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  • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only.
  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
  • Artists are listed strictly alphabetically
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 Udo Jurgens: Austrian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1966 with a song with a French title.
Vogue VRS7008 1966 Merci Cherie/ Das Ist Nicht Gut Fur Mich

 Ugly's: Sought after UK group from Birmingham; usually found with the unnecessary apostrophe. Led by Steve Gibbons.
Pye 7N15858 1965 Wake Up My Mind/ Ugly Blues
Pye 7N15968 1965 It's Alright (sic)/ A Friend
Pye 7N17027 1966 A Good Idea/ The Quiet Explosion
Pye 7N17178 1966 End Of The Season/ Can't Recall Her Name
CBS2933 1967 Real Good Girl/ And The Squire Blew His Horn
MGM MGM1465 1969 I See The Light/ Mary Cliento

 Umberto Bindi Orchestra:
Oriole CB1577  1960 Il Nostro Concerto/ Un Giorno, Un Mese Un Anno

 Uniques: US
Pye 7N25303  1965 Not Too Long Ago/ Fast Way Of Living

 Uniques: West Indian Ska
Island WI3070 1967 People Rock Steady/ I'm Trying To Find A Home
Island WI3084 1967 Gypsy Woman
Island WI3086 1968 Let Me Go Girl
Island WI3087 1968 Never Let Me Go
Island WI3106 1968 Speak No Evil
Island WI3107  1968 Lesson Of Love
Island WI3114 1968 Build My World Around You
Island WI3117 1968 Give Me Some More Of Your Loving
Island WI3122 1968 My Conversation
Island WI3123 1968 The Beatitude
Island WI3145 1968 Girl Of My Dreams
Blue Cat BS126 1968 Girls Like Dirt
Trojan TR619 1968 Watch This Sound/ Out Of Love
Trojan TR645 1968 A-Yuh/ Just A Mirage
Nu Beat NB034 1969 Crimson And Clover/ What A Situation 
Nu Beat NB037 1969 I'll Make You Love Me/ Lover's Prayer
Unity UN527  1969 The Beatitude/ My Conversation

Untamed: This rock outfit were led by Lindsay Muir. Despite some promising 'Who'-like material they didn't succeed. Even changing their name to 'Lindsay Muir's Untamed' for their final single didn't help enoiugh to prevent all their stuff becoming rare collectables..
Decca F12045 1964 So Long/ Just Wait
Parlophone R5258 1965 Once Upon A Time/ I'm Asking You
Stateside SS431 1965 I'll Go Crazy/ My Baby Is Gone
Planet PLF103 1966 It's Not True/ Gimme Gimme Some Shade
Planet PLF113 1966 Daddy Long Legs/ Trust Yourself A Little Bit

London HLU8688 1958 Just Like In The Movies/ My Foolish Heart
Pye 7N25016 1959 You're the One I Care For/ Keep Cool Crazy Heart
Pye 7N25028 1959 Teenie Weenie Bikini/ Satin Shoes

 Ursula Sands:
Pye 7N17390 1967 Living In A fool's Paradise/ Follow Me

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