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  • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only.
  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
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 Paddy Roberts: Popular singer songwriter of amusing ditties. Very fashionable at the time; rather in the style of American Tom Lehrer.
Decca F11446  1961 Love Is A Wonderful Thing/ Send For Me
Decca F11552  1962 Merry Christmas You Suckers/ Got 'N Idea

 Paris Sisters: Three real sisters from San Francisco whose first UK release was produced by Phil Spector.
Top Rank JAR588  1961  I Love How You Love Me/ I'll Be Crying Tomorrow
MGM MGM 1240  1964 Dream Lover/ Lonely Girl

 Pat Harris: UK blonde singer from the west country.
Pye 7N15567 1963 Hippy Hippy Shake/ You Gotta See Your Mama Ev'ry Night

 Pat McGeegan: A male Irish singer who represented his country in the 1968 Eurovision song contest with 'Chance Of A Lifetime'. I think he came 4th; it was the same year Cliff Richard was runner-up with 'Congratulations'.
Decca F11756  1963 The Wedding/ Hawaiian Wedding Song
Decca F11870   1963 My Prayer/ The Wedding
Decca F12078  1965 All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings/ Thousand Clowns
Emerald MD1061 1966 Red Rose/ Looking Back
Emerald MD1096  1968 Chance Of A Lifetime/ Don't Laugh At Me

 Pathfinders: The members of this Birkenhead group played at Liverpool's legendary Cavern on a few occasions but were more regularly found at The Kraal Club in New Brighton, Wallasey.. Their first single was expected to be the signature for the pirate radio station Caroline- but lost out to the Fortunes. At this time the line-up was Tom Earley, Billy May, Roy Brockhurst, Tony Aldridge & Frank Hopley. By the second release (which featured on TV's 'Juke Box Jury'), their regular pianist had been replaced by organist Kingsley Foster. Thanks go to drummer Tony Aldridge for these details.
Decca F12038 1964 I Love You Caroline/ Something I Can Always Do
Parlophone R5372 1965 Don't You Believe It/ Castle Of Love

 Patricia Bredin:
Top Rank JAR257  1959 Till The Right Time Comes/ I Love To Love You

 Patrick Macnee And Honor Blackman: This duet were the original TV 'Avengers' who tried to take advantage of their own popularity by coupling it to the fashion for long leather boots. Strangely, this novelty didn't chart until its revival decades later when the style of footwear had long since waned.
Decca F11843  1964  Kinky Boots/ Let's Keep It Friendly

 Patsy: West Indian Ska
Doctor Bird DB1122  1968 Little Flea/ The Retreat Song

Patsy Ann Noble: Well known actress and singer that never managed the UK chart. Her 1967 release was recorded under the name 'Trisha Noble'.
HMV POP980  1961  Good Looking Boy/ The Guy Who Can Mend A Broken Heart
Columbia DB4956 1963  Don't You Ever Change Your Mind/ Sour Grapes
Columbia DB7008 1963 Heartbreak Avenue/ I'm Nobody's Baby
Columbia DB7060  1963 I Was Only Foolin' Myself/ Ordinary Love
Columbia DB7088 1963 Accidents Will Happen/ He Tells Me With His Eyes
Columbia DB7148 1963 It's Better To Cry Today/ Don't Tell Him I Told you
Columbia DB7258  1964 I Did Nothing Wrong/ Better Late Than Never
Columbia DB7318 1964 Private Property/ Crack In The Door 
Columbia DB7386 1964 Tied Up With Mary/ Green Eyed People
Columbia DB7472 1964 Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye/ If You Wanna Be More Than Friends
Polydor BM56054 1965 He Who Rides A Tiger/ City Of Night
MGM MGM1371 1967 Live For Life/ The New Is Rarely Patchka

Pattersons: A group with a number, apparently written by Tom Springfield, that has come true for them. I don't recall anything about them.
CBS 3749  1968 I Don't Want To Be A Memory/ The World Will Never Turn Again

Patti Austin: This lady has spent most of her singing career as a session artist, providing backing for many well known artists. She started singing professionaly as a child but didn't start to record until she was 17 years old.
United Artists UP35018  1969 The Family Tree/ Magical Boy

