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  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
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 Safaris: Not to be confused with the Surfaris who were around at about the same time. These had nothing to do with 'surf' but were a Los Angeles vocal group. The Safaris consisted of Jim Stephens (brother of label-mate Julie "Blue-Mood" Stephens) Shelly Briar, Richard Clasky and Marvin Rosenberg. Jim is now a lawyer in West Los Angeles. (Thanks go to 'The Phantom' for naming this line up).
Top Rank JAR424 1960 Image Of A Girl/ Four Steps To Love
Top Rank JAR528 1960 The Girl With The Story In Her Eyes/ Summer Nights

 Sally Kelly: One of very few girls managed by the UK rock and roll pioneering manager Larry Parnes.
Decca F11175 1959 Little Cutie/ Come Back To Me
Decca F11238 1960 He'll Have To Stay/ Honey, That's Alright

 Salome: This intriguingly named Spanish singer shared joint victory with this song in the 1969 Eurovision song contest. It tied with three others including 'Boom Bang A Bang' from Britain's Lulu.
Page One POF137 1969 Vivo Cantando/ Amigos Amigos

 Salt 'N' Pepper:
London HLU9338 1960 High Noon/ Come Softly To Me

 Sammy Masters: This singer/ guitarist- originaly from Sasakawa, Oklahoma- is still going strong and his only output on the label is now the most sought after Warner Bros UK release.
Warner Bros. WB10 1960 Rockin' Redwing/ Lonely Weekend
London HLR 9949 1965 I Fought The Law (And The Law Won)/ Big Man Cried

 Sammy Salvo:
RCA RCA1032 1958 Oh Julie/ Say Yeah
London HLP8997 1959 Afraid/ Marble Heart
Polydor NH66974 1962 Billy Blue/ French Poodle

 Sanford Clark: These excellent numbers probably didn't get enough airplay to chart in the UK. They were arranged by Lee Hazlewood who did excellent work with the backing guitar played by Al Casey. He would later do the same for Duane Eddy who did chart, as did Nancy Sinatra who Hazlewood would later sing with.
London HLD8320 1956 The Fool/ Lonesome For A Letter
London HLW8959 1959 Run Boy Run/ New Kind Of Fool
London HLW9026 1960 Son Of A Gun/ I Can't Help It
London HLW9095 1960 Go On Home/ Pledging My Love
Ember EMBS250 1968 Shades/ Once Upon A Time

 Schoolgirls: West Indian Ska
Blue Beat BB168 1963 Love Another Love/ Little Keithie
Blue Beat BB185 1963 Live Up To Justice/ Keith My Darling
Blue Beat BB214 1964 Last Time/ Sing And Shout
Blue Beat BB263 1964 Never Let You Go

 Screaming Lord Sutch: Larger than life British Rock 'N' Roller who was well loved and inspired many. Despite gaining a lot of publicity for himself, largely through his spoof politics, 'The Monster Raving Loony Party', he never sold sufficient singles to chart. He was the self professed king of 'horror rock and roll'- note that 'Monster In Black Tights' is his horror alternative to 'Venus In Blue Jeans'. His group, 'The Savages' were host to many UK musicians who became more successful than Sutch. His early career overlapped that of Joe Meek with whom he cut many tracks. Sadly, like Meek, this great character was to take his own life during a state of depression.
HMV POP953 1961 Till The Following Night/ Good Golly Miss Molly
Decca F11598 1963 Jack The Ripper/ Don't You Just Know It
Decca F11747 1963 I'm A Hog For You / Monster In Black Tights
Oriole CB1944 1964 She's Fallen In Love With A Monster Man/ Bye Bye Baby
Oriole CB1962 1964 Dracula's Daughter/ Come Back Baby
CBS 201767 1965 The Train Kept A-Rollin'/ Honey Hush
CBS 202080  1966 The Cheat/ Black And Hairy

 Second Generation:
Major Minor MM610 1969 Beyond The Sea (La Mer)/ Suddenly

 Sensations: Group from Philadelphia with Yvonne Baker as the lead vocalist.
Pye 7N25110 1961 Music Music Music/ A Part Of Me
Pye 7N25128 1962 Let Me In/ Oh Yes I'll Be True

 Shacklefords: More Hazlewood influenced guitar work, but probably too folky at this time to chart.
Mercury AMT1204 1963 A Stranger In Your Town/ Big River
Capitol CL15486 1966 The Biplane Evermore/ Five Feet High And Rising

