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  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
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 Nancy Wilson: US singer born in Ohio during 1937. The bulk of her singles recording career was spent with the George Shearing Orchestra.
Capitol CL15343  1964 The Best Is Yet To Come/ Never Let Me Go
Capitol CL15352  1964 (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am/ Never Less Than Yesterday
Capitol CL15378  1965 Don't Come Running Back To Me/ Love Has Many Faces
Capitol CL15412  1965 Where Does That Leave Me/ Gentle Is My Love
Capitol CL15443  1966 Power Of Love/ Rain Sometimes
Capitol CL15466   1966 You've Got Your Troubles/ Uptight (Everything's All Right)
Capitol CL15508  1967 Don't Look Over Your Shoulder/ Mercy Mercy Mercy 
Capitol CL15536  1968 You Don't Know Me/ Ode To Billie Joe
Capitol CL15547  1968 Face It Girl It's Over/ The End Of Our Love

 Nat Kendrick & The Swans: Believe it or not, this is the legendary James Brown doing a little moonlighting on the side. Amazingly, the records are not particularly collectable, perhaps nobody else knows.
Top Rank JAR351  1960  (Do The) Mashed Potatoes Pt.1/ Pt2
Top Rank JAR387  1960  Dish Rag Pt.1/ Pt.2

 Natural Bridge Bunch:
Atlantic 584231  1969 Pig Snoots Pt.1/ Pt.2

 Neil Scott:
Pye 7N25096  1961 Bobby/ I Haven't Found It With Another

 Nelson Keene: UK artist who was managed by Larry Parnes.
HMV POP771 1960 Image Of A Girl/ Ocean Of Love
HMV POP814 1960 Keep Loving Me/ Teenage Troubles
HMV POP916 1961 Miracles Are Happening To Me/ Poor Little Rich Boy

 Nelson Riddle Orchestra: born in New Jersey during 1921. He joined Capitol Records at around 1950 where he arranged and conducted for established singers like Nat 'King' Cole and Frank Sinatra. Although he had orchestral hits in the USA, he never managed to do so without a vocalist out front in the UK.
Capitol CL14241  1955  Vera Cruz/ You Won't Forget Me
Capitol CL14262   1955  The Pendulum Song/ Brother John
Capitol CL14305  1955  Run For Cover/ Make Believe That You're In Love With Me
Capitol CL14510  1956 Lisboa Antigua/ Robin Hood
Capitol CL14569 1956 Port Au Prince/ Midnight Blues
Capitol CL14623 1956 The Proud Ones/ The Love Of Genevieve
Capitol CL14718 1957 Holiday In Naples/ Accordian Willy
Capitol CL14802 1957 Matinee/ Rue Madeline
Capitol CL14827 1958 The Girl Most Likely/ I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
Capitol CL14886 1958 Blame It On Paree/ St Louis Blues
Capitol CL14911  1958 Volare/ Walkin'
Capitol CL14970 1958 Birds Of Paradise/ Uma Casa Portuguesa
Capitol CL15016 1959 Blue Star/ De Guelio
Capitol CL15092 1959 Ting A Lay O/ The Markham Theme
Capitol CL15229 1961 Zigante/ Bon Soir Lisbon
Capitol CL15253 1962 Route 66/ Lolita Ya Ya
Capitol CL15274 1962 Naked City/ The Defenders
Capitol CL15309  1963 Supercar/ Dick Van Dyke Show
Stateside SS517 1966 Batman Theme/ Nelson's Riddler
Reprise 20230  1966 My Special Dream/ It's A Mad Mad Mad World
Reprise 23046  1966 Dance Ballerina Dance/ Mona Lisa
Columbia DB8229  1967 El Dorado/

 Nelson Trio:
Oriole CB1360  1957 Tear It Up/ Roll The Carpet Up
London HLL9019  1960 All In Good Time/ The Town Crier

 Nerve: A Hampshire band, who had help with the production of their singles from their mate Reg Presley of the Troggs.
Page One POF019 1967 No. 10 Downing Street/ Georgie's March
Page One POF055 1968 Magic Spectacles/ Come The Day
Page One POF081 1968 It Is/ Mystery Lady
Page One POF097 1968 Piece By Piece/ Satisfying Kind

 Nervous Norvus: These early novelties are much easier to find on 78 but, alas, it is only the 45s that are valuable.
London HLD8338  1956  Ape Call/ Wild Dog Of Kentucky
London HLD8383   1957  Bullfrog Hop/ Dig
Salvo 1962 Does A Chinese Chicken Have A Pigtail

