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Artists are listed in strict alphabetical order, so for example Cliff Richard will be found under the letter C- not the lettter R. Just click on the letter in the table to be taken to the page which may have your chosen artist listed.

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The mini-biographies supplied here are limited to artists who were born, lived or worked mostly in the UK and who charted in the UK before 1970. At present, the discographies include all the qualifying singles that I am aware of- but not all artists yet have an accompanying EP discography. I am slowly adding these, along with a track listing for each EP- so please be patient. I would appreciate any information that would allow me to fill any obvious gaps!

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Please note that the number of artists featured is growing all the time, so if you don't see what you want today then please come back at a later date. If the artist you are looking for is not very well known then you may find them in my 'Obscure Artists Discographies' section.

Please let me know about any mistakes, ambiguities, or anything you know to be downright wrong in these notes and listings- I am far from perfect but I do crave accuracy. Also, I try to be objective in the brief biographical notes provided but I apologise here for any lapses due to my personal taste. If you have better or more up to date information about an artist then I will be happy to update my work, but please remember that these are not 'fan' pages and brevity is important.

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