Patty La Belle: With various minor variations in name and backing singers- normally the 'Blue Belles' it was Patty that did the original version of 'Groovy Kind Of Love'. That was a long time before Phil Collins featured it in 'Buster' and even a little before the Mindbenders' hit in 1966.
Sue WI324  1964  Down The Aisle/ C'Est La Vie
Cameo Parkway P935  1965  Danny Boy/ I Believe
Atlantic AT4055  1965  All Or Nothing/ You Forgot How To Love
Atlantic AT4064 1966 Over The Rainbow/ Groovy Kind Of Love
Atlantic 584007  1966  Patti's Prayer/ Family Man
Atlantic 584072  1967  Take Me For A Little While/ I Don't Want To Go On Without You

Paul Arnold: Former lead singer with the Overlanders who left the group for an unsuccessful solo career shortly after their only hit 'Michelle'
Pye 7N17317 1967 Somewhere In A Rainbow/ Got A Feeling
Pye 7N17473  1968 Bon Soir Dame/ Don't Leave

 Paul Beattie:
Parlophone R4385  1957  I'm Comin' Home/ Nothing So Strange
Parlophone R4429  1958 Me, Please Me/ Wanderlust
Parlophone R4468  1958  Banana/ A House A Car And A Wedding Ring
Parlophone R4664 1960 Slick Chic/ Big Bounce

 Paul Dean: I think this is a different Paul Dean from the one that helped found the Punk group X-Ray specs in the 1970s, but I can't be sure.
Decca F12136  1965  You Don't Own Me/ Hole On The Head
Reaction 591002 1966 She Can Build A Mountain/ A Day Gone By

 Paul Gayten: US artist whose 'The Hunch' was one of few early Motown products released by Decca on their London label in the UK..
London HL8503 1957 Yo Yo Walk
London HLM8998 1959 The Hunch/ Hot Cross Buns

 Paul Hanford: His British cover missed out to Brian Hyland.
Parlophone R4680 1960 Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini/ Why Have You Changed Your Mind
Parlophone R4694 1960 If You Ain't Got Love/ Ev'ry Little Girl
Parlophone R4813 1961 Memphis Address/ Flutter Flutter
Oriole CB1866 1963 The Minute You're Gone/ High School Dance

 Paul Raven: This was probably his best known monicker out of several that he used from time to time during the 1960s before finally evolving into Garry Glitter in the 1970s.
Decca F11202  1960 Alone In The Night/ Too Proud
Parlophone R4812 1961 Walk On Boy/ All Grown Up
Parlophone R4842 1961 Tower Of Strength/ Livin' The Blues
MCA MU1024 1968 Musical Man/ Wait For Me
MCA MK5008 1969 Here Comes The Sun/ Musical Man (As Paul Monday)
MCA MU1035 1968 Soul Thing/ We'll Go Where The World Can't Find Us

 Paul Revere And The Raiders: This Oregon based group, whose organist leader shared his name with the American folk hero, had plenty of US hits and UK releases, but they never charted in Britain.
Top Rank JAR557 1961 Like Long Hair/ Sharon
CBS 202003 1965 Steppin' Out/ Blue Fox
Sue WI344 1966 Like Long Hair/ Sharon
CBS 202027 1966 Just Like Me/ B F D R F Blues
CBS 202253 1966 Kicks/ Shake It Up
CBS 202411  1966 The Great Airplane Strike/ In My Community
CBS 202502 1967 Good Thing/ Undecided Man
CBS 202610 1967 Ups And Downs/ Leslie
CBS 2737 1967 Him Or Me- Who's It Gonna Be/ The Legend Of Paul Revere
CBS 2919  1967 I Had A Dream/ Upon Your Leaving
CBS 3186 1967 Mo'reen/ Oh! To Be A Man
CBS 3310 1968 Too Much Talk/ Happening '68
CBS 3586 1968 Don't Take It So Hard/ Observation From Flight 285
CBS 3757 1968 Cinderella Sunshine/ Theme From It's Happening
CBS 4025 1969 Mr. Sun Mr. Moon/ With You
CBS 4260 1969 Let Me/ I Don't Know
CBS 4504 1969 We Gotta All Get Up Together/ Frankfurt Side Street

 Paula Parfitt: A rarity with a different sentiment on each side.
Beacon BEA135  1969  I'm Gonna Give You Back Your Ring/ Love Is Wonderful

