jenny
 Decca F12792  1968  No Reply/ She's Too Young
 Decca F12846  1968  The Bear/ 2401
 Immediate IM012  1965  I'm Your Witchdoctor/ Telephone Blues
 Immediate IM051  1967  I'm Your Witchdoctor/ Telephone Blues
 Purdah 453502  1966  Lonely Years/ Bernard Jenkins

 Johnnie Pate Orchestra: US Jazz musician.
Parlophone R4404  1958  Swinging Shepherd Blues/ The Elder
Parlophone R4437  1958 Muskeeta/ Pretty One

 Johnnie Taylor: Born in Arkansas during 1938, Taylor started out as a Gospel singer but had more success later with secular music, particularly with his blues oriented soul sound that he cultivated after joining Stax in 1965.
Stax 601003  1967  Ain't That Lovin' You/ Outside Love
Stax 2025  1968 Friday Night/ I Ain't Particular
Stax 106  1968 Who's Makin' Love/ I'm Trying
Stax 114 1969   Take Care Of Your Homework/ Hold On This Time
Stax 122  1969   (I Wanna) Testify/ I Had To Fight With Love
Stax 129  1969  I Could Never Be President/ It's Amazing

 Johnny Ace: John Marshall Alexander Jr. who met a bizarre end on Christmas Eve, 1954. At the City Auditorium in Houston, while the audience waited for him to come on stage, he shot himself in a game of Russian roulette.
Vogue V9180 1961 Pledging My Love/ Anymore

 Johnny Adams: New Orleans singer who is a contemporary of Dr. John and found brief fortune as a Soul singer during the late 1960s. His 'Reconsider Me' probably deserved UK chart success and is now highly regarded.
Top Rank JAR192 1959 Come On/ Nowhere To Go
Polydor 56775 1969 Reconsider Me/ If I Could See You One More Time

 Johnny And Charley: US
Pye 7N25326  1965  La Yenka/ Baila La Yenka

 Johnny And The Attractions: West Indian Ska
Doctor Bird DB1117  1968  Coming On The Scene/ Anything You Want
Doctor Bird DB1118  1968  Young Wings Can Fly

 Johnny Arthey Orchestra: UK light orchestra who worked on various stage musicals and Eurovision as well as considerable recording.
RCA RCA1731  1968  Catch The Wind/ Fat Angel

 Johnny Ashcroft: Australian country singer from New South Wales.
Felstead AF118  1959  A Pub With No Beer/ Bouquet For The Bride
HMV POP759  1960  Little Boy Lost/ My Love Is A River
Columbia DB8047  1966  Big Country/ They're A Weird Mob

 Johnny Bond: US Country singer born in Oklahoma during 1915, who sang with 'cowboys' Gene Autry and Tex Ritter. His first UK release had the 'trade name' "Lincoln" replaced with "Jalopy", presumably for the benefit of the BBC.
London HLU9189  1960  Hot Rod Jalopy/ Five-Minute Love Affair
London HLB9957   1965  Eleven More Months And Ten More Days/ Ten Little Bottles

 Johnny B. Great: John Goodison, a session singer from Coventry who had more success as an arranger/producer. He later became a key member of the 1970s group 'Brotherhood Of Man.
Decca F11740  1963  School Is In/ She's A Much Better Lover Than You
Decca F11804 1964 Acapulco 1922/ You'll Never Leave Him

 Johnny Cameron:
Top Rank JAR396  1960  I Double Dare You/ Fantasy

 Johnny Carson:
Fontana H243  1960  Fraulein/ I Wish It Were You
Fontana H259  1960  Train Of Love/ First Proposal
Fontana H277  1960  You Talk Too Much/ Now And Always
Ember EMBS150  1962  Teenage Bachelor/ Are You Anyone's Girl
Ember EMBS161  1963  The Tears Came Rolling Down/ One Track Mind

 Johnny Crawford: US actor who became a 'Teenbeat' artist. He had four hits at home, but never clicked in the UK.
Pye 7N25145  1962  Cindy's Birthday/ Patti Ann
London HL9605  1962  Your Nose Is Gonna Grow/ Something Special
London HL9638  1962  Rumours/ No One Really Loves A Clown
London HL9669  1963  Proud/ Lonesome Town
London HL9836  1964  Judy Loves Me/ Living In The Past