 Shadow Mann: This was Shadow Morton of Red Bird fame
Roulette RO504 1969 Come Live With Me/ One By One

 Shake Keane Fivetet:
Piccadilly 7N35034 1962 The Nursery Blues/ Ruanda

 Shakers: UK, not to be confused with the later US group of the same name, because they weren't really the Shakers at all, but Merseysiders 'Kingsize Taylor And The Dominoes' incognito.
Polydor NH52158 1963 Money/ Memphis Tennessee
Polydor NH52213 1963 Hippy Hippy Shake/ Dr. Feelgood
Polydor NH52258 1963 Money/ Hippy Hippy Shake
Polydor NH52272 1964 Whole Lotta Lovin'/ I Can Tell

 Shane Rimmer: US movie actor. He appeared in Wagon Train; so hence the first UK single. I don't know what inspired the second single
Columbia DB4293 1959 (Roll Along) Wagon Train/ A Touch Of Pink
Columbia DB4343 1959 The Three Bells/ I Want To Walk You Home

 She Trinity: Their greatest achievement seems to have been to include almost the whole lyric of their third release in its title.
Columbia DB7874 1966 He Fought The Law/ The Union Station Blues
Columbia DB7943 1966 Have I Sinned/ Wild Flower
Columbia DB7959 1966 Wild Flower/ The Man Who Took The Valise Off The Floor Of Grand Central Station At Noon
Columbia DB7992 1966 Yellow Submarine/ Promise Me You'll Never Cry
CBS 2819 1967 Across The Street/ Over And Over Again
President PT283 1969 Hair/ Climb That Tree

 Sheila Buxton: This UK singer was familiar to radio audiences and was frequently heard in association with BBC orchestras, but she never succeeded with a single.
Columbia DB3887 1957 Perfect Love/ I Love You Baby
Columbia DB4051 1957 Charm/ The In-Between Age
Top Rank JAR113 1959 Li Per Li/ Soldier, Won't You Marry Me
Top Rank JAR240 1959 All I Do Is Dream Of You/ Shakedown
Top Rank JAR356 1960 Sixteen Reasons/ Goodnight, God I Love You

 Sheila Carter & Episode Six: UK lady vocalist and organist whose backing group included some important future musicians, see 'Episode Six'.
Pye 7N17194 1966 I Will Warm Your Heart/ Incense

 Sheila Hancock: This, as far as I am aware is the only time this versatile UK actress cut a record. She married actor John Thaw ten years later.
Decca F11618 1963 My Last Cigarette/ Landlord And Tenant

 Sheila Southern: UK lady who sang a lot of romantic balads without much luck chartwise.
HMV POP917 1961 If My Heart Were A Ship/ Throwin' Kisses
HMV POP1089 1962 White Wedding/ Little Star
HMV POP1222 1963 Wishing Well/ Daydream
Pye 7N17083 1966 On A Clear Day You Can See Forever/ Strangely Attractive
Pye 7N17290 1967 Girl Without A Boy/ I Had To Fall In Love With You

 Shelby Flint: Female vocalist from Hollywood, Ca.
Warner Bros. WB30 1961 Angel On My Shoulder/ Somebody
London HLT10068 1966 Cast Your Fate To The Wind/ The Lilly

 Shell: Group from Southend, Essex, who were better known locally as the 'Martin Lois Enterprise'.
Columbia DB8082 1966 Goodbye Little Girl/ Little Bit Of Lovin'

 Sherrys: Girl group put together by Joe Cook from Philadelphia. It included his daughters, their cousin and a friend.
London HLW9625 1962 Pop Pop Pop-Pie/ Your Hand In Mine
London HL9686  1963 Let's Stomp Again/ Slop Time

 Shirley And Johnny:
Parlophone R5149 1964 It Must Be Love/ I Don't Want To Know
Parlophone R5246 1964 Only Once/ Make Me An Offer
Parlophone R5319 1965 Day Dreamin' Of You/ Till You Say You'll Be Mine
Parlophone R5411  1966 I'm Sorry/ Breakaway
Parlophone R5630 1967 And I Don't Want Your Love/ There Go The Heartaches
Mercury MF1074 1969 Don't Make Me Over/ Baby Baby Baby
Mercury MF1114 1969 Just Say Goodbye/ The Sunshine After The Rain

