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  • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only.
  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
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 Lady Lee: Like Herman's Hermits, she also produced a UK cover of Earl Jean's 'I'm Into Something Good', but didn't chart on either side of the Atlantic.
Decca F11961  1964  I'm Into Something Good/ When Love Comes Along
Decca F12147  1965  99 Times Out Of 100/ I Can Feel It
Columbia DB7121  1965  My Whole World (Seems To Be Tumbling Down)/ Girl

 Lana Sisters:  Blonde Trio that included a youthful Dusty Springfield. They got plenty of TV and radio appearances, but never cracked the hit parade.
Fontana H148  1958  Ring-A My Phone
Fontana H176  1958  Buzzin'/ Cry Cry Baby
Fontana H190   1958  Mister Dee-Jay/ Tell Him No
Fontana H221  1959 (Seven Little Girls) Sitting In The Back Seat/ Sitting On The Sidewalk
Fontana H235  1960  My Mother's Eyes/ You Got What It Takes
Fontana H252  1960  Someone Loves You, Joe/ Tintarella Di Lune
Fontana H283  1960  Two-Some/ Down South

 Larry Page:  Unsuccessful UK rock and roller who found later success by managing others. He also founded his own record label as a vehicle for publishing his own work and that of his stable of artists- 'Page One'.
Columbia DB3965 1957 Cool Shake/ Start Movin' (In My Direction)
Columbia DB4012 1958 That'll Be The Day/ Please Don't Blame Me
Columbia DB4080 1958 Under Control/ This Is My Life
Saga SAG 45-2902 1959 Big Blon' Baby/ Vibrate
Saga SAG 45-2903 1960 How'm I Doing, Hey Hey/ Throw Your Lovin' My Way
Saga SAG 45-2904 1960 Little Old Fashioned You/ Marylin

Larry Verne: We Brits didn't see the humour in Larry's work apparently and bought Charlie Drake instead.
London HLN9194  1960  Mr. Custer/ Okeefenoke Two Step
London HLN9263  1961  Mr. Livingsone/ Roller Coaster

 Laurels:  US.
RCA RCA1741  1968   Sunshine Thursday/ Threepence A Tune
RCA RCA1836  1969  Making It Groovy/ Rainmaker

 Lee Allen: New Orleans based R&B Saxophonist who did much of his best work there with Dave Batholomew. He backed a lot of New Orleans best known singers including Fats Domino and Little Richard.
HMV POP452 1958 Walkin' With Mr. Lee/ Promenade
Top Rank JAR265 1959 Cat Walk/ Creole Alley

 Lee And Jerry Elvin:  UK duo- the Jerry of whom was Jerry Lordan (yes, the one that wrote 'Apache' )- before he'd become successful as a singer or songwriter.
Fontana H191 1959 So The Story Goes/ When You See Her

 Lee Andrews (And The Hearts):  Doo Woppers from Philadelphia- ignored like most Doo-Wop in the UK. Consequently, if you have these two 45s then look after them!
London HLM8546  1958  Teardrops/ Girl Around The Corner
London HLM8661  1958  Try The Impossible/ Nobody's Home

 Lee Curtis And The All Stars: UK band which became a haven for the Beatles original drummer Pete Best and later became the 'Pete Best Four'. They never managed to chart in either guise despite trying very hard, especially in the US.
Decca F11622  1963  Little Girl/ Just One More Dance
Decca F11690  1963  Let's Stomp/ Poor Unlucky Me
Decca F11830  1964  What About Me/ I've Got My Eyes On You
Philips BF1385  1965  Ecstasy/ A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues

 Lena Horne: This lady isn't obscure of course, but she didn't ever chart in the UK. I bet she sold a lot of albums though. At least they could spell 'all right' all right in 1955.
HMV 7M309  1955  Love Me Or Leave Me/ I Love To Love
HMV 7M319  1955  It's All Right With Me/ It's Love
HMV 7M423  1956  If You Can Dream/ What's Right For You
MGM MGM917  1956  Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man/ The Man I Love
RCA RCA1120   1959  A New Fangled Tango/ Honeysuckle Rose
United Artists UP1101  1965  The Sand And The Sea/ It Had Better Be Tonight

