• Philip Cash
  • October 9th 1947
  • Al Jackson
  • April 21st 1945
  • Megan Davies
  • March 25th 1944
  • Martin Baggott
  • October 20th 1947
  • Gerry Freeman
  • May 24th 1943
  • Don Gould
  • March 23rd 1947
  • The Applejacks as they would become- with the exception of Al Jackson- were all involved with a Solihull boy scout troop. They had first come together as a skiffle group to contribute to a local 'gang show' for the cubs and scouts. Initially they called themselves the 'Crestas' and then the 'Jaguars' before finally settling on 'Applejacks' by which time they had made the necessary addition of a competent vocalist in Al Jackson. As the initial venture turned out so successful they decided to keep things going and did so until Decca's Mike Smith spotted them and they were given a chance to record.

    Unlike many of their contemporaries they still retained a rather 'folky' edge to their music from their skiffling days. Their most distinguishing assett was their lady bass player who shared the same surname as Ray and Dave of the, yet uncharted, 'Kinks',

    Unfortunately, the Applejacks' star rose and fell within a few months. Their first release, written by Les Reed and Geoff Stevens- who would become best known for his involvement with the New Vaudeville Band- found its way comfortably to #7. They had two further moderate hits including Lennon and McCartney's 'Like Dreamers Do', but nothing followed despite the use of material by the aforementioned Ray Davies.

    After 1966 the Applejacks became an act on some of the world's greatest cruise liners, working for Cunard until the end of the decade and frequently aboard the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and QE2.

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    Decca F11833 1964 Tell Me When/ Baby Jane #7
    Decca F11916 1964 Like Dreamers Do/ Everybody Fall Down #20
    Decca F11981 1964 Three Lirttle Words/ You're The One For Me #23
    Decca F12106 1965 It's Not A Game Anymore/ Bye Bye Girl  
    Decca F12216 1965 I Go To Sleep/ Make Up Or Break Up  
    Decca F12301 1965 I'm Through/ We Gotta Get Together  
    CBS 202615 1967 You've Been Cheating/ Love Was In My Eyes  

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