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  • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only.
  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
  • Artists are listed strictly alphabetically
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 Kathy Young (with The Innocents): Originally sung as an audition piece by Kathy while she was 15 years old, 'A Thousands Stars' took her to #3 in the US chart. However it was Billy Fury that had the UK hit.
Top Rank JAR534  1961 A Thousand Stars/ Eddie My Darling
Top Rank JAR554  1961 Happy Birthday Blues/ Someone To Love

 Keith And Billie: A duet that consisted of Keith Powell who had been with a Birmingham group called the Valets (see next table below), and Billie Davis presumably trying to increase her chances of a hit by doubling up on her own solo releases.
Piccadilly 7N35288 1966 When You Move You Lose/ Tastes Sour Don't It
Piccadilly 7N35321 1966 You Don't Know Like I Know/ Two Little People
Piccadilly 7N35340 1966 That's Really Some Good/ Swingin' Tight

 Keith Powell And The Valets: The Valets, based in Birmingham, included some of the future 'Move' in its membership including vocalist Carl Wayne.
Columbia DB7116 1963 The Answer /is No/ Come On And Join The Party
Columbia DB7229 1964 Tore Up/ You Better Let Him Go
Columbia DB7366 1964 I Should Know Better But I Don't/ Too Much Monkey Business
Piccadilly 7N35235 1965 People Get Ready/ Paradise
Piccadilly 7N35249 1965 Come Home Baby/ Beyond The Hill
Piccadilly 7N35275 1966 Goodbye Girl/ It Was Easier To Hurt Her
Piccadilly 7N35300 1966 Victory/ Some People Only
Piccadilly 7N35353 1966 It Keeps Rainin'/ Song Of The Moon

 Ken Colyer's Jazzmen (*or Skiffle Group): Although Ken, a Londoner, didn't enjoy the same chart success as some of his contemporaries that were playing that very British music called 'Traditional Jazz', his band were still a very well known, popular and respected group of musicians. As can be seen from this list, lack of success was not for the want of trying. Like the other 'Trad' groups, he had sufficient following to assure reasonable sales even if he didn't reach the hit parade. Ken also introduced 'Skiffle' to the UK, while in association with an earlier band called the 'Crane River Jazz Band', during the early 1950s.
Decca F10504  1955  Early Hours/ Cataract Rag
Decca F10519  1955  If I Ever Cease To Love/ The Entertainer
Decca F10565  1955  It Looks Like A Big Time Tonight/ Red Wing
Decca F10631*  1955  Take This Hammer/ Down By The Riverside
Decca F10711*   1956  Streamline Train/ Go Down Old Hannah
Decca F10751*  1956  Down Bound Train/ Mule Skinner
Decca F10755  1956  All The Girls Go Crazy About The Way I Walk/ Dippermouth Blues
Decca F10772*  1956  Old Riley/ Stack O'Lee Blues
Decca F10889*  1957  The Grey Goose/ I Can't Sleep
Decca F10926*  1957  Sporting Life/ House Rent Stomp
Decca F10972*  1957  Ella Speed/ Go Down Sunshine
Tempo A117   1956  Just A Closer Walk With Thee/ Sheikh Of Araby
Tempo A120  1956  If I Ever Cease To Love You/ Isle Of Capri
Tempo A126  1956  My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/ Wabash Blues
Tempo A136  1956  Maryland, My Maryland/ The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
Columbia DB4676  1961  Happy Wanderer/ Maryland/ My Maryland
Columbia DB4783  1962  Postman's Lament/ Too Busy

 Ken Cope: Ken Cope was better known as an actor. He played Minnie Caldwell's lodger 'Sonny Jim' in Coronation Street and was the white suited ghost of Marty Hopkirk in the TV series 'Randall and Hopkirk'. despite the near 'cult' status achieved by the latter, this novelty single is not very sought after.
Pye 7N15524  1963 Hands Off, Stop Muckin' About/ Why Am I So Shy

 Ken Jones Orchestra: UK Orchestra that were popular broadcasters, but despite a careful choice of promising material never had record success.
Parlophone R4628  1960 Two Way Stretch/ Paper Chase
Parlophone R4762  1961 On The Rebound. Bluesville
Parlophone R4788  1961 Just Rollin'/ Joxville
Parlophone R4826  1961 Jubilee/ Lazy 
Columbia DB7063  1963 Saffron/ Chaka