 Lenny Kuhr: Dutch entry for the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest. It shared victory honours with three other songs including Britain's Lulu with 'Boom Bang A Bang'  
Philips BF1777 1969 The Troubadour/ Oh No Monsieur

 Lenny Welch:  Born in New Jersey during 1938. Although his first release charted at home, his R&B influenced ballads never did much good in the UK.
London HLA9094  1960 You Don't Know Me/ I Need Someone
London HLA9601   1962  Taste Of Honey/ Old Cathedral
London HLA9810  1963 Since I Fell For You/ Are You Sincere
London HLA9880  1964 Ebb Tide/ Congratulations Baby
London HLR9910  1964 If You See My Love/ Father Sebastian
London HLR9981  1965 Darling Take Me Back/ Time After Time 
London HLR9991   1965 Two Different Worlds/ I Was There
London HLR10010  1965 Run To My Lovin' Arms/ Coronet Blue
London HLR10031  1966 Rags To Riches/ I Want You To Worry

 Leon McAuliff:  US artist who failed to reach the charts with this single attempt in the UK. He had a lot more tries in the US, but had no more chart successes there either.
Decca F11676  1963 Ace In The Hole/ Night Life

 Les Hobeaux: One of the pioneers of British 'skiffle', in whose group Brian Gregg began his professional music career.
HMV POP377 1957 Oh Mary Don't You Weep/ Toll The Bell Easy
HMV POP403 1957 Mama Don't Allow/ Hey Hey Daddy Blues
HMV POP444 1958 Dynamo/ Two Ships

 Les Reed (Orchestra):  UK songwriter/ arranger who worked with several important 1960s artists, the most notable of which was probably Tom Jones.
Piccadilly 7N35080  1962  Dr Finlay's Casebook/ The Saint
Piccadilly 7N35097  1963  Minuet Mash/ Night Fall
Piccadilly 7N35122 1963   On The Scene/ High Society
Fontana H455  1964  Spanish Armada/ Madrid
Fontana H496  1964 Little Leprechaun/ Come Take My Hand
Fontana H545  1965 Poor Little Rich Girl/ High Bright Sun
Fontana H576  1965  Hot Line/ Ten Feet Tall
Fontana H765  1966  Good Kings Went Ridiculous/ Valley Of Kings
Deram DM128  1967  The Pay Off/ Imogene
Deram DM170  1967  Theme From 'Candice'/ The Last Waltz
Deram DM244  1969  Big Drum/ Don't Linger WithYour Finger On

 Lesley Duncan:  English singer/ songwriter. She sang backing vocals for a number of other singers and wrote 'Love Song' which was recorded by Elton John.
Parlophone R5034  1963 I Want A Steady Guy/ Movin' Away
Parlophone R5106  1964 Tell Him/ You Kissed Me
Mercury MF830  1964 When My Baby Cries/ Did It Hurt
Mercury MF847  1965 Just For The Boy/ See That Guy
Mercury MF876 1965 Run To Love/ Only The Lonely And Me
Mercury MF939  1965 Hey Boy/ I Go To Sleep
RCA RCA1783   1969 A Road To Nowhere/ Love Song

 Leslie Phillips:  Comedy Actor turned novelty singer. An extremely competent actor who was usually portrayed as a light hearted rogue.
Parlophone R4610  1959  The Navy Lark/ The Disc
Parlophone R4912  1962  Jolly Old Spring/ I Must Resist Temptation
Columbia DB8562   1969  The Man Most Likely To/ Marigold

Linda Hopkins: Great US R&B vocalist whose few UK releases are very collectable now.
 *with Jackie Wilson
Coral Q72423  1961  I Diddle Dum Dum/ All In My Mind
Coral Q72448  1962  Mama's Doun' The Twist/ My Mother's Eyes
Coral Q72480*  1965  Yes Indeed/ When The Saints Go Marching In