Major Minor MM565  1968  One Love In My Heart/ Must We Say Goodbye

 Peanuts Wilson: A member of the Teen Kings who backed Roy Orbison on his early singles.
Coral Q72302 1958 Cast Iron Arm/ You've Got Love

 Pearls: I believe this well crafted Chiffons cover on Woolworth's Embassy label is by two former Vernons Girls. (Note the B-Side is an instrumental by 'Bud Ashton & His group').
Embassy WB564 1963 He's So Fine /(Scarlett O'Hara)

 Pee Wee Hunt Orchestra: US
Capitol CL14225  1955  It's Never Too Late To Fall In Love/ A Room In Bloomsbury
Capitol CL14286  1955  Save Your Love For Me/ My Extraordinary Gal
Capitol CL14515  1956  Petunia's Patch/ Vanessa
Capitol CL14538  1956  Lullaby Of Birdland/ It's All Been Done Before
Capitol CL14583  1956  Swedish Rhapsody/ The Object Of My Affection
Capitol CL14630  1956  I'll See You In Cuba/ Canoodlin' Rag
Capitol CL14884  1958  Miss Otis Regrets/ I Love Paris
Capitol CL15246 1962 June Is Bustin' Out All Over/ The Surrey With The Fringe On Top

 Peels: I'm told that their second single was briefly used as a Pirate Radio jungle.
Stateside SS513 1966 Juanita Banana/ Fun
Audio Fidelity  1966 Time Marches On/ Scrooey Mooey

Ember EMB242 1967 Theme From The Monkees/ The World's Been Good To Me Tonight

 Peep Show: Fourpiece group from the London area.
Polydor BM56196 1967 Mazy/ Your Servant, Steven
Polydor BM56226  1968  Esprit De Corps/ Mino In A Mix Up

 Peggy Scott And Jo Jo Benson:
Polydor 56722 1968 Every Little Bit Hurts/ You Can Never Get Something For Nothing
Polydor 56745 1968 Lover's Holday/ Here With Me
Polydor 56761 1969 Soulshake/ We Were Made For Each Other
Polydor 56773 1969 We Got Our Own Bag/ I Want To Love You Babe

 Penguins: This classic Los Angeles based Doo Wop group were formed during 1953 and are responsible for one of the most collectable singles in the UK.
London HL8114 1955 Earth Angel/ Hey Senorita

Piccadilly 7N35009 1961 Who Does He Think He Is/ Sparks
Piccadilly 7N35045  1962 Shall I Take My Heart And Go/ What'd I Do

 Penny Candy: She is best known in the UK for 'Rocking Lady', but I've never seen a single.
Top Rank JAR328 1960 Come On Over/ They Said

 Pete Chester: The son of the late comedian and broadcaster Charlie Chester, Pete was founder member of the 'Five Chesternuts' who later became the Shadows. Pete went off to do his own thing; here are some of the singles that resulted.
Pye 7N15305 1960 Ten Swinging Bottles/ Whole Lotta Shakin' On The Range
Pye 7N25074 1961  Three Old Maids/ Forest Fire

 Pete Maclaine And The Clan: Pete was the original vocalist with the Dakotas, a Manchester band who became the backing group for Bill J. Kramer from Liverpool. Pete Maclaine started a new group, but their only single didn't gain the chart success it deserved.
Decca F11699 1963 Yes I Do/ U.S. Mail

 Pete Seeger: He was a familiar sound on Radio and TV during the early sixties, but his style of pseudo-folk became more popular among those buying albums (or LPs as we called them then).
CBS AAG187 1963 Little Boxes/ Mail Myself To You

 Peter B's: Peter Green, Dave Ambrose, Mick Fleetwood and organist leader Peter Bardens. This instrumental group only lasted long enough to cut one unsuccessful, but collectable, single before adding Rod Stewart and Beryl Marsden as vocalists and becoming Shotgun Express.
Columbia DB7862 1966 If You Wanna Be Happy/ Jodrell Blues

