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  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
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 O.V. Wright: Overton Vertis Wright was a Soul singer from Memphis.
Vocalion VP9249 1965 You're Gonna Make Me Cry/ Monkey Dog
Vocalion VP9255 1966 Poor Boy/ I'm In Your Corner
Vocalion VP9272  1966 Gone For Good/ How Long Baby
London HLZ10137 1967 8 Men 4 Women/ Fed Up With The Blues
Sue WI4043 1968 What About You/ What Did You Tell This Girl Of Mine
Action ACT4505 1969 Oh Baby Mine/ Working Your Game
Action ACT4527 1969 I Want Everyone To Know/ I'm Gonna Forget About You

 Oedipus Complex: Quartet started by keyboard player Ivan Chandler.
Philips BF1716  1968 Holding My Hands Out/ Brough Me Such Confusion
Philips BF1771  1969 Up Down Round And Round/ Empty Highway

 Orchids: UK Girl trio from Coventry, I think.
Decca F11743  1963 Gonna Make Him Mine/ Stay At Home
Decca F11785  1963  Love Hit Me/ Don't Make Me Mad
Decca F11861  1964  I've Got That Feeling/ Larry

Top Rank JAR600  1962 Gimmee A Little Kiss, Will Ya, Huh/ At Times Like This

 Originals: There were a lot of 'Originals'. This lot seem to be different to those above who weren't the same as the 'Originals' that backed Rosie. So who were the original Originals? I don't know.
Tamla Motown TMG592  1967 Goodnight Irene/ Need Your Lovin', Want You Back
Tamla Motown TMG702  1969 Green Grow The Lilacs/ You'e The One

 Oscar Brown Jnr.:
Philips BF1097  1961 But I Was Cool/ Dat Dere

 Otis Blackwell: Blackwell wrote some of the definitive rock and roll songs of the era. He recorded himself, but was most successful writing for other artists. He had a long association with Elvis Presley for whom he wrote 'All Shook Up' , Don't Be Cruel', Return To Sender' and many others. This is the only UK release I'm aware of.
London HLE8616 1958 Make Ready For Love/ When You're Around

 Otis Clay: Mississippi born, was brought up with gospel music and was an accomplished singer. His output became a mixture of Gospel and R&B shortly after he resettled in Chicago during 1957.
President PT121 1967 It's Easier Said Than Done/ Flame In Your Heart
President PT132 1968 I'm Satisfied/ Testify
President PT148 1968 That's How It Is/ Show Place
President PT176  1968 A Lasting Love/ Got To Find A Way
Atlantic 584282 1969 Baby Jane/ You Hurt Me For The Last Time

 Otis Rush: Born in Mississipi during 1934, Rush resettled in Chicago in 1949. His music represents the new wave of blues that emerged from that city during the late 1950s.
Vocalion V-P9260 1966 Homework/ I Have To Laugh
Blue Horizon 573159  1969 All Your Love/ Double Trouble

 Otis Spann: Born in Mississipi during 1930, Spann resettled in Chicago in 1947. He was a prominent blues pianist and a member of Muddy Water's band for 15 years.
Decca F11972 1964 Stirs Me Up/ Keep Your Hand Out Of My Pocket
Blue Horizon 573142 1968 Bloody Murder/ Can't Do Me No Good
Blue Horizon 573155 1969 Walkin'/ Temperature Is Rising

 Ottilie Patterson: Chris Barber's resident singer for a number of years.
Pye 7N15109  1957 Kay-Cee Rider/ I Love You Baby
Pye 7NJ2015  1958 Jailhouse Blues/ Beale Street Blues
Pye 7NJ2025  1958 Trombone Cholly/ Lawdy Lawdy Blues 
Columbia DB4760  1962 I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby/ Blueberry Hill
Columbia DB7140  1963 Jealous Heart/ Won't Be Long
Columbia DB7208  1963 Baby Please Don't Go/ I Feel So Good
Columbia DB7332   1964 O Me, What Eyes Hath Love/ Tell Me Where 
Marmalade 598016  1969 Spring Song/ Sound Of The Door As It Closes

 Owen And Leon: West Indian Ska
Island WI163  1964  My Love For You/ How Many Times
Island WI164  1964  Fits Is On Me/
Island WI165 1964 Running Around/
Ska Beat JB189  1965  Woman/

 Ozzie Warlock And The Wizards: The original theme tune to TV's 'Juke Box Jury' until David Jacobs decided in 1960, that John Barry's 'Hit And Miss' was more suitable.
HMV POP635  1959 Juke Box Jury/ Wow!

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