Anthony Newley

  • Real Name: George Anthony Newley
  • Birth Date: 24th September 1931
  • Birth Place: Hackney, east London.
  • Anthony Newley's entertainment career began as a competent and successful child actor. His best known appearance during these early days was as the 'Artful Dodger' in the 1948 film production of Olver Twist. His film making career continued unabated until he played the part of a pop star in the 1959 production of 'Idle On Parade'. This led to the issue of an EP bearing the same name and the release of the strongest song from the film as a single 'I've Waited So Long'. This reached the UK #3 spot and through this he launched a second career.
    DFE6566 The EP (DFE6566) shown here contained four songs from the Movie "Idle On Parade". I've flipped it over because I think the picture on the back shows Tony to better effect. If you want to see the front then just move your mouse pointer over the picture.

    Anthony Newley's musical output can be described as an eccentric mix. It was a mixture of covers of American pop material, like 'Personality' and 'Why'; novelties based on traditional songs like 'Strawberry Fair' and 'Pop Goes The Weasel' and romantic ballads like 'If She Should Come To You'. It was a style that is known to have influenced the young David Bowie, who captured some of the eccentricity in the 'Laughing Gnome' many years later.

    His UK singles career was relatively short, but towards its end he began writing successful musical material himself. His greatest successes came from Musicals, the most significant of which was 'Stop The World'. He also appeared on record with his wife, actress Joan Collins, in the non-musical comedy album 'Fool Britannia'.

    Anthony Newley continued writing successful songs, usually in partnership with his friend Leslie Bricusse, and frequently performed himself. Bricusse and Newley had a number of noteable successes, including 'Goldfinger' and 'Candy Man'.

    His most recent appearance on UK television was a return to acting in the Soap opera 'East Enders' in which he played the part of a used car dealer.

    Anthony Newley died from cancer in 1999.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    • See list below for EP releases
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Decca F11127 1959 I've Waited So Long/ Sat'day Night Rock-A-Boogie #3
    Decca F11137 1959 Idle On Parade/ Idle Rock-A-Boogie  
    Decca F11142 1959 Personality/ My Blue Angel #6
    Decca F11163 1959 Someone To Love/ It's All Over  
    Decca F1194 1960 Why/ Anything You Wanna Do #1
    Decca F11220 1960 Do You Mind/ Girls Were Made To Love And Kiss #1
    Decca F11254 1960 If She Should Come To You/ Lifetime Of Happiness #6
    Decca F11295 1960 Strawberry Fair/ A Boy Without A Girl #3
    Decca F11331 1961 And The Heavens Cried/ Lonely Boy And Pretty Girl #6
    Decca F11362 1961 Pop Goes The Weasel/ Bee Bom #12
    Decca F11376 1961 What Kind Of Fool Am I/ Once In A Lifetime #36
    Decca F11419 1962 D-Darling/ I'll Walk Beside You #25
    Decca F11486 1962 That Noise/ The Little Golden Clown #34
    Decca F11636 1963 There's No Such Thing As Love/ She's Just Another Girl  
    Decca F11767 1963 The Father Of Girls/ I Love Everything About You  
    Decca F11818 1964 Tribute/ Lament To A Hero  
    RCA RCA1518 1966 Why Can't You Try To Didgeridoo/ Is There A Way Back To Your Arms  
    RCA RCA1637  1967 Something In Your Smile/ I Think I Like You  
    MCA MU1061 1968 I'm All I Need/ When You Gotta Go  

    EP Discography

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    Decca DFE6566 1959 "Idle On Parade"  
    I've Waited So Long/Idle Rock-a-boogie/Idle On Parade/Sat'day Night Rock-a-boogie
    Decca DFE6629 1960 "Tony's Hits" #6
    Why/Anything You Wanna Do/Personality/My Blue Angel
    Decca DFE6655 1960 "More Hits From Tony"  
    If She Should Come To You/Girls Were Made To Love And Kiss/Do You Mind/Lifetime Of Happiness
    Decca DFE6687 1961 "This Time The Dream's On Me"  
    Gone With The Wind/This Time The Dream's On Me/It's The Talk Of The Town/What's The Good About Goodbye?

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