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  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
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 T-Bone Walker: West coast bluesman who wove jazz into his playing of the electric guitar. He was born in Linden Texas during 1910 and died in Los Angeles during 1975.
Liberty LIB12018 1965 Party Girl/ Here In The Dark

 T.V. Cast of the Army Game: This was a song set to the signature tune of this popular Friday evening ITV comedy. It starred Alfie Bass, Michael Medwin , Bernard Bresslaw and William Hartnell who was to become the first Dr. Who.
HMV POP490 1958 The Army Game/ What Do We Do In The Army

 Tages: A competent five-piece from Sweden..
Columbia DB8019 1966 Crazy 'Bout My Baby/ In My Dreams
HMV POP1515 1966 So Many Girls/ I'm Mad
Parlophone R5640 1967 Treat Her Like A Lady/ Wanting
Parlophone R5702 1968 There's A Blind Man Playin' Fiddle In The Street/ Like A Woman
MGM MGM1443 1968 Halcyon Days/ I Read You Like An Open Book

 Tangerine Peel: A UK based five-piece who included songwriter Mike Chapman as a vocalist.
United Artists UP1193 1967 Every Christian Lion-Hearted Man Will Show You/ Trapped
CBS 3402 1968 Solid Gold Mountain/ Light Across The River
CBS 3676  1968 Talking To No One/ Wishing Tree
MGM MGM1470 1969 Never Say Never Again/ A Thousand Miles Away
MGM MGM1487 1969 Play Me A Sad Song And I'll Dance/ Wish You Could Be Here With Me

 Taste: This group was formed by Irish guitarist Rory Gallagher from Cork- they had originally played as part of a showband before moving on to more blues influenced material.
Major Minor MM560 1968 Blister On The Moon/ Born On The Wrong Side Of Time
Polydor 56313  1969 Born On The Wrong Side Of Time/ Same Old Story

 Tea And Sympathy: A Birmingham based rock band whose guitar players, Bob Wilson and Dave Carroll, later teamed up with Steve Gibbons.
Harvest HAR5005 1969 Boredom/ Armchair theatre.

 Ted Taylor Four: Unusual UK instrumental combo.
Oriole CB1464 1958 Son Of Honky Tonk/ Farrago
Oriole CB1573 1960 M1/ Yu Are My Sunshine
Oriole CB1574 1961 Fried Onions/ Yellow Rose Of Texas
Oriole CB1628 1961 Cat's Eyes/ Canyon
Oriole CB1630 1961 Flyover/ Haunted Pad
Oriole CB1713 1962 Jericho/ Everytime We Say Goodbye
Oriole CB1767 1962 Surfrider/ Talent Spot

 Teen Queens: Sisters Betty and Rosie Collins who did the original version of this record which tied in the US pop chart with the Chordettes cover in 1956. The record listed here is the earliest UK issue that I know of.
R&B MRB5000  1965 Eddie My Love/ Just Goofed

 Ten Foot Five: This Andover based UK group fell apart after having no success with this single, but included Chris Britton and Pete Staples who became important ingredients in another Hampshire band called the Troggs.
Fontana TF578 1965 Baby's Back In Town/ Send Me No More Lovin'

 Tennors: West Indian Ska/ Reggae
Doctor Bird DB1152 1968 Massy Massa
Doctor Bird DB1175  1968 Sufferer/ Little Things
Island WI3133 1968 Ride Your Donkey/ I've got To Get You Off My Mind 
Island WI3140 1968 Copy Me Donkey
Island WI3156 1968 Grampa
Blue Cat BS127 1968 Khaki
Big Shot BI501 1968 Reggae Girl
Big Shot BI514 1969 You're No Good/ Do The Reggae
Big Shot BI517 1969 Another Scorcher/ My Baby
Fab FAB41 1968 Ride Your Donkey/ I've Got To Get You Off My Mind
Fab FAB50 1968 Let Go Yah Donkey
Duke Reid DR2502 1969 Hopeful Village
Crab CRAB26 1969 Baff bom/ Feel Bad
Crab CRAB29 1969 True Brothers/ Sign Of The Time
Crab CRAB36 1969 I Want Everything/ Cherry

 Terri Dean:
Top Rank JAR141 1959 I'm Confessin'/ I Blew Out The Flame
Top Rank JAR179 1959 Adonis/ You Treat Me Like A Boy