 Neville Taylor: One of Britain's few early black rock'n'roll artists along with 'Cuddly Dudley'. He was an excellent performer and tackled hectic rockers and gentle ballads with skill, but never got close to the chart. Neville also recorded as Hal Munro on the Embassy label.
Parlophone R4447 1958 House Of Bamboo/ Mercy Mercy Percy
Parlophone R4476 1958 I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire/ Tears On My Pillow
Parlophone R4493 1958 The Miracle Of Christmas/ A Baby Lay Sleeping
Parlophone R4524 1959 Crazy Little Daisy/ The First Words Of Love
Oriole CB1546 1960 Dance With Dolly/ Free Passes

 New Christy Minstrels: This popular group were formed by Randy Sparks during 1961. It was the powerful voice of Barry McGuire that can be heard in prominence on their most successful recordings, like 'Green Green' and 'Three Wheels On My Wagon'. However McGuire left the group for a solo career and although the group continued for many years they never got that close to the chart again..
CBS AAG160  1963 Green Green/ The Banjo
CBS AAG175  1963  Saturday Night/ The Wheeler Dealers
CBS AAG203  1964  Miss Katie Cruel/ Today
CBS AAG234  1964  Down The Road Again/ Gotta Get Goin'
CBS 201734  1965  Chim Chim Cheree/ They Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog
CBS 201328  1965  Three Wheels On My Wagon/ Mighty Mississipi
CBS 201758  1965  River/ Se Piangi Se Ridi

 New Faces: UK
Pye 7N15842  1965  Blue Mist/ So Small
Pye 7N15931  1965  Never Gonna Love Again/ You'll Be Too Late
Pye 7N17029  1966  Like A Man/ Shake Up The Party
Pye 7N17335  1967 Lace Covered Window/ The Life I Lead
Decca F12746  1968  We Can Get There By Candlelight/ The Yellow Road
Decca F12806  1968  If You Love Me/ The Road And The Miles To Dundee
Decca F12862  1968  Someday/ Biscuit Coloured Overcoat
Decca F12933  1969  Carnival Day/ Grandfather Dugan
Decca F12968  1969  Happy The Heart That I Own/ There Is An Island In The Sun
Decca F12987  1969  Danny Boy/ Come And See The Roses Bloom

 New Formula: 5 Piece from Corby in Northants with Mike Harper on vocals.
Piccadilly 7N35381  1967  Do It Again A Little Bit Slower/ I'm On The Outside Looking In
Piccadilly 7N35401  1967  I Want To Go Back There Again/ Can't You See That She Loves Me
Pye 7N17552  1968  My Baby's Coming Home/ Burning In The Background
Pye 7N17818  1968  Stay Indoors/ Hare Krishna

 Nick Todd: Pat Boone's rocking cousin is best known for his cover of the Danny And The Juniors favourite. Unlike his illustrious cousin, all Nick's UK releases are now collector's items.
London HLD8500  1957  Plaything/ The Honey Song
London HLD8537  1958  At The Hop/ I Do
London HLD8902  1959  Tiger/ Twice As Nice

 Nick Villard: UK singer who emigrated to New Zealand where he became a popular folk singer.
Pye 7N15382  1961  Don Quijote/ Besame Mucho
Pye 7N15418  1962  The Day Of The Gun/ Evergreen Tree
Pye 7N15454  1962 High Noon/ Sail Ho!

 Nico: She was born Christa Pavloski in Cologne and lived on Ibiza after spending her childhood in Berlin. She had ambitions to become an actress and it was while at drama school in New York that she became a friend of Andy Warhol who made her a member of the Velvet Underground. The association proved a poignant though short lived combination- but with help from Jim Morrison she went on to a successful solo career during the 1970s. She later made her home in Manchester but died at the age of 49 from the result of a cycling accident during 1988.
Immediate IM003 1965 I'm Not Sayin'/ The Last Mile

 Nightriders: This Birmingham group had previously been 'Mike Sheridan's Lot' and 'Mike Sheridan And.The Nightriders', but renamed themselves following Sheridan's departure to form new allegiances.
Polydor BM56116 1966 It's Only The Dog/ Your Friend

 Nino Ferrer: An oddment on the 'Toast' label..
Toast TT501  1968  The Telephone/ Lookin' For A Girl

 Nocturnes: 6 piece from Birmingham with vocalists Lyn Peters and Eve Eden who both later sang with the New Seekers as Lyn Paul and Eve Graham respectively.
Columbia DB8158 1967 Wish You Would Show Me Your Mind/ I Do I Do
Columbia DB8219  1967 Why (Am I Treated So Bad)/ Save The Last Dance For Me
Columbia DB8332 1968 A New Man/ Suddenly Free
Columbia DB8453 1968 Carpet Man/ Look At Me
Columbia DB8493  1968 Mortgage/ Fairground Man

 Norma Leon:
Columbia DB7740  1965  What's The Good Of Loving/ Little Boy
RCA RCA 1763  1968  When The Swallows Fly/ Alistair Moon

Novas: US group called the Avons who were anagrammatically renamed to avoid confusion with the British 'Avons'.
RCA RCA1360 1963 Push A Little Harder/ Oh, Gee Baby!

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