Dave Clark Five

  • Real Name: Dave Clark
  • Birth Date: 15th December 1942
  • Birth Place: London
  • Mike Smith
  • 12th December 1943
  • London 
  • Rick Huxley
  • 5th August 1942
  • Dartford, Kent
  • Lenny Davidson
  • 30th May 1944
  • Enfield, Middlesex
  • Denis Payton
  • 8th August
  • London

    Such was their rise to the top bracket that they were briefly acclaimed to be the new 'Beatles'. This London group were started by Clark who had already had one succesful show business career as a film stuntman, whereas Mike Smith was a junior for Tottenham Hotspur. Little wonder then that their image at the time was one of physical fitness!

    Their first few singles didn't do much and their first to chart was eclipsed by a version by Brian Poole. However their drums dominated beat became a familiar sound as their next release 'Glad All Over', penned by Smith, went all the way to #1. Dave Clark was also co-credited on this number and in this and all else he always proved to be a shrewd businessman, controlling the rights to the group's music as far as possible. He would also buy the rights to the legendary TV Pop show 'Ready Steady Go' and consequently 'cleaned up' when video tape became commonplace.

    The EP shown on the left is quite a rare find. It features the only two tracks they recorded that were released on the Ember label in 1962. However, this EP was not released until 1964- after the date that the band had become famous. Interestingly, as Ember only had the two tracks they filled the 'B' side with a track by another London group called the "Washington D.C.s", and another by vocalist/ guitarist Ray Singer (later with Nirvana).

     The group's British success was matched by that in the U.S. and they notched up a series of hits there too. However, despite their high quality output they were never a new 'Beatles' and their popularity began to slowly fade along with the decade and they ceased touring during 1968.

    The group also hold the rare distinction of having recorded two different songs with the same title; 'Everybody Knows' from 1965 is quite different to that of 1967.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Ember EMB S156 1962 Chaquita/ In Your Heart  
    Piccadilly 7N35088 1962 First Love/ I Walk The Line  
    Piccadilly 7N35500 1962 That's What I Said/ I Knew It All The Time  
    Columbia DB7011 1963 The Mulberry Bush/ Chaquita  
    Columbia DB7112 1963 Do You Love Me/ Doo-Dah #30
    Columbia DB7154 1963 Glad All Over/ I Know You #1
    Columbia DB7210 1964 Bits And Pieces/ All Of The Time #2
    Columbia DB7291 1964 Can't You See That She's Mine/ Because #10
    Columbia DB7335 1964 Thinking Of You Baby/ Whenever You're Around #26
    Columbia DB7377 1964 Any Way You Want It/ Crying Over You #25
    Columbia DB7453 1965 Everybody Knows/ Say You Want Me #37
    Columbia DB7503 1965 Reelin' And Rockin'/ Little Bitty Pretty One #24
    Columbia DB7580 1965 Come Home/ Mighty Good Loving #16
    Columbia DB7625 1965 Catch Us If You Can/ Move On #5
    Columbia DB7744 1965 Over And Over/ I'll Be Yours #45
    Columbia DB7863 1966 Try Too Hard/ All Night Long  
    Columbia DB7909 1966 Look Before You Leap/ Please Tell Me Why #50
    Columbia DB8028 1966 Nineteen Days/ I Need Love  
    Columbia DB8152 1967 You Got What It Takes/ Sitting Here Baby #28
    Columbia DB8194 1967 Tabatha Twichit/ Man In A Pin-Striped Suit  
    Columbia DB8286 1967 Everybody Knows/ Concentration Baby #2
    Columbia DB8342 1968 No-one Can Break A Heart Like You/ You Don't Want My Loving #28
    Columbia DB8465 1968 The Red Balloon/ Maze Of Love #7
    Columbia DB8505 1968 Live In The Sky/ Children #37
    Columbia DB8545 1969 The Mulberry Tree/ Small Talk  
    Columbia DB8624 1969 Put A Little Love In Your Heart/ 34-06 #31
    Columbia DB8638 1969 Good Old Rock'n'Roll Medley Pt.1/ Pt.2 #7

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