 Linda Laurie: US singer who also recorded with her friend Susan Yellin as the appropriately named 'Not Sisters'. Her self-penned first UK single release was called 'Ambrose (Part 5)' on its US release although there were no previous parts.
London HL8807  1959  Ambrose/ Ooh, What A Lover
Top Rank JAR277  1960  Stay With Me/ All Winter Long

 Linda Thorson: Linda was 'Tara King' the last of the TV Avenger girls.
Ember EMBS257 1968 Here I Am/ Better Than Losing You

 Link Wray:  a native American born in North Carolina during 1930. None of these singles were bought in large quantities in the UK, although 'Rumble' sold over a million copies in the US despite (or maybe because) it invoked various bans. It is also claimed to have inspired a young British musician called Pete Townsend.
London HLA8623  1958  Rumble/ The Swag
Stateside SS217  1963  Jack The Ripper/ The Black Widow
Stateside SS256  1964  The Sweeper/ Weekend
Stateside SS397  1965  Good Rockin' Tonight/ I'll Do Anything For You

 Lisa Kirk: She appeared in the Coe Porter musical 'Kiss Me Kate' which ran for more than 1500 performances on Broadway and London's west end.
MGM MGM1161  1962 I Need You So/ I'm Sitting On Top Of The World

 Lisa Noble:  
Decca F11006  1958 Who's Sorry Now/  Maggie- Yes Ma!
Decca F11051  1958 It's A Boy/ The Saints

 Little Bobby Rey: A single disc of seasonal melodies from the same man (I believe) that produced the Hollywood Argyles (Alley Oop).
Top Rank JAR525  1960  Rockin 'J' Bells/ Dance Of The New Year

 Little Joe Cook: The real Joe Cook was the father of two of the 'Sherrys', and he did sing- but this fellow is an incognito Chris Farlowe.
Sue WI385 1965 Stormy Monday Blues Pt.1/ Pt.2

 Little Junior Parker: Born in Memphis during 1927, Herman Parker made the wonderful 'Feelin' Good' when he was at Sam Phillips' Sun. He also wrote and recorded the original of 'Mystery Train' while at the same studio.
Vogue V9179 1961 Stand By Me/ I'll Forget About You
Vogue V9193 1962 Mary Joe/ Annie Get Your Yo-Yo
Vocalion VP9256 1966 These Kind Of Blues Pt.1/ Pt. 2
Vocalion VP9275 1966 Goodbye Little Girl/ Walking The Floor Over You

 Little Milton: From Misssissippi, Milton Campbell was introduced to Sam Phillips' Sun studio where he didn't really make his mark. However, these singles were made later when he was at Chess.
Pye 7N25289 1965 Blind Man/ Blues In The Night
Chess CRS8013 1965 We're Gonna Make It/ Can't Hold Back The Tears
Chess CRS8018 1965 Who's Cheating Who/ Ain't No Big Deal On You
Chess CRS8087 1969 Grits Ain't Groceries/ I Can't Quit You Baby
Chess CRS8101 1969 Let's Get Together/ I'll Always Love You

 Little Suzie: US lady with a cover of a Tab Hunter hit.
Warner Bros. WB35  1961 The Boy I Left Behind/ Young Love

 Little Walter: An innovative blues hamonica player who followed in the footsteps of the great Sonny Boy Williamson. He is best remembered for his songwriting and singing of numbers like 'My Babe' and 'Juke' and for his invention of the 'amplified harmonica'. He is also known for his drinking, pot smoking and hell raising lifestyle. He died in 1968 from injuries sustained during a street fight in Chicago.
London HLM9175 1960 My Babe/ Blue Midnight
Pye 7N25263 1964 My Babe/ You Batter Watch Youself