 Johnny De Little: UK singer.
Columbia DB4578  1961  Not Guilty/ They
Columbia DB4907  1962  Lover/ You Made Me Love You
Columbia DB7023  1963  Days Of Wine And Roses/ Ride On
Columbia DB7044  1963  Unchained Melody/ The Wind And The Rain
 CBS 201790  1965  The Knack/ What To Do With Laurie

 Johnny Dumar:
Polydor BM56216  1967  Nobody In This World/ Cry For Me Baby
 CBS 3545  1968  Illusion/ You Went Away
 CBS 3379  1068  You Hurt Me So/ You Just Gave Me Heaven

 Johnny Ferguson: Another US 'Teenbeat' idol who got covered in the UK. This time by Liverpudlian Michael Cox who had the benefit of Joe Meek's production.
MGM MGM1059  1960  Angela Jones/ Blue Serge And White Lace
MGM MGM1119  1961  No One Can Love You/ The Valley Of Love

 Johnny Gentle: UK vocalist from Liverpool. He was one of manager Larry Parnes' 'stable' of artists. Parnes was renowned for his rock'n'rollers with 'butch' sounding names like 'Fury', 'Steele' and 'Wilde' so Johnny Gentle was a softer balladeer as his name suggests.
Philips PB908  1959  Catch The Wind/ Fat Angel
Philips PB945  1959  Milk From The Coconut/ I Like The Way
Philips PB988   1960  This Friendly World/ Darlin' Won't You Wait
Philips PB1069   1960  After My Laughter Came Tears/ Sonja

 Johnny Howard Group:
Decca F11298  1960  Up The Wall/ Orbit
Decca F11423  1962  Mind Reader/ Spanish Gipsy Dance
Decca F11925  1964  Rinky Dink/ Java
Decca F12065  1965  El Pussy Cat/ A Tune Called Harry
Deram DM159   1967  Bonnie And Clyde/ Flapper Patrol

 Johnny Jenene:
Pye 7N15210  1959  No Matter Where/ Shame Shame, Johnny Shame

 Johnny McEvoy: Irish singer/ songwriter.
Pye 7N17303  1967  The Boston Burglar/ I Still Miss Someone
Pye 7N17365  1967  Funny Man/ Was It You
Pye 7N17472   1968  Nora/ Tarry Flynn
Pye 7N17607  1968  Hedgehog Song/ Time And Tide Again

 Johnny O'Keefe: Johnny who normally worked in a group called the 'Deejays' was Australia's first home grown rock and roller to hit the big time. He reached the Oz #1 spot in January 1960 with 'She's My Baby'.
Coral Q72330 1958 Shake Baby Shake/ Real Wild Child

 Johnny O'Neill: From the TV Series, but I don't remember Mr O'Neill
RCA RCA1114  1959  Wagon Train/ Somebody, Just Like You

 Johnny Restivo: Excellent West Coast Rock And Roll from body builder Restivo. No response in the UK but we didn't know his shape!
RCA RCA1143  1959  The Shape I'm In/ Ya Ya
RCA RCA1159  1959  I Like Girls/ Dear Someone

 Johnny Rivers: New Yorker born during 1942 was highly successful in the USA, usually with his revival of older R&B hits, but he never charted in the UK. Not a solitary sausage.
Pye 7N25118  1962  Blue Skies/ That Someone Should Be Me
Liberty LIB66032  1964  Memphis/ It Wouldn't Happen With Me
Liberty LIB66056   1964  Maybelline/ Walk Myself On Home
Liberty LIB66075   1964  Mountain Of Love/ Moody Love
Liberty LIB66087   1964  Midnight Special/ Cupid
Liberty LIB66112  1965  Seventh Son/ Un-Square Dance
Liberty LIB12021   1965 He Don't Love You Like I Love You/ Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Liberty LIB66144  1966  Under Your Spell Again / Long Time Man
Liberty LIB12023  1966  Secret Agent Man/ Tom Dooley
Liberty LIB66175  1966  I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water/ Roogalator
Liberty LIB66205  1966  The Poor Side Of Town/ Baby She's Mine
Liberty LIB66227   1967  Baby I Need Your Lovin'/ Getting Ready For Tomorrow
Liberty LIB66244  1967  Tracks Of My Tears/ Rosecrans Blvd
Liberty LBF15239   1969  John Lee Hooker Pt.1/ Pt2

