• Real Name: Colneth Cluskey
  • Birth Date: 18th March 1941
  • Birth Place: Dublin
  • Declan Cluskey
  • 12th December 1942
  • Dublin
  • Sean (John) Stokes
  • 13th August 1940
  • Dublin
  • The Bachelors were not from the same rock and roll mould that cast most of the other groups of the early and mid-1960s. They began as a trio of harmonica players in Dublin calling themselves the Harmony Chords. Unlike almost every other group of the time they had no guitarist, but eventually concentrated on singing. They recast themselves as a folk group and changed their name to the 'Bachelors' (though all of them married early in life).

    Decca, who at about this time had turned down the Beatles, awarded them a recording contract despite (or because of) the fact that the Irish trio were a long way from other mainstream groups of the time. Their first release was a revival of the old song 'Charmaine'. Amazingly, this turned out to be a winning formula and the record reached the UK #6 position. Despite having difficulty with their immediate follow up to this success, a string of further hits followed. Their strident folkish vocals brought them a further seven top ten hits including 'Diane' which reached the #1 spot. They also took the honours in Britain with their cover of Simon and Garfunkel's 'Sounds Of Silence'.

    The EP featured on the right (DFE8595) is probably the most easy Bachelors release that can be found on that format. It simply contains some of the group's most successful numbers already available as the 'A' sides from their singles.
    The trio successfully maintained their popularity on the cabaret circuit for many years, doing so without change of personnel. Then in 1984 an embittered John Stokes split from the group in circumstances that led to a legal settlement and the subsequent creation of the 'New Bachelors'. However, John Stokes has since teamed up with Jonathan Young and former Karl Denver Trio guitarist Kevin Neill and they can be found together as a revitalised Bachelors.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See lower list for EP releases

    Decca F11559 1962 Charmaine/ Old Bill #6
    Decca F11666 1963 Faraway Places/ Is There A Chance #36
    Decca F11712 1963 Whispering/ No Light In The Window #18
    Decca F11772 1963 Long Time Ago/ The Angel And The Stranger  
    Decca F11799 1964 Diane/ The Stars Will Remember #1
    Decca F11857 1964 I Believe/ Happy Land #2
    Decca F11910 1964 Ramona/ Sweet Lullabies #4
    Decca F11949 1964 I Wouldn't Trade You For The World/ Beneath The Willow Tree #4
    Decca F12034 1964 No Arms Could Ever Hold You/ Oh Samuel Don't Die #7
    Decca F12108 1965 True Love For Ever More/ Far Far Away #34
    Decca F12156 1965 Marie/ You Can Tell #9
    Decca F12256 1965 In The Chapel In The Moonlight/ The Old Wishing Well #27
    Decca F12309 1965 Hello Dolly/ There's No Room In My Heart #38
    Decca F12351 1966 The Sound Of Silence/ Love Me With All Your Heart #3
    Decca F12417 1966 Can I Trust You/ Who Can I Turn To #26
    Decca F12523 1966 Walk With Faith In Your Heart/ Molly Malone #22
    Decca F22592 1967 Oh How I Miss You/ Ghost Mountain #30
    Decca F22634 1967 Marta/ My World #20
    Decca F22689 1967 3 O'Clock Flamingo Street/ Learn To Live Without You  
    Decca F22719  1968 If Ever I Would Leave You/ Cabaret  
    Decca F22757 1968 The Unicorn/ You've Got To Say We're Through  
    Decca F22814 1968 I'll Walk With God/ I Can't Wish You Any More  
    Decca F22839 1968 Turn Around Look At Me/ Lovers Such As I  
    Decca F22911  1969 Where The Blue Of The Day/ Caterina  
    Decca F22946 1969 Punky's Dilemma/ Arrivederci Maria  
    Decca F22965 1969 Everybody's Talkin'/ Blaydon Races  
    Decca F22982 1969 My First Love/ Phil The Fluter  

    EP Discography

    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Upper List For Singles releases

    Decca DFE8529 1963 "Bachelors" #5
    Charmaine/Bashanova/I'll See You In My Dreams/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
    Decca DFE8564 1964 "Bachelors Vol.2" #7
    Diane/Put Your Arms Around MeHoney/Moments To Remember/You'll Never Walk Alone
    Decca DFE8595 1964 "The Bachelors' Hits" #1
    I Wouldn't Trade You For The World/Whispering/Ramona/I Believe
    Decca DFE8637 1966 "The Bachelors' Hits Vol.2" #9
    No Arms Can Ever Hold You/True Love For Evermore/Marie/In The Chapel In The Moonlight

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