Lloyd Clarke: West Indian Ska
Blue Beat BB99  1962  Good Morning/ Now I Know A Reason
Blue Beat BB104  1962  Fool's Day/ You're A Cheat
Island WI007  1962  Love You The Most
Island WI045  1962  Japanese Girl/ He's Coming
Island WI3116  1968  Summertime
Rio R16  1963  Love Me/ Half As Much
Rio R23  1964  Stop Your Talking/ A Penny
Rio R24  1964  Fellow Jamaican
Blue Cat BS136  1968  Young Love

 Lloyd Robinson:  West Indian Ska
Island WI007  1962  You Said You Loved Me
Blue Beat BB122  1962  Give Me A Chance/ When You Walk
Blue Beat BB159  1963  You Told Me/ I Told Your Love
Duke DU5  1969  Cuss Cuss/ Lavender Blue

 Lonnie Sattin:  
Capitol CL14552  1956  Trapped/ Your Home Can Be A Castle
Capitol CL14638  1956  High Street/ What Time Does The Sun Go Down
Capitol CL14771  1957  I'll Never Stop Loving You/ Whoo-Pie Shoo-Pie
Capitol CL14831  1958  Ring Around The Moon/ My Heart's Your Home
Warner Bros. WB15  1960  I'll Fly Away/ Any More Than I

 Lord Nelson: Singer/songwriter. I wonder if he was friendly with Napoleon XIV?  
Stateside SS189  1963  I Got A Itch/ Problems On Me Mind
Stateside SS281  1964 It's Delinquency/ Proud West Indian
Direction 583909  1968 Michael/ No Hot Summer

Lorne Gibson:  His trio were the UK's leading pop-country group, but they never quite managed a hit.
Decca F11519  1962  Little Black Book/ What Kind Of Love Is This
Decca F11684  1963  Some Do Some Don't/ Heavens Above
Decca F11814 1964   I Think It's Best To Forget Me/ Hang Up The Phone
Decca F12005  1964  That Girl I Loved/ Don't Go Near The Indians
Decca F12102  1965  Red Roses For A Blue Lady/ Talking To Your Picture
Decca F12290  1965  I'll Give You Me/ As Lovers Do
Decca F12357 1966   When Baby Says Goodbye/ Little Lovin' Light
Decca F12450  1966  Jingle Jangle/ Roses From A Stranger
RCA RCA 1813  1969  Won't The Grass Look Pretty/ My Voice Keeps Changing

 Lorrae Desmond: Talented Australian lady who spent quite a period in the UK about this time and became a popular actress and singer, but never made it chartwise. She returned to Australia and, as far as I know, she is still performing there now.
Parlophone R4239  1956  Written On The Wind/ A House With Love In It
Parlophone R4287  1957  You Won't Be Around/ Play The Music
Parlophone R4320  1957  Kansas City Special/ Preacher, Preacher
Parlophone R4361  1957  Ding Dong Rock-A-Billy Weddin'/ Cabin Boy
Parlophone R4400  1958  Two Ships/ Little David
Parlophone R4430  1958  Secret Of Happiness/ Down By The River
Parlophone R4463  1958  Soda Pop Hop/ Blue Blue Day
Parlophone R4534  1959  Tall Paul/ Wait For It
Parlophone R4670  1960  Tell Me Again/ Get Your Daddie's Car Tonight

 Lorraine Silver: A very young singer who is credited with just two releases- both are among discs that are most sought after by fans of Norther Soul.
Pye 7N15922 1965 Lost Summer Love/ I'll Know You'll Be There
Pye 7N17055 1966 The Happy Faces/ When The Love Light Starts Shining In His Eyes

 Los Cincos Ricardos:
Philips BF1436  1965  One Big Kiss/ Something
Philips BF1461  1965  La Yenka/ Too Big For Her Boots
Philips BF1525  1965  Most Exclusive Residence For Sale/ It's All Over Now

 Louis Jordan: Born in Arkansas during 1908, Jordan had a broad repertoire embracing Jazz, Blues, R&B and Rock'n'Roll. His best work was probably during the 1940s when his work was coupled with other jazz greats including Ella Ftizgerald and Louis Armstrong. However, his partnerships extended to R&B ace Johnny Otis who later produced a tribute album to Jordan.
Downtown CHA3 1960 Ooo-Wee/ I'll Die Happy