 Shirley And Lee: Shirley Goodman and Leonard Lee recorded together from 1952 until 1963. They became known as 'Sweethearts of the blues' and their UK releases of rock and roll singles are all collectable.
Vogue V9059 1956 Let The Good Times Roll/ Do You Mean To Hurt Me So
Vogue V9063 1957 I Feel Good/ Now That It's Over
Vogue V9067 1957 That's What I Wanna Do/ When I Saw You
Vogue V9072 1957 Rock All Nite/ Don't You Know I Love You
Vogue V9084 1957 Rockin' With The Clock/ The Flirt
Vogue V9088 1957 I Want To Dance/ Marry Me
Vogue V9094 1957 Feel So Good/ You'd Be Thinking Of Me
Vogue V9103 1958 I'll Thrill You/ Love No-One But You
Vogue V9118 1958 Everybody's Rockin'/ Don't Leave Me Here To Cry
Vogue V9129 1959 All I Want To Do Is Cry/ Come On And Have Your Fun
Vogue V9135  1959 A Little Word/ That's What I'll Do
Vogue V9137 1959 I'll Do It/ Lee's Dream
Vogue V9156 1959 True Love/ When Day Is Done
London HLI9186 1960 I've Been Loved Before/ Like You Used To Do
London HLI9209 1960 Let The Good Times Roll/ Keep Loving Me
Island WI257 1965 Let The Good Times Roll/ /I'm Gone

 Shirley Jones :
Pye 7N25067 1961 Pepe/ Lovely Day

 Shoes: UK
Polydor BM56739 1968 Farewell In The Rain/ What In The World Is Love

London HLP9481 1962 It Will Stand/ Country Fool
London HLP9571  1962 The Wrong Girl/ I Love You Can't You See

 Signs: Liverpool Trio.
Decca F12522 1966 Ain't You Got A Heart/ My Baby Comes To Me

Parlophone R4407 1958 Get A Job/ I Am Lonely
Parlophone R4425 1958 Headin' For The Poorhouse/ Miss Thing

 Silver Dollars: Newcastle five-piece.
Mercury MF835 1964 Rainbow/ If I Lost You

 Simon Smith: UK singer who had previously recorded under his real name of Peter Wynne (see artists-p). Despite experience in Nashville and appreciation gained on TV through appearance on the BBC's Country And Western show he never cracked the UK chart. He also played Will Scarlet at the London Palladium during 1966 in "Babes In The Wood" in which Frank Ifield starred as Robin Hood.
Columbia DB8213 1967 And This Is My Beloved/ I Just Can't Live Without You

 Singing Belles:
Top Rank JAR350 1960 The Empty Mailbox/ Someone Loves You Joe

 Six Teens:
London HLU8345 1956 A Casual Look/ Teen Age Promise

 Skip And Flip: Actually Clyde Battin and Gary Paxton from the University of Arizona. Battin had a long musical career and later joined the Byrds. Paxton became a member of the Hollywood Argyles and later became a record producer in Los Angeles.
Top Rank JAR156 1959 It Was I/ Lunch Hour
Top Rank JAR248 1959 Fancy Nancy/ It Could Be
Top Rank JAR358 1960 Cherry Pie/ I'll Quit Cryin' Over You

 Sky: Aldershot group.
Decca F12971 1969 The Singer Is Singing His Song/ On Our Way

 Skyliners: White Doo-Wop group from Pittsburgh, responsible for one of the greatest of all the genre's songs- but still didn't chart in the UK. Lead singer Jimmy Beaumont has a very collectable 45 on the UK's London label.
London HLB8829 1959 Since I Don't Have You/ One Night, One Night
London HLU8924  1959 This I Swear/ Tomorrow
London HLU8971 1959 It Happened Today/ Lonely Way
Polydor NH66951 1960 Pennies From Heaven/ I'll Be Seeing You
Pye 7N25091 1961 The Door Is Still Open/ I'll close My Eyes