 Ken Pepper: Recorded at Norman Petty's Clovis Studio in 1960. Ken's real name is Homer Tankersley. He had other Norman Petty 45s issued in the US, but not in the UK. He opened a clothing store on Main Street, Clovis in 1961 and still operates it to this day.
Thanks to Tom Reed for the above.
Top Rank JAR535  1961  Just A Little At A Time/ I Get The Blues When It Rains

 Kenny Dino: Singer from Queens, New York born 1939.
HMV POP960  1961 Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night

 Kenny Rankin: US singer/ songwriter with a long career as a jazz vocalist.
Brunswick 5845  1960  As Sure As You're Born/ Teasin'Heart
CBS AAG211   1964  Where Did My Little Girl Go/ U.S. Mail
CBS 201726  1965  Knowing I Won't Be Back There/ There'll Be No Other Love For Me
Mercury  1969  The Dolphins/ Peaceful

 Kentuckians: US Vocal Group
Mercury MF908  1965 She Still Thinks I Care/ Mountain Boy
Polydor 56238  1968  Crystal Chandeliers/ You Just Ca't Quit

 Kestrels: UK group started by Roger Greenaway and two schoolfriends. They were joined near the end of the group's life by Roger Cook which subsequently led to a long and successful songwriting partnership.
Pye 7N15234  1959  There Comes A Time/ In The Chapel In The Moonlight
Pye 7N15248  1960  I Can't Say Goodbye/ We Were Young
Decca F11391  1961  All These Things/ That's It
Piccadilly 7N35056  1962 Wolverton Mountain/ Little Sacka Sugar
Piccadilly 7N35079  1962  Don't Want To Cry/ Love Me With All Your Heart
Piccadilly 7N35104  1963  Walk Right In/ Moving Up The King's Highway
Piccadilly 7N35126  1963  There's A Place/ Little Star
Piccadilly 7N35144  1963  Love Me With All Your Heart/ Lazy River

 Kim Davis: UK singer who also recorded under the name of simply 'Kim D'*.
Pye 7N15953 1965 The Real Thing/ Come On Baby*
Decca F12387 1966 Don't Take Your Lovin' Away/ Feelin' Blue
CBS 202568 1967 Tell It Like It Is/ Losing Kind
CBS 4210 1969 Are You Ready For Love/ Taste Of Excitement

 Kim Weston: This former partner of Marvin Gaye is responsible for cutting some of the most sought after soul 45s of the late 1960s.
Stateside SS359  1964  A Little More Love/ Go Ahead And Laugh
Tamla Motown TMG511  1965  I'm Still Loving You/ Just Loving You
Tamla Motown TMG538  1965  Take Me In Your Arms/ Don't Compare Me With Her
Tamla Motown TMG554  1966  Helpless/ A Love Like Yours
MGM MGM1338  1967  I Got What You Need/ Someone Like You
MGM MGM1357  1967  That's Groovy/ Land Of Tomorrow
MGM MGM1382  1968  Nobody/ You're Just The Kind Of Guy
Major Minor MM619  1969  From Both Sides Now/ We Try Harder

 King Sisters: No relation to the King Bothers as far as I know.
Capitol CL14711  1957  While The Lights Are Low/ In Hamburg When Nights Are Long
Capitol CL14729  1957  Imagination/ You're My Thrill
Capitol CL14777  1957 Easy To Love/ That Old feeling
Capitol CL14865  1958  Deep Purple/ Unbelievable
Capitol CL14893  1958 What's New/ The Thrill Was New 
Capitol CL14934  1958  The Guy In The Foreign Sports Car/ Autumn In Pleasant Grove
Capitol CL15012  1959  The Maids Of Cadiz/ Keep Smiling
Capitol CL15069  1959  Lovin' Up A Storm/ What Would I Do Without You
Capitol CL15096  1959  Over The River/ Holiday Of Love

 Kingsize Taylor And The Dominoes: Another Liverpool band that had more success in Hamburg than they did on record. The Dominoes split from Taylor during 1964 and evaporated soon after.
Polydor NH6690 1963 Memphis Tennessee/ Money
Decca F11874 1964 Stupidity/ Bad Boy
Decca F11935 1964 Somebody's Always Trying/ Looking For My Baby
Polydor BM56152 1965 Thinkin'/ Let Me Love You

 Kip Anderson: US R&B singer who became one of the pioneers of Soul.
President PT163 1967 You'll Lose A Good Thing/ I'm Out Of Love