 Louis Neefs: Popular Begian performer who was killed in a car accident in 1980. His only UK release brought Belgium 7th place in the Eurovision song contest.
Columbia DB8561 1969 Jennifer Jennings/ I Love You

 Love: This Los Angeles band was formed and led by Arthur Lee at his most creative. Although the band had many influences it was probably mostly a product of psychedelia. The significance of the band is greater than indicated by their three minor US singles hits. Despite having no UK chart success they had an enthusiastic British following who provided healthy album sales.
London HLZ10053 1966 My Little Red Book/ Hey Joe
London HLZ10073 1966 7 And 7 Is/ No. Fourteen
Elektra EKSN45010 1966 She Comes In Colours/ Orange Skies
Elektra EKSN45016  1967 Softly To Me/ The Castle
Elektra EKSN45024 1968 Alone Again Or/ Bummer In The Summer
Elektra EKSN45026 1968 Andmoreagain/ The Daily Planet
Elektra EKSN45038  1968 Laughing Stock/ Your Mind And We Belong Together

 Lowell Fulson: Oklahoma born West coast bluesman who moved with the times during a career that spanned half a century. The young Ray Charles toured with his band during the early 1950s.
Sue WI375 1965 Too Many Drivers/ Key To My Heart
Sue WI4023 1966 Talking Woman/ Blues Around Midnight
Outasite 45502 1966 Stop And Think/ Baby
Fontana TF795 1967 Tramp/ Pico

 Lucille Mapp:
Columbia DB3916  1957 Mangos/ On Treasure Island
Columbia DB3949  1957 Jamie Boy/ Moonlight In Vermont
Columbia DB4040  1957 I'm Available/ Lovin' Ya, Lovin Ya, Lovin' Ya
Columbia DB4071  1958 Love Is/ The Early Birdie
Columbia DB4168   1958 Remember When/ I'm A Dreamer, Aren't We All
Columbia DB4261  1959 Chinchilla/ Follow Me

Lyn And Graham McCarthy:
Columbia DB7584  1965  Seven Doves/ Out After Me
Columbia DB7921  1966  I Can't Help But Wonder/ There's Got To Be Love
Columbia DB8087  1966  The Turkey's Trial/ Bitty Withy
Columbia DB8422  1968  I Think It's Going To Rain/ Once I Was
RCA RCA1759  1968  Scarborough Fair- Canticle/ Wild Berries

 Lyn Vernon:  
Top Rank JAR323  1960  Woodchopper's Ball/ Caravan

 Lynda Graham:  
Philips 326552  1962  As Long As The River Flows/ When I'm Sixteen
Philips BF1249  1962  Without Your Love/ Wait And See
Philips BF1308  1964  You'd Better Believe It/ That's The Last Thing I'd Do

 Lynn Holland:
Ember EMB198  1964  And The Angels Sing/ I Can't read Your Writing
Polydor BM56060  1965  No Regrets/ Face In The Crowd
Polydor BM56035  1965  Oh Darling How I Miss You/ Before
Polydor BM56129  1966  All The Love In The World/ Loneliness

 Lynn Hope:  
Vogue V9081  1957  Blue Moon/ Blues For Anna Bacca
Vogue V9082  1957  Eleven Till Two/ Blues For Mary
Vogue V9115  1958  Temptation/ The Scrunch
Blue Beat BB21  1960  Shocking/ Blue And Sentimental

 Lys Assia:  Swiss; first ever winner of the Eurovision Song Contest (1956) with 'Refrains', a song that was never released on record in the UK- as far as I know.
Decca F10097 1954 O Mein Papa/ Ponylied
Decca F10278 1954 The Glow Of The Candle/ My Love, My Life, My Own
Decca F10516 1955 Apples, Peaches And Cherries/ Words Of Love
Decca F10675 1956 My Love/ Someone
Decca F10930  1957 Through The Eyes Of Love/ Scusami

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