 Terry And Jerry:
R&B MRB5009 1965 People Are Doing It Every Day/ Mama Julie

 Terry Anton:
Pye 7N15857 1965 Leave A Little Love/ Don't Say Goodbye

 Terry Wayne: Uncharted pioneer of British rock 'n' roll.
Columbia DB4002 1957 Matchbox/ Your True Love
Columbia DB4035 1957 Plaything/ Slim Jim Tie
Columbia DB4067 1958 All Mama's Children/ Forgive Me
Columbia DB4112 1958 Oh! Lonesome Me/ There's Only One You
Columbia DB4205 1958 Little Brother/ Where My Baby Goes
Columbia DB4312 1959 Brooklyn Bridge/ She's Mine

 Theophilus Beckford: Jamaica
Blue Beat BB33 1961 Jack And Jill Shuffle/ Little Lady
Blue Beat BB50 1961 Georgie And The Old Shoe/ That's Me
Blue Beat BB87  1962 Walking Down King Street/ The Clock
Blue Beat BB132 1962 Bringing In The Sheep/ Run Away
Blue Beat BB250 1964 She's Gone/ Old Flame
Blue Beat BB257 1964 Don't Worry To Cry/ Love Me Or Leave Me
Blue Beat BB287 1964 On Your Knees/ Now You're Gone
Blue Beat BB303 1965 Dig The Dig/ Don't Let Me Cry Anymore
Island WI026 1962 I Don't Want You/ Seven Long Years
Island WI106 1963 Daphney/ Boiler Man A Come
Island WI238 1965 Trenchtown People
Island WI243 1965 You Are The One Girl
Island WI246 1965 If Life Was A Thing
Island WI248 1965 What A Woe/ Bejan Girl
Nu Beat NB009 1968 Easy Snappin'
Black Swan WI452 1965 Take Your Time
Crab CRAB25 1969 Brother Ram Goat

 Thomas Wayne: Mississippi singer who was the brother of Luther Perkins- Johnny Cash's guitar player.
London HLU8646 1959 Tragedy/ Saturday Date

 Three Caps: Trio from Detroit who later became the Capitols
Atlantic 584043 1966 I Got To Handle It/ Zig-Zagging
Atlantic 584251 1969 Cool Jerk/ Hello Stranger

 Three Chuckles: This US group incorporated Teddy Randazzo who sang and played accordion. He went on to produce 'Little Anthony And The Imperials' - among others.
HMV 7M292 1955 Runaround/ At Last You Understand
HMV 7M333 1956 Still Thinking Of You/ Times Two I Love You
HMV POP292  1957 We're Gonna Rock Tonight/ Want You To Give Me A Chance

 Three People: Folk trio from Manchester.
Decca F12473 1966 Have You Ever Been There/ The Good Times
Decca F12514 1966 Suspicions/ Easy Man To Find 
Decca F12581 1967 Got To Find A Reason/ The Simple Thing Would Be For You

 Three Quarters:
Columbia DB7467 1965 People Will Talk/ Love Come A-Tricklin' Down
Columbia DB7576 1965 The Pleasure Girls/ Little People

 Thyrds: Originally recording with the privately owned 'Oak' label they transferred to Decca following an appearance on TV's 'Ready Steady Go', but still met with no success. Both versions are collectable.
Oak RGJ133 1964 Hide 'N' Seek/ I've Got My Mojo Working
Decca F12010 1964 Hide 'N' Seek/ No time Like The Present

 Tim Whitsett: US instrumentalist and music publisher who settled in the UK during the 1970s.
Sue WI318 1964 Macks By The Tracks/ Shine

 Times: Manchester based beat group.
Columbia DB7804 1966 Think About The Times/ Tomorrow Night
Columbia DB7904 1966 She Can't Replace The Love We Knew/ Reconciled

 Timi Yuro: White husky voiced soul singer whose great US hit 'Hurt' didn't quite break the UK chart.
London HLG9403 1961 Hurt/ I Apologise
London HLG9484 1962 Smile/ I Believe
Liberty LIB55410  1962 Satan Never Sleeps/ Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Liberty LIB55469 1962 What A Matter Baby/ Thirteenth Hour
Liberty LIB55519  1963 The Love Of A Boy/ I Ain't Gonna Cry No More
Liberty LIB55587 1963 Make The World Go Away/ Look Down
Liberty LIB55634 1963 Gotta Travel On/ Down In The Valley
Liberty LIB10177 1964 Hurt/ Be Anything (But Be Mine)
Mercury MF826  1964 If/ I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over
Mercury MF848 1965 You Can Have Him/ Could This Be Magic
Mercury MF859 1965 Get Out Of My Life/ Can't Stop Running Away
Mercury MF903  1965 Once A Day/ Pretend
Mercury MF949 1965 Turn The World Around The Other Way/ Just A Ribbon
Mercury MF978  1966 Cuttin' In/ Why Not Now
Liberty LBF15092 1968 Something Bad On My Mind/ Wrong
Liberty LIB15142  1968 I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind/ Interlude
Liberty LIB15182 1968 It'll Never Be Over For Me/ As Long As there Is You

