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  • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only.
  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
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 V.I.P.s: This UK four-piece originated in Carlisle and featured Keith Emerson for a moment during its life before evolving into 'Art' and then 'Spooky Tooth'
Island WI3003 1966 I Wanna Be Free/ Don't Let It Go
Island WIP6005 1967 In A Dream/ Straight Down To The Bottom

 Val Bennett: West Indian
Island WI3113 1968 Jumping With Mr. Lee
Island WI3146 1968 The Russians Are Coming 
Trojan TR611 1968 Spanish Harlem
Trojan TR640 1969 Baby Baby/ Barbara
Crab CRAB6 1969 Reggae City
Camel CA24 1969 Midnight Spin

Valadiers: They were one of the first white groups to record for Motown, and this solitary UK release is among the most valuable pieces of properly published 7inch vinyl that it's possible to find.
Oriole CBA1809 1962 Let Me Be The One/ Gotta Know The Reason

 Valerie Mountain: UK vocalist, sometimes backed by the Eagles (UK).
Columbia DB4660 1961 Go It Alone/ Gentle Christ
Pye 7N15450 1962 Some People/ Yes You Did

Vern Brandon: UK
Decca F11472 1962 Let Me Be The One/ Gotta Know The Reason

 Vernon Garrett:
Stateside SS2006 1967 If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time/ You And Me Together
Stateside SS2026 1967 Shine It On/ Things Are Lookin' Better
Action ACT4508 1968 Shine It On/ Things Are Lookin' Better

 Videls: Formed in 1958 by Pete Anders, Norman Marzano, Bobby Cilitri, Herb Rickey and Vinnie Poncia. Anders and Poncia also charted in the US as members of 'Innocence' and 'Trade Winds'.
London HLI9153 1960 Mister Lonely/ I'll Forget You

 Vigilantes: US
Pye 7N25082 1961 Man In Space/ Eclipse

 Village: This uncharted UK outfit was one of the many bands that Pete Bardens became an important member of. They were more active than their meagre recorded output suggests.
Head HDS4002 1969 Long Time Coming/ Man In The Moon

 Villiers And Gold:
Polydor 56235 1968 All The Little Girls/ This East

 Vince Eager: One of manager Larry Parnes' boys, Vince had TV exposure and several goes at the chart with covers of songs by Gene Vincent, Conway Twitty and Marty Robbins but though probably coming close he never charted.
Parlophone R4482 1958 Five Days, Five Days/ No More
Parlophone R4531 1959 The Railroad Song/ When's Your Birthday Baby
Parlophone R4550 1959 This Should Go On For Ever/ No Other Arms, No Other Lips
Top Rank JAR191 1959 Makin'Love/ Primrose Lane
Top Rank JAR275  1960 Why/ El Paso
Top Rank JAR307 1960 Lonely Blue Boy/ No Love Have I

 Vince Taylor: Frenetic Anglo-American rock and roll artist (real name Maurice Holden) whose popularity was greatest in France and who cut most of his discs in continental Europe. His stuff didn't sell well in the UK, but his original discs now all attract high prices.
 Web-Site: http://www.ifrance.com/vince-taylor
Parlophone R4505 1958 Right Behind You Baby/ I Like Love
Parlophone R4539 1958 Brand New Cadillac/ Pledging My Love
Palette PG9001 1960 Jet Black Machine/ I'll Be Your Hero
Palette PG9020 1961 Move Over Tiger/ What Cha Gona Do

 Vincent Gordon:
Coxsone CS7085 1969 Soul Trombone
Crab CRAB16 1969 Walking By
Duke DU37  1969 Everybody Bawlin'

Viola Wills: US West Coast Soul singer..
President PT108 1968 Lost Without The Love Of My Guy/ I Got Love
President PT150 1968 Together Forever/ Don't Kiss Me Hello And Mean Goodbye
President PT152 1968 I've Got To Have All Of You/ Night Scene
President PT154 1968 You're Out Of My Mind/ Any Time

 Vivienne Chering: This young lady had previously recorded with Joe Meek as a member of a group calling themselves 'Flip & The Dateliners'.
Decca F12360 1966 I'll Do My Crying Tomorrow/ Make My Dreams Come True

Philips PB1098 1961 Ruby Duby Du/ Redhead
Philips PB1113 1961 Tightrope/ Great Imposter
Philips PB1246 1962 Polaris/ Scotch Mist

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