 Slim Harpo: Born James Moore in Lobdell, Louisiana during 1924. Successful on the US R&B chart and even had a pop crossover hit with 'Baby Scratch My Back'- but had no luck with singles in the UK. Sadly, he died in 1970 at the point that his career was at a high point.
Pye 7N25098 1961 Rainin' In My Heart/ Don't Start Cryin' Now
Pye 7N25220 1963 Don't Start Cryin' Now/ Rainin' In My Heart
Stateside SS491 1966 Baby Scratch My Back/ I'm Gonna Miss You
Stateside SS527  1966 Shake Your Hips/ Midnight Blues
Stateside SS557 1966 I'm A King Bee/ I Got Love If You Want It
Stateside SS581 1967 I'm Your Breadmaker Baby/ Loving You
President PT164 1967 I'm Gonna Keep What I've Got/ I've Got To Be With You Tonight
President PT187  1968 Tip On In Pt.1/ Pt.2
Liberty LBF15176  1968 Something Inside Me

 Slim Smith: Lead singer with the Uniques who contributed to several of the following singles.
Island WI3023 1966 I've Got Your Number/ The New Boss
Coxsons CS7009  1967 Mercy Mercy
Coxsons CS7016 1967 Hip Hug
Coxsons CS7034 1967 Rougher Yet/ I'll Never Let Go
Trojan TR619 1968 Watch This Sound/ Out Of Love
Unity UN504 1969 Everybody Needs Love
Unity UN508 1969 For Once In My Life/ Burning Desire
Unity UN510 1969 Zip A Dee Doo Dah/ On Broadway
Unity UN513 1969 Let It Be Me/ Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things
Unity UN520  1969 Slip Away/ Spanish Harlem
Unity UN524 1969 Sunny Side Of The Sea/ A Place In The Sun
Unity UN537 1969 Keep That Light Shining On Me/ Build My World Around You
Unity UN539 1969 Love Me Tender/ This Feeling

Stateside SS8028 1969 Baby It's You/ I Don't Believe

 Sonny Boy Williamson: Born in Glendora, Mississippi during 1897, this Sonny Boy was the second bluesman to go under that name. The first 'Sonny Boy', John Lee Williamson- an inventive harmonica bluesman- was mugged and murdered in 1948. The latter, now better known 'Sonny Boy', a master of harmonica blues adopted the name during 1942- probably to exploit the fame of the other. His original name had been 'Rice Miller'. He became a favourite of blues revivalists during the 1960s and enjoyed the idolisation bestowed on him during this 'Indian Summer' of his long musical career.
Pye 7N25191 1963 Help Me/ Bye Bye Bird
Pye 7N25268 1964 Lonesome Cabin/ The Goat
Sue WI365 1965 No Nights By Myself/ Boppin' With Sonny Boy
Chess CRS8030 1966 Bring It On Home/ Down Child
Blue Horizon 451008  1966 From The Bottom/ Empty Bedroom

 Sonny James: A great US country singer- but no UK hits.
Capitol CL14635 1956 The Cat Came Back/ Hello Old Broken Heart
Capitol CL14664 1956 Twenty Feet Of Muddy Water/ Water For Rent
Capitol CL14683 1957 Young Love/ You're The Reason I'm In Love
Capitol CL14708 1957 First Date First Kiss First Love/ Speak To Me
Capitol CL14742 1957 Dear Love/ Lovesick Blues
Capitol CL14788 1957 Love Conquered/ A Mighty Loveable Man
Capitol CL14814 1957 Uh-Huh-Mm/ Why Can't They Remember
Capitol CL14848 1958 Kathaleen/ Walk To The Dance
Capitol CL14879 1958 Are You Mine/ Let's Play Love
Capitol CL14915 1958 You Got That Touch/ I Can See It In Your Eyes
Capitol CL14952 1958 I Can't Stay Away From You/ Let Me Be The One To Love You
Capitol CL14991 1959 Yo-Yo/ Dream Big
Capitol CL15022 1959 Talk Of The School/ The Table
Capitol CL15046  1959 Pure Love/ This Love Of Mine
Capitol CL15079 1959 Red Mud/ Who's Next In Line
Capitol CL15377 1965 You're The Only World I Know/ Tying The Pieces Together
Capitol CL15494 1967 Take Good Care Of Her/ On The Fingers Of One Hand
Capitol CL15580 1969 Only The Lonely/ The Journey
London HL9132 1960 Jenny Lou/ Passin' Through

