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  • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only.
  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
  • Artists are listed strictly alphabetically
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 Wailers: US group. (the Jamaican group backed Bob Marley)
London HL8958 1959 Tall Cool One/ Road Runner
London HL8994 1959 Mau Mau/ Dirty Robber
London HL9892 1964 Tall Cool One/ Road Runner

 Wallace Brothers: Singing duo who began in the early 1960s but became better known for their later Soul work.
Sue WI334 1964 Precious Words/ You're Mine
Sue WI355 1965 Lover's Prayer/ Love Me Like I Love You
Sue WI4036 1967 I'll Step Aside/ Hold My Heart For A While

 Wallace Collection: Members of the Belgian National Orchestra (Marc Herouet- keyboard, Raymond Vincent- violin, Freddy Nieuland- percussion & vocal, Sylvain Van Holmen- Guitar, Jacques Namotte- Cello, Christian Janssens- Bass); they had a little success as a group, but didn't break the UK singles chart.
Parlophone R5764 1969 Daydream/ Baby I Don't Mind
Parlophone R5793 1969 Fly Me To The Earth/ Love

 Wally Whyton: Previously leader of the Vipers skiffle group who charted with 'Cumberland Gap' and 'Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O' Wally turned solo, but had no further chart successes.
Parlophone R4585 1959 Don't Tell Me Your Troubles/ It's All Over You
Parlophone R4630 1960 All Over This World/ Got Me A Girl
Pye 7N15304 1960 It's A Rat Race/ Marriage Of Convenience/ 95% of Me Loves You/ You're Going To Be Caught
Piccadilly 7N35089 1961 Little Red Pony/ Christmas Land
Fontana TF960 1968 Gentle On My Mind/ Ballad Of The Bol Weevil
Fontana TF994 1969 Wichita Lineman/ Leave Them A Flower
Fontana TF1030 1969 Jig Alone/ Out On The Road

 Warren Smith: US
Liberty LIB55699 1964 Blue Smoke/ Judge And Jury

 Warriors: This mid-60s record is typical of many chart hits and would have been worthy of higher sales, but otherwise it's nothing special. It is very sought after because one of the Warriors was Jon Anderson, the founder of the 1970s 'cult' group Yes.
Decca F11926 1964 You Came Along/ Don't Make Me Blue

 Waylon Jennings: Buddy Holly helped launch Waylon's career and he became one of the greatest country singers of all time. He has never been well known in the UK outside the country music scene, but most people will remember his rendition of the 'Dukes of Hazzard Theme'.
RCA RCA1866 1969 The Days Of Sand And Shovels/ Delia's Gone

 Wayne Handy: Rockabilly singer whose only UK release, recorded in the US for North Carolina label 'Renown', is now highly collectable .
London HL8547 1958 Say Yeah/ Could It Be

 We Five: US acoustic folk quintet. The five were actually Mike Stewart, Beverley Bivens, Pete Fullerton, Bob Jones and Jerry Burgan
Pye 7N25314 1965 You Were On My Mind/ Small World
Pye 7N25346  1966 Let's Get Together/ Cast Your Fate To The Wind

Philips BF1734 1969 Look In My Eyes/ Running Forward
Philips BF1819  1969 Jamboree Special/ Two Peculiar People

 Wee Willie Harris: One of the UK's first rock and rollers and a real wild man of rock. His career began at the legendary 2 'i's Coffee Bar in London which featured in the title of his first single. Despite his popularity in the capital, his frantic behaviour and dyed hair, he never managed the chart. Nevertheless, his singles are all very sought after as great examples of early British rock'n'roll.
Decca F10970 1957 Back To School Again/ Rockin' At The Two 'I's
Decca F10980 1958 Love Bug Crawl/ Rosie Lee
Decca F11044 1958 Got A Match/ No Chemise Please
Decca F11217 1960 Wild One/ Little Bitty Girl
HMV POP1198 1963 You Must Be Joking/ Better To Have Loved
Parlophone R5504 1966 Someone's In The Kitchen With Diana/ Walk With Peter And Paul
Polydor 56140 1966 Listen To The River Roll Along/ Try Moving Baby

 Wendy Craig: UK actress.
Philips BF1704 1968 Hushabye Mountain/ Windows Of The World

 Wilde Three: An unsuccessful UK trio made up from Marty and Joyce Wilde and Justin Hayward who went on to join the 'Moody Blues'.
Decca F12131 1965 Since You've Gone/ Just As Long
Decca F12232 1965 I Cried/ Well Who's That

 Wilfred Brambell: Possibly better known to British TV audiences at the time as Albert Steptoe from the TV comedy 'Steptoe and Son'. Despite the enormous appeal of the series the spin-off record never did anything.
Parlophone R5058 1963 Secondhand/ Ragtime Raganbone Man

 Wilfred Edwards: West Indian, Wilfred was aka Jackie Edwards.
Starlite ST45 26 1960 Tell Me Darling/ I Know
Starlite ST45 46 1961 Whenever There's Moonlight/ Heaven Just Knows
Starlite ST45 62 1961 More Than Words Can Say/ I Love You No More
Starlite ST45 76 1962 Little Bitty Girl/ Never Go Away

 Willie Mabon: US Chicago bluesman.
Sue WI320 1964 Got To Have Some/ Why Did It Happen To Me
Sue WI331 1965 Just Got Some/ That's No Big Thing
Sue WI 382 1965 I'm The Fixer/ Some More

 Willows: New York Doo-Wop quintet with Tony Middleton on lead vocals. It was Tony that also wrote their only UK release although it is credited to the whole group. It is now one of the UKs most collectable 45s.
London HLU8290 1956 Church Bells May Ring/ Baby Tell Me

 Winston And Roy: West Indian
Blue Beat BB80 1962 Babylon Gone

 Winstons: Five piece R&B group from Washington DC. They had a huge hit in the USA with 'Colour Him Father', but had no success beyond this.
Pye 7N25493 1969 Colour Him Father/ Amen Brother
Pye 7N25500  1969 Love Of The Common People/ Wheel Of Fortune

 Wishful Thinking: These were an English group, based in (or near), Camberley, Surrey. Although not having any UK chart success the group did have a million-seller in Germany, after they'd broken up! One member of the group was Kevin Finn, who became better known as a member of the New Seekers, and who went on to marry Eva Graham, that group's most famous singing voice. (Thanks are due to Kevin Finn for supplying these notes.)
Decca F12438 1966 Turning Round/ VIP
Decca F12499 1966 Step By Step/ Looking Around
Decca F12598 1967 Count To Ten/ Hang Around Girl
Decca F12627 1967 Peanuts/ Cherry Cherry
Decca F22673 1967 Meet The Sun/ Easier Said Than Loving You
Decca F22742 1968 It's So Easy/ I Want You Girl

 Wynder K. Frog: Bluesy group originally formed by keyboardist Mick Weaver and later supplemented by former members of 'Traffic'. Their best work was performed in the company of Chris Mercer, Dick Heckstall Smith and Neil Hubbard.
Island WI280 1966 Turn On Your Lovelight/ Zooming
Island WI3011 1966  Sunshine Superman/ Blues For A Frog
Island WIP6006 1967 Green Door/ Dancing Frog
Island WIP6014 1967 I Am A Man/ Shook, Shimmy And Shake
Island WIP6044 1968 Jumping Jack Flash/ Baldy

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