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  • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only.
  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
  • Artists are listed strictly alphabetically
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 Yana: Extremely glamorous ballad singer who rose to fame through UK televison. Her real name was Pamela Guard and she was born in Essex during 1932. She turned towards variety and pantomime during the 1960s but her appeal gradually faded and her show business involvement became intermittent. She died during 1989 aged 57.
HMV POP252 1956 Climb Up The Wall/ If You Don't Love Me
HMV POP340 1957 Mr. Wonderful/ Too Close For Comfort
HMV POP481 1958 I Need You/ I Miss You Mama
HMV POP546 1958 Papa And Mama/ In The Morning

 Young-Holt Unlimited: Eldee Young, Isaac Holt were part of Ramsey Lewis' group and helped in the recording of the 'In Crowd', but formed this new group with a new pianist Don Walker. However, despite remaining in this guise for a number of years they eventually rejoined Ramsey Lewis again during the 1980s.
Coral Q72489 1967 Wack Wack/ This Little Girl (As Young-Holt Trio)
MCA MU1053  1969 Soulful Strut/ Country Slicker Joe

 Youngfolk: From US Mar-V-Lus label, also issued in the US as Miss Madeleine
President PT136 1968 Lonely Girl/ Joey

 Yves Montand: This French movie actor could sing too, but never had musical success in the UK.
Philips BF1260 1963 La Chansonnette/ Rengaine Ta Rengaine

 Yvonne De Carlo: Canadian born movie actress who could also sing. Probably now best known for playing 'Morticia' in TV's 'The Munsters'
Capitol CL14380 1955 Take It Or Leave It/ Three Little Stars

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