 Sonny Terry And Brownie McGhee: Probably one of the blues greatest couplings. Started in 1940, the pair worked together until 1982, by which time their dislike for each other had become too intense for the partnership to continue.
Columbia DB4433 1960 Talking Harmonica Blues/ Rockin' And Whoopin'
Oriole CB1946 1964 Goin' Down Slow/ Dissatisfied Woman

 Sonny Webb And The Cascades: Liverpool group whose lead vocalist's real name was Ken Johnson. The group also changed their name- becoming the Hillsiders.
Oriole CB1873 1964 You've Got Everything/ Border Of The Blues

 Soul Sisters: Two large American R&B ladies called Tresia Cleveland and Ann Gissendammer. Their first UK release was covered by Spencer Davis who got to #47 with it in Britain.
Sue WI312 1964 I Can't Stand It/ Blueberry Hill
Sue WI336 1964 Loop De Loop/ Long Gone
London HLC9970 1965 Good Time Tonight/ Foolish Dreamer

Top Rank JAR228 1959 The Lonely Jet Pilot/ The Clouds

 Spectrum: UK group who rached the #1 spot in Spain with their fourth release 'Headin' For A Heatwave', but never raised sufficient interest on their home ground for a British chart placing of any kind.
Columbia DB7742 1965 Little Girl/ Asking You
RCA RCA1589 1967 Samantha's Mine/ Saturday's Child
RCA RCA1619 1967 Portobello Road/ Comes The Dawn
RCA RCA1651 1967 Headin' For A Heatwave/ I Wanna Be With You
RCA RCA1700 1968 London Bridge Is Coming Down/ Tables And Chairs
RCA RCA1753 1968 Little Red Boat By The River/ Forget Me Not
RCA RCA1775 1968 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da/ Music Soothes The Savage Breast
RCA RCA1853  1969 Free/ The Tale Of Wally Toft
RCA RCA1883 1969 Gloria/ Nodnol

Spencer Wiggins: US Soul singer.
Stateside SS2024 1967 Uptight Good Woman/ Anything You Do Is Alright

 Spike Jones: Spike's zany madcap musical mayhem gained a following in the UK but no chart hits. His original work is easier to find on EPs than anything else; his 45 rpm singles are quite rare.
HMV 7M121 1953 Hot Lips/ Hotter Than A Pistol
HMV 7M160 1953 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/ Winter
HMV 7M324 1955 Secret Love/ I'm In The Mood For Love
Warner Bros. WB34 1961 Monster Movie Babe/ Teenage Brain Surgeon

 Spike Milligan: Another zany Spike who was also musical- he played the Jazz trumpet seriously though.
Parlophone R4406 1958 Wish I Knew/ Will I Find My Love Today
Parlophone R4839  1961 I'm Walking Out With A Mountain/ The Sewers Of The Strand
Parlophone R4891 1962 Wormwood Scrubs Tango/ Postman's Knock
Parlophone R5513 1966 Purple Aeroplane/ Nothing At All
Parlophone R5543 1966 Tower Bridge/ Silent Night
 Pye 7N15720 1964 Epilogue/ The Olympic Team

 Spokesman: They provided the 'answer' to Barry McGuire.
Brunswick 05941 1965 The Dawn Of Correction/ For You Babe
Brunswick 05948 1965 It Ain't Fair/ Have Courage To Be Careful
Brunswick 05950 1965 Michelle/ Better Days Are Yet To Come
Brunswick 05958 1965 Today's The Day/ Enchente

MCA MU1060 1969 Games People Play/ Funky Bayswater

 Staccatos: from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, formed in 1963. Members were: Dean Hagopian (vocals; 1963-64) Brian Rading (bass) Rick 'Bell' Belanger (drums) Les Emmerson (vocals, guitar) Vern Craig (guitar; 1963-68) Mike 'Bell' Belanger (drums; 1968-73) Ted Gerow (keyboards; 1968-73). (Thanks to Ken Smith of Tallahassee for this info)
Capitol CL15478 1966 Let's Run Away/ Face To Face
Capitol CL15505 1967 Half Past Midnight/ Weatherman