 Johnny Sandon: Lead singer of the Remo Four in whose company he cut his first two singles. His real name was Bill Beck which he re-adopted for a short time in a new career working as a comedian during the 1970s.
Pye 7N15542 1963 Lies/ On The Horizon
Pye 7N15559 1963 Yes/ Magic Potion
Pye 7N15602 1964 Sixteen Tons/ The Blizzard
Pye 7N15565 1964 Donna Means Heartbreak/ Some Kinda Wonderful 
Pye 7N15717 1964 The Blizzard/ (I'd Be) A Legend In My Time

 Johnny's Boys: UK Instrumentalists
Decca F11156  1959  Sleep Walk/ Ciao Ciao Bambino

 Johnstons: UK folk duo, Paul Brady and Adrienne Johnstone
Pye 7N17144  1966  Going Home/ Travelling People
Pye 7N17205  1966  The Alamo/ Life Of A River
Pye 7N17315  1967  The Curragh Of Kildare/ Leaving London
Pye 7N17430  1967  I Never Will Marry/ Banks Of Claudy
Big T BIG113  1968  Both Sides Now/ Urge For Going
Big T BIG116  1968  Give A Damn/ Walking Out On A Foggy Morning
Big T BIG121  1969  My House/ The Wherefore And The Why
Transatlantic TRASP17  1967  They'll Never Get Their Man/ Dublin Jack Of All Trades

 Jordanaires: The harmonising quartet that backed Elvis Presley had these singles issued in the UK but never charted. The group worked with Presley on his earliest work right through until 1970, after which they continued in their own right.
Capitol CL14687  1957 Sugaree/ Baby Won't You Please Come Home
Capitol CL14773  1957 Summer Vacation/ Each Day
Capitol CL14921  1958 Little Miss Ruby/ All I Need Is You
Capitol CL15281  1963 Don't Be Cruel/ Don't Worry

 Jorge Veiga: Frenchman who got plenty of UK airtime, but didn't chart despite Miss Bardot's popularity; maybe it did better in France, I don't know.
HMV POP918  1961  Brigitte Bardot/ Tenha Pena Da Min

 Joyce Grenfell: Avery talented lady who was born in London on February 10th 1910. She was loved for her wonderful gentle comic monologues and humorous songs, some of which were issued on records- though her LPs and EPs are a more common medium on which to to find her material. The flow of humour didn't stop until her death during 1979.
HMV POP1407 1965 Nursery School Flowers/ I'm Going To See You Today
HMV POP1617 1967 Nursery School/ I Wouldn't Go Back To The World I Knew

 Judd Proctor: This was the guitarist from Ray Ellington's band taking time off with some well crafted instrumental work of his own. Ray Ellington's quartet were the resident group on radio's Goon show for several years and Ray occasionally got involved with the goonery- marvellous stuff. Judd's singles are well worth seeking out even though they didn't reach the chart.
Parlophone R4769  1961  Rio Grande/ The Plainsman
Parlophone R4809 1961   Palamino/ Nola
Parlophone R4841  1961  Speakeasy/ Clearway
Parlophone R4885  1962  The Turk/ Mad
Parlophone R4920  1962  Backfire/ It's Bluesy
Parlophone R5126  1964  Better Late/ Boots

 Julien Covey: UK singer from Nottingham whose group, the 'Machine' included a variety of well known artists from time to time including Brian Auger, Peter Bardens and Dave Mason.
Island WIP6009  1967  A Little Bit Hurt/ Sweet Bacon

 Junior Wells: Born during 1934 in Memphis, Wells was an accomplished harmonica player. He is best known for his partnerships; first with Earl Hooker and then for a much longer association with Buddy Guy.
Mercury AMT1056 1959 Girl You Lit My Fire/ It's A Man Down There
Mercury MF1056  1968 Girl You Lit My Fire/ It's A Man Down There

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