Billy Fury

  • Real Name: Ronald Wycherley
  • Birth Date: 17th April 1940
  • Birth Place: Liverpool
  • Billy Fury was one of the UK's most underestimated performers. People that knew him well claim that Billy was a naturally quiet introvert who took on a completely different personality when he walked on stage. Although he has usually been portrayed as a rock and roller because of his beginnings, and his association with Larry Parnes, Billy Fury was an exceptional ballad singer. His soft style exuded a sexuality which even managed to find its way on to his vinyl and can be traced on many of his best recordings- like 'Halfway To Paradise' and 'Jealousy'.

    Ronald Wycherley's professional singing career began after a brief audition for Parnes who immediately signed up the youngster and renamed him. Billy had brought his own songs to the audition- unusual for the time- and used one of these for his first single. Larry Parnes was very aware of how valuable Billy was to his 'stable' and made sure that he was always backed by competent musicians. These included the 'Blue Flames' (with pianist Georgie Fame), and the 'Tornados' who became famous for the Joe Meek instrumental 'Telstar'.

    The EP displayed here is probably Billy's most successful. Unlike many of his others it contains none of his hits. The songs on it were taken from the 1962 movie "Play It Cool", of which Billy was the star. However, the title track has Billy Fury in superb rocking form and would doubtless have been a best seller had it been issued as a single.
    Billy Fury was Decca's most charted recording star of the 1960s and only three of the 45 rpm singles that he recorded with Decca failed to reach the chart, although he never actually got a #1. However, he was unable to repeat this success with EMI; none of his Parlophone releases succeeded although they were of good quality. Unfortunately, Billy Fury was plagued by poor health- the result of a childhood illness that left him with a weakened heart. He was given major heart surgery in 1971 and his career slowed down during that decade and even included a couple of 'retirements'. Sadly, Billy Fury suffered a fatal heart attack during 1983 and Britain lost one of its most original and talented performers who would otherwise surely have gone on to further musical success.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Decca F11102 1959 Maybe Tomorrow/ Gonna Type A Letter #18 
    Decca F11128 1959 Margo/ Don't Knock Upon My Door #28
    Decca F11158 1959 Angel Eyes/ Time Has Come  
    Decca F11189 1959 My Christmas Prayer/ Last Kiss  
    Decca F11200 1960 Colette/ Baby How I Cried #9
    Decca F11237 1960 That's Love/ You Don't Know #19
    Decca F11267 1960 Wondrous Place/ Alright Goodbye #25
    Decca F11311 1960 A Thousand Stars/ Push Push #14
    Decca F11334 1961 Don't Worry/ Talkin' In My Sleep #40
    Decca F11349 1961 Halfway to Paradise/ Cross My Heart #3
    Decca F11384 1961 Jealousy/ Open Your Arms #2
    Decca F11409 1961 I'd Never Find Another You/ Sleepless Nights #5
    Decca F11437 1962 Letter Full Of Tears/ Magic Eyes #32
    Decca F11458 1962 Last Night Was Made For Love/ King For Tonight #4
    Decca F11485 1962 Once Upon A Dream/ If I Lose You #7
    Decca F11508 1962 Because Of Love/ Running Around #18
    Decca F11582 1963 Like I've Never Been Gone/ What Do You Think You're Doing #3
    Decca F11655 1963 When Will You Say I Love You/ All I Wanna Do Is Cry #3
    Decca F11701 1963 In Summer/ I'll Never Fall In Love Again #5
    Decca F11744 1963 Somebody Else's Girl/ Go Ahead And Ask Her #18
    Decca F11792 1963 Do You Really Love Me Too/ What Am I Gonna Do #13
    Decca F11888 1964 I Will/ Nothin' Shakin' But The Leaves On The Trees #14
    Decca F11939 1964 It's Only Make Believe/ Baby What Do You Want Me To Do #10
    Decca F12048 1965 I'm Lost Without You/ You Better Believe It Baby #16
    Decca F12178 1965 In Thoughts Of You/ Away From You #9
    Decca F12230 1965 Run To My Lovin' Arms/ Where Do You Run #25
    Decca F12325 1966 I'll Never Quite Get Over You/ Belong To The Wind #35
    Decca F12409 1966 Don't Let A Little Pride Stand In Your Way/ Didn't See The Real thing Come Along  
    Decca F12459 1966 Give Me Your Word/ She's So Far Out She's In #27
    Parlophone R5560 1967 Hurtin' Is Loving/ Things Are Changing  
    Parlophone R5605 1967 Loving You/ I'll Go Along With It Now  
    Parlophone R5634  1967 Suzanne In The Mirror/ It Just Don't Matter Now  
    Parlophone R5658 1967 Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt/ Baby Do You Love Me  
    Parlophone R5681 1968 Silly Boy Blue/ One Minute Woman  
    Parlophone R5723 1968 Phone Box/ Any Morning Now  
    Parlophone R5747 1968 Lady/ Certain Things  
    Parlophone R5788 1969 I Call For My Rose/ Bye Bye  
    Parlophone R5819 1969 All The Way To The USA/ Do My Best For You  

    EP Discography

    • Stereophonic Versions have Cat. No. in parentheses
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Upper List For Singles releases

    Decca DFE6597 1959 "Maybe Tomorrow"  
    Margo/Don't Knock Upon My Door/Maybe Tomorrow/Gonna Type A Letter
    Decca DFE6694 1961 "Billy Fury"  
    Halfway to Paradise/Would you stand by me/Jealousy/Cross my Heart
    Decca DFE6699 1962 "Billy Fury No.2"  
    Don't Jump/I Love How You Love Me/Please Don't Go/If I Lose You
    Decca DFE6708 1962 1962 "Play It Cool" #2
    You're Swell/Twist Kid/Paint The Town/Play It Cool
    Decca DFE8505 1962 "Billy Fury Hits" #8
    Halfway To Paradise/I'd Never Find Another You/Last Night Was Made For Love/Once Upon A Dream
    Decca DFE8525 1963 "Billy Fury And The Tornados" #2
    Nobody's Child/What Did I Do/I Can't Help Loving You/Keep Away
    Decca DFE8558 1963 "Am I Blue"  
    Wondrous Place/That's Enough/Tell Me How Do You Feel/Am I Blue/What Am I Living For
    Decca DFE8641 1965 "Billy Fury And The Gamblers"  
    I Can Feel It/Turn You Lamp Down Low/You Got Me Dizzy/Saved

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