 Tina Robin: US lady ballad singer.
Coral Q72284 1957 Over Somebody Else's Shoulder/ Lady Fair
Coral Q72294 1957 Never In A Million Years/ Ca C'est L'amour
Coral Q72309 1958 Everyday/ Believe Me
Coral Q72323 1958 No School Tomorrow/ Sugar Blues
Mercury AMT1199 1962 Get Out Of My Life/ Why Did You Go

 Tiny Bradshaw Band: This Ohio born, orchestra leader embraced rock and roll during the 1950s- unusual though not unique for a US big band (even Count Basie tried it) .
Parlophone MSP6118 1954 The Gypsy/ Spider Web
Parlophone MSP6145 1955 Overflow/ Don't Worry 'Bout Me

 Tippie And The Clovers: This was the first release of Tiger Records- an unsuccessful Lieber & Stoller label started before their famous 'Red Bird' days.
Stateside SS160 1963 Bossa Nova Baby/ My Heart Said

 Titus Turner: A man who had a couple of 'answers' for Lloyd Price, although only one was issued in the UK as far as I'm aware.
London HLU9024 1960 We Told You Not To Marry/ Taking Care Of Business
Oriole CB1611 1961 Pony Train/ Bia Bia Cha Cha Cha
Parlophone R4746  1961 Sound-Off/ Me And My Lonely Telephone
Blue Beat BB32 1961 Miss Rubberneck Jones/ Way Down Yonder

 Toby Twirl: They came from Newcastle and were previously recorded as the 'Shades Of Blue', but didn't reach the UK chart in either guise.
Decca F12728 1968 Harry Faversham/ Back In Time
Decca F12804 1968 Romeo And Juliet, 1968/ Toffee Apple Sunday
Decca F12867 1969 Movin' In/ Utopia Daydream

 Toggery Five: A group from Stockport, Cheshire who took their name from a local clothes boutique- The Toggery. They once appeared on TV's Ready Steady Go where they came runners-up to the Bo Street Runners in a beat group contest.
Parlophone R5175 1964 By Bye Bird/ I'm Gonna Jump
Parlophone R5249 1965 I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys/ It's So Easy

 Tom Lehrer: An American composer and singer of ditties that were rich with black humour. Very popular at the end of the 1950s, but most bought the 10inch LPs, not these later singles.
Decca F11243 1960 Poisoning Pigeons In The Park/ The Masochism Tango
Reprise RS23049 1966 Pollution/ Folk Song Army

 Tommy And The Upsetters: West Indian, allegedly Tommy McCook.
Trojan TR7717 1969 Lockjaw

 Tommy Collins: US Country singer
Capitol CL14838 1958 Think It Over Boys/ All Of The Monkeys Ain't In The Zoo
Capitol CL14894 1958 Let Down/ It Tickles
Capitol CL15076 1959 Little June/ A Hundred Years From Now
Capitol CL15118 1960 Wreck Of The Old '97/ You Belong In My Arms

 Tommy Leonetti: A vocalist who found fame in Sydney, Australia running a TV chat show during the late 1960s. He is well known there for a song he wrote and recorded called "My City of Sydney" which was played on one channel every night with a film clip to close the transmission. He did for Sydney what Tony Bennett did for SanFrancisco. Leonetti died from cancer in the early 1980's. (Info supplied by Steve Walker of Sydney).
Capitol CL14272 1955 Ever Since You Went Away/ Untied
Capitol CL14556 1956 Heartless/ Sometime
Capitol CL14598 1956 It's Wild/ Free
Capitol CL14654 1956 Too Proud/ Wrong
RCA RCA1107 1958 Dream Lover/ Moonlight Serenade

