Clinton Ford

  • Real Name: George Harrison
  • Birth Date: 4th November 1931
  • Birth Place: Salford, Lancashire
  • Clinton Ford will now be best remembered for his novelty song, "Fanlight Fanny"- a recording he made while he was with Oriole, a minor label which had association with the Woolworth's budget record brand, 'Embassy'. In fact Clinton Ford was one of Oriole's most successful artists for a while, and "Fanlight Fanny" looked like Clinton's break into the big time. Sadly, it never quite happened.

    Like many other artists of the time, Clinton had first excercised his entertainment ambitions by becoming a 'redcoat' at Butlins. Although his own leanings were towards country and western material, he began singing with traditional jazz bands and skiffle groups. This appears to have influenced his style somewhat and much of his best work was done in the company of trad groups like the Merseysippi Jazz Band and George Chisholm for example. Clinton's choice of recorded material was certainly diverse- with everything from the country flavoured sentimental 'Old Shep' and his confident interpretation of 'Run To The Door' through the most outrageous novelties like 'The Old Bazaar In Cairo' and even George Formby's 'Why Don't Women Like Me'.

    "The Melody Man" EP shown on the left (SEG8314) comes from his time at Columbia- the least successful part of his recording career. Here we find Clinton in the company of the Geoff Love orchestra rather than the Trad groups that he'd usually worked with in the past. He is apparently trying to emulate Frankie Vaughan, and sings the four romantic ballads on the disc well enough. Only the look in his eyes on the cover photo hints at the humour of the best of his work. Besides which, he could easily be mistaken for playing the part of 'Burlington Bertie', one of Clinton's favourite comic novelties.
    Clinton transferred from Oriole to the Piccadilly/ Pye stable via a short association with EMI's Columbia. This new label, appears to have taken him a lot more seriously than he'd ever been at Oriole. Although, he was rewarded with a minor hit for the splendid 'Run To The Door', it may have been a mistake. Although Clinton could really sing, he was probably still too firmly associated with novelties like 'Fanlight Fanny' to be able to get away with a romantic take of 'Try A Little Tenderness'. Sadly, Clinton Ford's presence and his comic songs slowly faded from our TV screens over the years and by the early 1970s the flow of singles had ceased. The singer continued into his sixth decade as a professional entertainer though his profile gradually diminished and, up until 2007 when he became ill, he could still be found occasionally singing about a lady called Fanny.

    Sadly, Clinton Ford passed away in October 2009.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Upper list includes UK 45 singles releases only
    • See Lower list for EP releases
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Oriole CB1425 1958 Sweet Sixteen/ Eleven More Months And Ten More Days  
    Oriole CB1427 1958 In The Sweet Bye And Bye/ Jesus Remember Me  
    Oriole CB1429 1958 I Saw The Light/ Closer Walk With Thee  
    Oriole CB1483 1959 I Cried A Tear/ You Were Only Teasin'  
    Oriole CB1500 1959 Old Shep/ Nellie Dean Rock #27
    Oriole CB1516 1959 Lovesick Blues/ Give A Little, Take A Little  
    Oriole CB1518 1959 Silver Threads Among The Gold/ Red Indian Christmas Carol  
    Oriole CB1551 1961 Mustapha/ Two Brothers  
    Oriole CB1612 1961 Oh By Jingo/ Get Out And Get Under  
    Oriole CB1623 1961 Too Many Beautiful Girls/ Everybody's Doing It #48
    Oriole CB1706 1961 Fanlight Fanny/ Dreamy City Lullaby #22
    Oriole CB1729 1962 What More Can I Say/ Ever Sincve The Day You Left Town  
    Oriole CB1747 1962 Under The Bamboo Tree/ Who's Next In Line  
    Oriole CB1768 1962 Opening Night In Loveland/ Madam Moscovitch  
    Oriole CB1798 1963 Popsy Wopsy/ You Can Tell Her Anything  
    Oriole CB1822 1963 Fanlight Fanny's Daughter/ I Haven't Told Her, She Hasn't Told Me  
    Oriole CB1884 1963 Rainbow/ On Mother Kelly's Doorstep  
    Columbia DB7065 1963 When The Melody Man Says Goodnight/ Beggar In Love  
    Columbia DB7220 1964 Southtown USA/ Honey Bee  
    Columbia DB7307 1964 The Wedding/ Sleepy Valley Lullaby  
    Columbia DB7413 1964 Oh Johnny! Oh Johnny Oh!/ Since I Found You  
    Piccadilly 7N35343 1966 Dandy/ Why Don't Women Like Me  
    Piccadilly 7N35361 1967 Run To The Door/ Best Job Yet #25
    Piccadilly 7N35378 1967 This Song Is Just For You/ Take Care On The Road  
    Piccadilly 7N35404 1967 Dance With A Dolly (With A Hole In Her Stocking)/ Streets Of Laredo  
    Pye 7N17428 1967 Last One To Say Goodnight/ Greatest Clown  
    Pye 7N17521 1968 Cathy I Love You/ American Girl  
    Pye 7N17572 1968 Give A Little Take A Little/ West Wind Blow Me Home  
    Pye 7N17628 1968 Sounds Of Goodbye/ Try A Little Tenderness  
    Pye 7N17718 1969 Moonlight Brings Memories/ Now That You're Gone  
    Pye 7N17766 1969 Cietlito Lindo/ Lonelyville  
    Pye 7N17838 1969 Angel In My Pocket/ Lorena  

    EP Discography

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    • See Upper List For Singles releases

    Oriole EP-7027 1958 "Clinton Ford Goes Traditional"  
    I Wish't I Was In Peoria/Get Out And Get Under/Oh By Jingo/Wana
    Oriole EP-7068 1961 "Fanlight Fanny"  
    Fanlight Fanny/What More Can I Say/Ever Since The Day You Left Town/Who's Next In Line?
    Oriole EP-7069 1962 "Clint"  
    Everything Is Peaches Down In Georgia/Little White Gardenia/Sleepy Time Girl/I Wouldn't Leave My Little Wooden Hut (For You)
    Oriole EP-7070 1962 "Clint Again"  (w. George Chisholm All Stars)  
    Please/Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula/My Little Bimbo/Louise
    Oriole EP-7071 1962 "Clint All Over Again" (w.George Chisholm All Stars)  
    Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night?/What A Little Moonlight Can Do/And He's Say 'Ooh-lala-wee-wee'/Huggin' And A Chalkin'
    Columbia ESG8314 1964 "The Melody Man"  
    A Beggar In love/Just A Girl That Men Forget/By The Fireside/When The Melody Man Says Goodnight
    Columbia ESG8366 1964 "The Wedding"  
    The Wedding/Sleepy Lullaby/Honeymoon/Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider
    Pye NEP34057 1967 "Dandy"  
    Dandy/This Song Is Just For You/Old Bazaar In Cairo/Run To The Door

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