Bert Weedon

  • Real Name: Bert Weedon
  • Birth Date: May 10th 1921
  • Birth Place: East Ham, London
  • Bert Weedon studied music as a child and by the time he'd entered his teens had decided to try his hand with the guitar. Although he didn't initally have very lofty ambitions with the instrument, after hearing it played classically he became fascinated by the complexity of the music it could produce. He decided that he wanted to be able to play in the same way and was very fortunate to find a local tutor who was capable and willing to teach him the instrument to this high standard. Despite his classical training, the greatest demand was for jazz and popular dance music and it was this that brought him his first engagements and raised him to the status of a professional musician. His skill with the guitar placed him at great demand, and by the end of the 1940s he had begun a progression that would lead him to play with the great orchestras of the time including those of Cyril Stapleton , Ted Heath and the Squadronaires. He is also known to have accompanied the great Django Reheinhardt, and Stephane Grappeli when these legendary members of the 'Hot Club Of France' toured the UK..

    When 'Rock And Roll' hit the UK during the late 1950s, Bert was already producing recorded material- frequently as a session musician. Despite the fact that he sometimes found himself backing singers who had little musical ability Bert decided to embrace the new music rather than spurn it, as many musicians of his generation did. As the 1950s drew to a close Bert was undoubtedly recognised as the UK's premier popular guitar soloist. In addition to playing and recording, Bert also began composing 'rock and roll' instrumental numbers, the best known of which is probably 'Ginchy'- a number that has been covered and remade by guitarists on both sides of the Atlantic.

    The EP shown here (Top Rank JKP 3008) contains quite a decent set of biographical notes written by James Wynn of New Musical Express. He tells us that Bert appeared uncredited on recordings made by Tommy Steele, Marty Wilde, Laurie London and Terry Dene. He doesn't tell us which ones though!

    Although Bert Weedon became the only British guitarist to rival the great Duane Eddy, his main influence would be through a book. Realising that the enthusiasm for the guitar shown by many youngsters in skiffle and rock and roll groups was not matched by their ability to play the instrument, Bert set about writing a book that would introduce them to the basics. It was called 'Play In A Day' and this simple work was probably responsible for helping to get some of the best known future names in music started. The book became so well known at a time when so many youngsters were turning their attentions to the guitar that it became popular all over the world.

    As record buyers' tastes for guitar instrumentals waned during the 1960s, Bert Weedon's production of singles slowly came to an end. However, he has remained a popular, even revered, musical figure and a popular stage and cabaret virtuoso.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Parlophone MSP6242 1956 The Boy With The Magic Guitar/ Flannel Foot  
    Parlophone R4256 1957 Theme From ITV's '64000 Question'/ Twilight Time  
    Parlophone R4315 1957 The Jolly Gigolo/ Soho Fair  
    Parlophone R4381 1958 Play That Big Guitar/ Quiet, Ssh!  
    Parlophone R4446 1958 Big Note Blues/ Rippling Tango  
    Saga SAG2906 1959 Fifi/ Cat On A Hot Tin Roof  
    Top Rank JAR117 1959 Guitar Boogie Shuffle/ Bert's Boogie #10
    Top Rank JAR121 1959 Sing Little Birdie/ The Lady Is A Tramp  
    Top Rank JAR122 1959 Petite Fleur/ My Happiness  
    Top Rank JAR132 1959 Charmaine/ It's Time To Say Goodbye  
    Top Rank JAR136 1959 Teenage Guitar/ Blue Guitar  
    Top Rank JAR210 1959 Jealousy/ Tango Tango  
    Top Rank JAR211 1959 Stardust/ Summertime  
    Top Rank JAR221 1959 Nashville Boogie/ King Size Guitar #29
    Top Rank JAR300 1960 Big Beat Boogie/ Theme From 'A Summer Place' #37
    Top Rank JAR360 1960 Twelfth Street Rag/ Querida #47
    Top Rank JAR415 1960 Apache/ Lonely Guitar #24
    Top Rank JAR517 1960 Sorry Robbie/ Easy Beat #28
    Top Rank JAR537 1961 Ginchy/ Yearning #35
    Top Rank JAR559 1961 Mr. Guitar/ Eclipse #47
    Top Rank JAR582 1961 Ghost Train/ Fury  
    HMV POP946 1961 China Doll/ Red Guitar  
    HMV POP989 1962 Twist A Napoli/ Twist Me Pretty Baby  
    HMV POP1043 1962 Some Other Love/ Tune For Two  
    HMV POP1077 1963 South Of The Border/ Poinciana  
    HMV POP1141 1963 Night Cry/ Charlie Boy  
    HMV POP1216 1964 Dark Eyes/ Black Jackets  
    HMV POP1248 1964 It Happened In Monterey/ Lonely Night  
    HMV POP1302 1964 Gin Mill Guitar/ Can't Help Falling In Love  
    HMV POP1355 1964 Tokyo Melody/ Theme From 'Limelight'  
    HMV POP1387 1965 Twelve String Shuffle/ Colour Him Folksy  
    HMV POP1485 1965 High Steppin'/ East Meets West  
    HMV POP1535 1966 Kick Off/ McGregor's Leap  
    HMV POP1592 1967 Stranger Than Fiction/ Malaguena  

    EP Discography

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    Esquire EP56 1956 "Waxing The Winners"  
    Top Rank JKP3008 1961 "Weedon Winners"  
    Ginchy/Nashville Boogie/Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Sorry Robbie
    HMV 7EG8856 1964 "Guitar Man"  
    Poinciana/South Of The Border/It Happened In Monterey/Lonely Night

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