 Tommy McCook: West Indian Ska/ Reggae
Island WI102 1963 Adam's Apple
Island WI118 1963 Below Zero
Island WI124 1963 Junior Jive
Island WI232 1965 Rocket Ship
Island WI3047 1967 One Two Three Kick
Island WI3049 1967 Saboo
R&B JB139 1964 Sampson
R&B JB163 1964 Bridge View
Port-O-Jam PJ4001 1964 Exodus
Black Swan WI422 1964 Two For One
Rio R100 1966 Jerk Time
Rio R101 1966 Out Of Space
Rio R103 1966 Ska Jam/ Smooth Sailing
Rio R104 1966 Riverton City
Doctor Bird DB1032 1966 Naked City
Doctor Bird DB1047 1966 Spanish Eyes
Doctor Bird DB1051 1966 A Little Bit Of Heaven
Doctor Bird DB1053  1966 Indian Love Call
Doctor Bird DB1056 1966 Danger Man
Doctor Bird DB1057 1966 Inez
Doctor Bird DB1058 1967 Jam Session
Doctor Bird DB1061 1967 What Now
Treasure Isle TI7004 1967 Wall Street Shuffle
Treasure Isle TI7016 1967 Tommy's Rock Steady
Treasure Isle TI7018 1967 Saboo
Treasure Isle TI7032 1968 Venus/ Music Is My Occupation
Treasure Isle TI7039 1968 Our Man Flint
Treasure Isle TI7042 1968 Moving
Trojan TR642 1969 Breaking Up/ Party Time
Trojan TR657 1969 When The Saints Go Marching In
Trojan TR659  1969 Popcorn Regay
Trojan TR686 1969 Tribute To Rameses
Trojan TR7706 1969 Black Coffee
Unity UN506 1969 The Avengers
Unity UN534 1969 Dream Boat/ Tommy's Dream
Unity UN535 1969 Peanut Vendor/ 100,000 Tons Of Rock

 Tommy McLain: A wonderful ballad from this exponent of 'Swamp Pop' from Louisiana.
London HL10065 1966 Sweet Dreams/ I Need You So
London HL10091 1966 Think It Over/ I Can't Take No More

 Tommy Quickly: A nearly successful Liverpool singer who was taken on by Beatles' manager Brian Epstein. Despite good promotion and an excellent backing group, The Remo Four, he never quite reached the UK chart.
Piccadilly 7N35137 1963 Tip Of My Tongue/ Heaven Only Knows
Piccadilly 7N35151 1963 Kiss Me Now/ No Other Love
Piccadilly 7N35167 1964 Prove It/ Haven't You Noticed
Piccadilly 7N35183 1964 You Might As Well Forget Him/ It's As Simple As That
Pye 7N15708 1964 The Wild Side Of Life/ Forget The Other Guy
Pye 7N15748 1964 Humpty Dumpty/ I'll Go Crazy

 Tommy Watt Orchestra:
Parlophone R4135 1956 Tender Trap/ Who Done It
Parlophone R4281 1957 Holiday For Trombones/ Grasshopper Jump
Parlophone R4331 1957 Crickets On Parade/ Rock A Bugle
Parlophone R4337 1957 Overdrive/ Little Hut
Columbia DB7176  1963 Burke's Law Theme/ Lapland Romance

 Toni Eden: Versatile UK lady who never quite made it on record.
Columbia DB4409 1960 Teen Street/ No One Understands
Columbia DB4458 1960 Grown Up Dreams/ Whad'ya Gonna Do
Columbia DB4527 1960 Will I Ever/ The Waiting Game
Decca F11342 1961 Send Me/ Interesting Facts
United Artists UP1117 1965 Dream Child/ Wanderer
United Artists UP1171 1967 Fiding You, Loving You/ Shining Sea

 Tony Allen: UK Singer. I think there was a US drummer of the same name. The A side of the first release was written by Paul Anka and the B-side by Mike Hawker and Marty Wilde.
Philips PB1235 1962 (In The) Fools Hall Of Fame/ My Heart Is Free
Philips BF1252 1962 That Little Touch Of Magic/ On Such A Night As This

 Tony Blackburn: UK disc jockey, known for his awful jokes. His singing was a little better I think, but less popular because he never charted.
Fontana TF562 1965 Don't Get Off That Train/ Just To Be With You Again
Fontana TF601 1965 Is There Another Way To Love You/ Here Today Gone Tomorrow
Fontana TF729 1966 Green Light/ Winter Is Through
MGM MGM1375 1967 So Much Love/ In The Night
MGM MGM1394 1968 She's My Girl/ Closer To A Dream
MGM MGM1467 1969 It's Only Love/ Janie
Polydor 56360 1969 Blessed Are The Lonely/ Wait For Me