 Peter Elliott: UK
Parlophone R4355 1957 To The Aisle/ All At Once
Parlophone R4457 1958 Devotion/ No Fool Like An Old Fool
Parlophone R4514 1959 Call Me/ Flamingo
Parlophone R4529  1959 The Young Have No Time/ Over And Over
Top Rank JAR390 1961 Waiting For Robert E. Lee/ Toot Toot Tootsie
Fontana H325 1961 Devil's Workshop/ Three Little Peggies
Fontana H359 1962 The Swinging Sailor/ Tread Softly Stranger
Decca F12067 1965 Woman Needs/ Heaven Knows
Strike JH311 1966 Thinking/ Song Is Love

 Peter Law: US
Major Minor MM522 1967 Memories/ Of You
Major Minor MM545 1967 The Long Black Veil/ You'll Never Get The Chance Again

 Peter Lee Stirling: UK vocalist- previously leader of the 'Bruisers'- see Tommy Bruce.
Decca F12433 1966 The Sweet And Tender Hold Of Your Love/ Everybody Needs A Someone
Decca F12535 1966 Oh What A Fool/ I'm Sportin'A New Baby
Decca F12628 1967 You Don't Live Twice/ 8.35 On The Dot
Decca F12674 1967 Goodbye Thimblemill Lane/ Hey Conductor
MCA MU1093 1969 Big Sam/ Mr. Average Man

 Peter Pan And Wendy:
Major Minor MM588 1968 We All Love Tiny Tim/ March Of The Pirates

 Peter Vardas:
Top Rank JAR173 1959 He Threw A Stone/ Checkerboard Love

 Peter Wynne: Golden voiced UK singer who later became better known as Simon Smith (see artists-s). His final release as Peter Wynne was one of very few numbers written by Frank Sinatra and among the first published by Polydor in the UK.
Parlophone R4597 1960 Chapel Of Dreams/ Twilight Time
Parlophone R4668 1961 Ask Anyone In Love/ I Need You Close Again
Parlophone R4705 1961 Our Concerto/ Your Love
Parlophone R4884 1962 The Wall/ You're Mine
Polydor NH52.316 1964 I Am A Fool To Want You/ It's A Lonely Town

 Pickwicks: Larry Page managed group from Coventry, previously calling themselves the 'Echo Four'. Their final single allegedly has Jimmy Page playing on it.
Decca F11901 1964 Apple Blossom Time/ I Don't Wanna Tell You Again
Decca F11957 1964 You're Old Enough/ Hello Lady
Warner Bros. WB151  1965 Little By Little/ I Took My Baby Home

 Pinewood Studio Band: Presumably from the west of London film studios.
Top Rank JAR112 1959 Sapphire/ Tiger Bay
Top Rank JAR255 1959 77 Sunset Strip/ Swinging At The Strip
Top Rank JAR355 1960 League Of Gentlemen/ The Golden Fleece
Top Rank JAR361 1960 French Horn Blues/ Elevator Ride
Parlophone R4906  1962  Waltz Of The Toreadors/ Picture Parade

 Pipes Of Pan:
Page One POF038 1967 Monday Morning Rain

 Poor Souls: Scottish beat group.
Decca F12183 1965 When My Baby Cries/ My Baby She's Not There
Alp ALP595004  1966 Love Me/ Please Don't Change Your Mind

Decca F12471 1966 Chain Gang/ Can You Hear Me
Decca F12507 1966 Raindrops/ La Bamba

 Preachers: Forerunners of 'The Herd' including Peter Frampton.
Columbia DB7680 1965 Hole In My Soul/ Too Old In The Head

 Preston Epps: I don't know of another Bongo player with more releases to his name.
Top Rank JAR140 1959 Bongo Rock/ Bongo Party
Top Rank JAR180 1959 Doin' The Cha Cha Cha/ Bongo In Pastel
Top Rank JAR345 1960 Bongo Boogie/ Flamenco Boogie
Top Rank JAR413 1960 Bongo Bongo Bongo/ Hully Gully Bongo
Top Rank JAR522 1960 Bongola/ Blue Bongo

 Professor Longhair: One of the greatest pianists to emerge from New Orleans. Drawing on a huge mixture of rhythms and styles he has proved both inimitable and inspirational. Although a contemporary of Fats Domino, he never achieved fame until near the end of his life. He is the father of the rolling blues piano playing that can still be heard in New Orleans from more recent exponents like Dr. John and Allen Toussaint.
Sue WI397 1965 Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand/ Looka No Hair

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