 Staccatos: UK
Fontana TF966 1968 Butchers And Bakers/ Imitations Of Love

 Stan Kenton Orchestra: Arguably, Stan Kenton's band was more a product of the American dance hall than of jazz and carried criticism for it. However, his music was popular in the UK and many British dance bands used Kenton as their model. Nevertheless, this popularity never brought sufficient sales of singles to enter the UK pop chart.
Capitol CL14247 1955 Alone Too Long/ Don't Take Your Love From Me
Capitol CL14259 1955 A-Ting-A-Ling/ Malaguena
Capitol CL14269 1955 23 Degrees North, 82 Degrees West/ Falling
Capitol CL14287 1955 Lover man/ I've Got You Under My Skin
Capitol CL14301 1955 Casanova/ Dark Eyes
Capitol CL14319 1955 Freddy/ The Handwriting's On The Wall
Capitol CL14537 1956 Winter In Madrid/ Baa-Too-Kee
Capitol CL14539 1956 Sunset Tower/ Opus In Chartreuse
Capitol CL14540 1956 My Lady/ Frank Speaking
Capitol CL14541 1956 Portrait Of A Count/ Invention For Guitar And Trumpet
Capitol CL14542 1956 Cherokee/ Limelight
Capitol CL14707 1957 His Feet Too Big For De Head/ Stardust- Boogie
Capitol CL14806 1957 Lemon Twist/ Baby You're Tough
Capitol CL14847 1958 Tequila/ Cuban Mumble
Capitol CL14866 1958 Reverie/ More love Than Your Love
Capitol CL15029 1959 Whistle Walk/ Tamer-Lane
Capitol CL15239 1962 Splendour In The Grass/ Gee, Officer Krupke
Capitol CL15276 1962 Whispering Hope/ Mama Sang A Song

 Stanley Holloway: This popular character actor was a familiar figure in British comedy films of the 1940s and 1950s. However, he was also well known for his comical monologues, a talent for which he had cultivated in the music halls. Although these frequently depicted activities in the North of England, Stanley was really a southerner. His later, usually musical, recordings better reflected his origins.
Decca F11140 1959 Dark Girl Dressed In Blue/ Growing Old
Columbia DB4517 1960 Petticoat Lane/ Sing A Song Of London
Columbia DB4653 1961 Brahn Boots/ Tommy The Whistler
Pye 7N15302  1961 Lily Of Laguna/ A Bachelor Gay

 Statesmen: Manchester, UK based beat group.
Decca F11687 1963 Look Around/I'm Wondering
Fontana TF432 1964 I've Just Fallen In Love/ It's All Happening

CBS 4141 1969 Junior's Wailing/ Windmill
CBS 4496 1969 Autumn Song/ Blues For Passing People

 Steve Alaimo: US singer/ songwriter who later went into A&R.
Pye 7N25161 1962 My Friends/ Going Back To Marty
Pye 7N25174 1963 Little Girl/ Every Day I Have To Cry
Pye 7N25199  1963 It's A Long Long Way To Happiness/ A Lifetime Of Loneliness
HMV POP1531  1966 So Much Love/ Truer Than True
Atlantic 588227  1968 Watching The Trains Go By/ Thankyou For The Sunshine Days

 Steve Aldo: Black Liverpudlian who sang with various groups - his excellent first single release was with the Challengers. He later gave up the business to run a pub.
Decca F12041 1964 Can I Get A Witness/ Baby What You Want Me To Do
Parlophone R5432 1965 You're Absolutey Right/ Everybody Has To Cry

 Steve And Stevie: 
Toast TT510 1968 Merry-Go-Round/ Remains To Be Seen

 Steve Cropper: 
Stax 147 1969 Funky Broadway/ Crop Dustin'

 Steve Darbishire: 
Decca F12261 1965 That's The Reason Why/ She's Got Quality
Decca F12343 1966 I Do Know/ Don't Put The Phone Down
Decca F12414  1966 Yum Yum/ Kiss Away
Decca F12512 1966 Trains Trains/ Alma Jones
Decca F12553 1967 Holiday In Waikiki/ Just A Little Lovin' Chages Things

 Steve Martin: UK
Philips PB820 1958 Stairway Of Love/ Chanson D'Amour
Philips PB853 1958 The Man Inside/ Blue-Eyes Sue
Decca F11425 1962 Golden Dreams/ Talk It Over With Someone

 Strandsmen: Irish Showband formed by lead singer Billy Hamilton and brother George on trombone and latin percussion with Max Beesley (drums), Burt Robinson (trombone), Alf Verner (guitar) and Steve Green (guitar). They became a very popular cabaret act in Britain but never found the chart with any of their singles.
Philips BF1524 1966 Only Love Can Break A Heart/ Forgive Me
Philips BF1572 1967 I Know/ Stay Close To Me
Philips BF1622 1967 Try To Remember/ Don't You Believe It