 Tony Brook With The Breakers: Rare British R&B
Columbia DB7279 1964 Ooh Poo Pah Doo/ Meanie Genie
Columbia DB7444 1965 Love Dances On/ I Won't Hurt You

 Tony Clarke: Detroit based songwriter who tried his own voice out occasionally. His only US hit, 'The Entertainer' never charted in Britain, but its 'B' side has found favour with British afficianados of northern soul.
Pye 7N25251 1964 Ain't Love Good Ain't Love Proud/ Coming Back Strong
Chess CRS8011 1965 The Entertainer/ This Heart Of Mine
Chess CRS8091 1969 The Entertainer/ Ain't Love Good Aint Love Proud

 Tony Crombie (And His Rockets): Really a jazz combo, this UK band embraced rock'n'roll in the style of Bill Haley with great enthusiasm and ability. They continued to play some jazz until their rock'n'roll star faded, and as far as I am aware Tony Crombie is still playing jazz today.
Decca F10454 1955 Perdido/ Love You Madly
Decca F10547 1955 Early One Morning/ Flying Home
Decca F10592 1955 Flying Hickory/ String Of Pearls
Decca F10637 1955 I Want You To Be My Baby/ Three Little Words
Columbia DB3822 1956 Teach You To Rock/ Short'nin' Bread Rock
Columbia DB3859 1956 Sham Rock/ Let's You And I Rock
Columbia DB3881 1957 Lonesome Train/ We're Gonna Rock Tonight
Columbia DB3921 1957 London Rock/ Brighton Rock
Columbia DB4000 1957 Sweet Beat/ Sweet Georgia Brown
Columbia DB4076 1958 Dumplin's/ Tw'on Special
Columbia DB4145 1958 Unguaua/ Piakukaungcung
Columbia DB4189 1958 Rock-Ch-Cha/ The Gigglin' Gurgleburp
Columbia DB4253 1959 Champagne Cha Cha/ Shepherd's Cha Cha
Top Rank JAR182 1959 'Man From Interpol' Theme/ Interpol Cha Cha Cha And Chase
Ember JBS706 1962 Gutbucket/ Just Like Old Times

 Tony Daines:
Fontana TF433 1963 Chapel In The Moonlight/ Echo Of Footsteps
Fontana TF472 1964 Too Late/ I Told You So

 Tony Jackson: Formerly bass player and lead vocalist with Liverpool's Searchers, he left the group after featuring on their first two hits. Unfortunately, none of the singles he produced under his own name or in company with his group the 'Vibrations' succeeded.
Pye 7N15685 1964 Bye Bye Baby/ Watch Your Step
Pye 7N15745 1964 You Beat Me To The Punch/ This Little Girl Of Mine
Pye 7N15766 1965 Love Potion Number Nine/ Fortune Teller
Pye 7N15876 1965 Stage Door/ That's What I Want
CBS 202039 1966 You're My Number One/ Let Me Know
CBS 202069 1966 Never Leave Your Baby's Side/ I'm The One She Really Thinks
CBS 202297 1966 Follow Me/ Walk That Walk
CBS 202408 1966 Anything Else You Want/ Come On And Stop

 Tony Kelly:
Warner Bros. WB43 1961 Mario's Girl/ Nancy's New Hat

 Tony Raymond:
Fontana H213 1959 Broken Hearted Melody/ This Earth Is Mine
Oriole CB1777 1962 The Infant King/ Because Of You

 Tony Reese: US
London HLJ8987 1959 Just About This Time Tomorrow/ Lesson In Love

 Tony Rivers And The Castaways:
Columbia DB7135 1963 Shake Shake Shake/ Row Row Row
Columbia DB7224 1964 I Love The Way You Walk/ I Love You
Columbia DB7336 1964 Life's Too Short/ Tell On Me
Columbia DB7448  1965 She/ Till We Get Home
Columbia DB7536 1965 Come Back/ What To Do
Columbia DB7971  1966 God Only Knows/ Charade
Parlophone R5400 1966 Nowhere Man/ The Girl From New York City
Immediate IM027  1966 Girl Don't Tell Me/ The Girl From Salt Lake City
Polydor 56245 1968 I Can Guarantee Your Love/ Pantomime