 Kirby Stone Four: Jazz Combo led by Kirby Stone who was born in New York during 1918. The group gained a 'Grammy' for 'Baubles Bangles and Beads', but I'm unaware of it as a UK 45 release.
Vogue Coral Q72129  1956  Honey Hush/ Lassus Trombone
Philips PB861  1958  Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart/ Let's Do It
Philips PB903  1959  That 'I Had A Dram', Dear' Rock/ Sweet Nothings
Warner Bros. WB102  1963 The Great Escape/ Fancy Dan
Warner Bros. WB118  1963  Washington Guitar/ Blue Guitar
Capitol CL14893  1958 What's New/ The Thrill Was New 
Capitol CL14934  1958  The Guy In The Foreign Sports Car/ Autumn In Pleasant Grove
Capitol CL15012  1959  The Maids Of Cadiz/ Keep Smiling
Capitol CL15069  1959  Lovin' Up A Storm/ What Would I Do Without You
Capitol CL15096  1959  Over The River/ Holiday Of Love

 Kirchin Band: The following discs largely featured the work of the British drums virtuoso, Basil Kirchin. Many are credited to the 'Basil Kirchin Band'- others to 'Ivor And Basil Kirchin' although other names were also used like 'Basil Kirchin And The Cha Cha Band'. Apparantly, they were also known as the 'Kirchin Brothers' despite the fact that they were father (Ivor) and son (Basil)- though I have not yet found any records so credited.
Decca F10434 1955 Minor Mambo/ Mothergoose Jumps
Parlophone MSP6144 1954 Tangerine/ Mambo Macoco
Parlophone R4140 1956 Rock A Beatin' Boogie/ Stoneage Mambo
Parlophone R4192 1956 Big Deal/ Trumpet Blues And Cantabile
Parlophone R4222 1956 St. Louis Blues/ The Roller
Parlophone R4237 1956 Rockin' And Rollin Through/ Ambush
Parlophone R4266 1957 Rock Around The World Medley
Parlophone R4284 1957 Calypso/ Jungle Fire Dance
Parlophone R4302 1957 The High Life/ Blues And The Happy Times
Parlophone R4335 1957 So Rare/ Teenage World
Parlophone R4344 1957 White Silver Sands/ Waitin' For The Robert E. Lee
Parlophone R4511 1958 Oh Dear What Can The Cha Cha Be

 Kittens: Female vocal duette, Susan and Vivien Chasid, from Harrow in north west London.
Decca F12036  1964  Round About Way/ Don't Stop Now

 Knickerbockers: A New Jersey group with a 'Britpop' sound.
London HLH10013  1966  Lies/ The Coming Generation
London HLH10035  1966  One Track Mind/ I Must Be Doing Something Right
London HLH10061  1966  High On Love/ Stick With Me
London HLH10093  1966 Rumours Gossip Words Untrue/ Love Is A Bird
London HLH10102  1967  Can You Help Me/ Please Don't Love Him

 Knightsbridge (Brass, Chorale or Strings): Top Rank's 'Easy Listening' Team.
Top Rank JAR104  1959  Io Sono Il Vento/ Italian Blu
Top Rank JAR314  1960  Two Way Stretch/ The Glad Hand (Brass)
Top Rank JAR220  1959  Eton Boating Song/ In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town (Chorale)
Top Rank JAR266  1960 California Here I Come/ Ivy Will Cling (Chorale)
Top Rank JAR398  1960  Make Mine Mink/ Moonlight In Vermont (Chorale)
Top Rank JAR170  1958 Cry/ Windows Of Paris (Strings)
Top Rank JAR216  1959 Wheel Of Fortune/ Cow Cow Boogie (Strings)
Top Rank JAR272 1960 Walkin' Shoes/ Ring Ding (Strings)
Top Rank JAR295  1960  Love Look Away/ You Are Beautiful (Strings)
Top Rank JAR304  1960  Tracy's Theme/ Misty (Strings)
Top Rank JAR364  1960  The Sioux March/ The Executioner Theme (Strings)
Top Rank JAR532  1962  The Singer Not The Song/ Anacleto's Theme (Strings)

 Koko Taylor: Koko (real name Cora Walton) was born in Memphis during 1935. She settled in Chicago during 1953 and performed with the likes of Clifton James, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, and placed herself under the guidance of Willie Dixon. It was for the Dixon penned 'Wang Dang Doodle' that Koko became best known.
Chess CRS8035 1966 Wang Dang Doodle/ Blues Heaven

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