 Strangeloves: US Session men rather than a 'road' band.
Immediate IM7 1965 Cara Lin/ Roll On Mississippi
Stateside SS446 1965 I Want Candy/ It's About My Baby
London HLZ10020 1966 Rhythm Of Love/ Night Time
London HLZ10063 1966 Hand Jive/ I Gotta Dance
London HLK10238 1969 Honey Do/ I Wanna Do It

 Stranger Cole: West Indian Ska 
Island WI110 1963 Stranger At The Door/ Nothing Tried
Island WI114 1963 Last Love
Island WI126 1963 We Are Rolling/ Millie Maw
Island WI169 1965 Koo Koo Doo
Island WI177 1965 Run Joe/ Make Believe
Island WI3154 1968 Jeboza Macoo/ Now I Know
Blue Beat BB322  1965 When The Party Is Over
Blue Beat BB333 1965 Matilda/ When The Party Is Over
Bue Beat BB345 1968 When The Party Is Over/ Oh My Baby
Doctor Bird DB1025 1966 We Shall Overcome/ Do You Really Love Me
Doctor Bird DB1040 1966 Droip The Ratchet/ Oh Yee Mahee
Doctor Bird DB1066 1967 You Took My Love/
Black Swan WI413 1964 Uno Dos Tres/ Look Before You Leap
Black Swan WI415 1964 Summer Day/ Loving You Always
Black Swan WI435 1964 Little Boy Blues
Amalgamated AMG838 1969 What Moma No Want She Get/ We Two

 Streamliners And Joanne: Joanne was none other than Rosemary Squires. The release was promoted on TV, with 'Joanne' dressed as a 1920s vamp in tasselled, layered dress and cute headband.
Columbia DB4689 1961 Frankfurter Sandwiches/ Pachalfaka
Columbia DB4808 1962 Everybody's Doin' The Twist/ Do Something

 Stylos: UK based, white R&B combo.
Liberty LBS10173 1964 Head Over Heels/By Bye, Baby, Bye Bye

 Sue Nicholls: The first of these two singles reached #17 in the UK chart, so this entry shouldn't really be in these listings. However I've added Sue because to most British TV viewers she will be better known as Audrey Roberts of 'Coronation Street'. I think she was an actress in TV's 'Crossroads' at the time these singles were cut.
Pye 7N17565 1968 Where Will You Be/ Every Day
Pye 7N17674 1969 All The Way To Heaven/ I'll Be Waiting For You

 Sugar Pie De Santo: Raunchy female vocalist cousin of Etta James who she worked with frequently, but never quite 'out-raunched'.
Pye 7N25249 1964 Soulful Dress/ Use What You Got
Pye 7N25267 1964 I Don't Wanna Fuss/ I Love You So Much
Chess CRS8034  1966 There's Gonna Be Trouble/ In The Basement
Chess CRS8093 1969 Soulful Dress/ There's Gonna Be Trouble

 Suzy Cope: Unsuccessful but talented UK singer/ songwriter.
HMV POP941 1961 Teenage Fool/ Juvenile Delinquent
HMV POP1047 1962 Not Never Not Now/ Kisses And Tears
HMV POP1167 1963 Biggity Big/ Doing What You Know Is Wrong
CBS 201792 1965 You Can't Say I Never Told You/ And Now I Don't Want You

Warner Bros. WB7 1960 Scandinavian Shuffle/ Hot Toddy

 Sweet Inspirations: US
Atlantic 584132 1967 Let It Be Me/ When Something Is Wrong With My Baby

 Sylvia Syms: An American record, stage and nightclub artist who was frequently confused with the similarly named, but very British actress. Sadly, the Sylvia Syms featured here (the singer) died during 1992 at the age of 79.
Brunswick 05744 1958 I Could Have Danced All Night/ Be Good (To Me)
Brunswick 05771 1958 The Night They Invented Champagne/ The Nature Of Things

 Sylvie Vartan: An alluring blonde lady who married her countryman, Johnny Halliday- who was a French rock and roller.
RCA Victor RCA1490 1965 One More Day/ I Made My Choice
RCA Victor RCA1495 1965 Another Heart/ Think About You

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