 Tony Rocco:
Parlophone R4886 1962 Keep A Walking/ Stalemate
Parlophone R4946 1962 Torture/ Competition

 Tony Victor:
Decca F11459 1962 Dear One/ There Was A Time
Decca F11626 1963 Thinking Of You/ Hokey Cokey
Decca F11708 1963 In The Still Of The Night/ Money

 Tony Williams:
Reprise RS20019 1961 Sleepless Nights/ Mandolino Mandolino
Reprise RS20030 1961 My Prayer/ Miracle
Philips BF1282 1962 How Come/ When I Had You

 Toussaint McCall: Louisiana R&B
Pye 7N25420 1967 Nothing Takes The Place Of You/ Shimmy

 Trad Grads: This band incorporated Rod Davis who had been banjoist with John Lennon's Quarry Men skiffle group.
Decca F11403 1961 Runnin' Shoes/ Rag Day Jazz Band Ball

 Trader Horne: Judy Dyble ('Fairport Convention') and Jackie McAuley ('Them' & 'The Belfast Gypsies') provided the vocals for this unsuccessful folk group.
Pye 7N17846 1969 Sheena/ Morning Way

 Traffic Jam: Just this one extremely valuable single was recorded by this five-piece before they changed their name to Status Quo.
Piccadilly 7N35386 1967 Almost There But Not Quite/ Wait Just A Minute

 Travis Wammack: Wonderful Rock and Roll guitarist from Walnut, Mississippi. Although this solitary single from the 1960s reached the lower reaches of the US chart, he is more frequently heard backing other US artists including Aretha Franklin and Clarence Carter.
Atlantic AT4017 1965 Scratchy/ Fire Fly

 Trendsetters Ltd: This chiefly instrumental group from the south coast of England never enjoyed chart success though they were a popular enough live outfit.
Parlophone R5118 1964 In A Big Way/ Lucky Date
Parlophone R5161 1964 Hello Josephine/ Move On Over
Parlophone R5191 1964 Lollipops And Roses/ Go Away
Parlophone R5324 1965 I'm Coming Home/ You Sure Got A Funny Way Of Showing Your Love

 Trisha Noble: See 'Patsy Ann Noble'

An Irish showband. 
Major Minor MM665 1969 Just Another Song/Sunny Side Sam

Fontana H348 1961 Cantina/ Pickin' And Stompin'

 Troy Dante (& The Infernos):
Decca F11639 1963 Golden Earings/ Milord
Decca F11746 1963 It's Alright/ Tell Me
Fontana TF445 1964 Tell Me When/ It Had To Be
Fontana TF477 1964 This Little Girl/ Loving Eyes
Fontana TF498 1964 Baby/ Tell Me Now
Fontana TF541 1965 I Wish I Knew/ Sad Tears
Polydor NH56110 1966 I'll Never Know/ Security
Columbia DB8381 1968 My Friend The Scarecrow/ Emma May Kingston

 Tu-Tones: Vocal group from Texas, I believe.
London HLW8904 1959 Saccharin Sally/ Still In Love With You

 Tuneweavers: Singing four piece group from Boston Massachusetts.
London HL8503 1957 Happy Happy Birthday Baby

 Twiggy: She was already a world famous model by the time these singles were cut. She came from Neasden in north west London and her real name was Lesley Hornby, born 19th September 1949. Although she wasn't credited with much more than a pretty face in 1967, she turned out to have exceptional talent as an actress, singer and dancer too- who would take New York's Broadway by storm in a few years time. They obviously had better judgement in Tokyo because although the skinny kid's first single didn't do too well at home it reached #1 in Japan during 1968.
Ember EMBS239 1967 I Need Your Hand In Mine/ Beautiful Dreams
Ember EMBS244 1967 When I Think Of You/ Over And Over

 Two Of Each:
Decca F12626 1967 Every Single Day/ I'm Glad I Got You
Pye 7N17555 1968 The Summer Of Our Love/ Saturday Morning
Pye 7N17792  1969 Trust/ Trinity Street

 Tyrone Davis: Chicago based soul singer who had a long career which was very productive during the 1970s and 1980s.
Stateside SS2092 1968 What If A Man/ Bet You Win
Atlantic 584253 1969 Can I Change My Mind/ A Woman Needs To Be Loved
Atlantic 584265 1969 Is It Something You've Got/ Undying Love
Atlantic 584288 1969 All The Waiting Is Not In Vain

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