David Whitfield

  • Real Name: David Whitfield
  • Birth Date: February 2nd 1925
  • Birth Place: Kingston Upon Hull
  • David Whitfield had a style closer to light opera than that of a popular crooner, and commanded the respect of an admiring older generation through a period in which teenagers, not adults, would become the dominant record buyers. It was a style that he never changed despite the vagaries of fashion and the transient nature of the music industry of the time. He first came to wide public attention during 1950 after appearing in the Hughie Green hosted 'Opportunity Knocks' on Radio Luxembourg- a station that would become the focus for rock and roll music in the UK a few years later.

    David's own chart career began less than a year after a proper chart, showing the relative sales of recorded music, had begun. He had previously joined the Royal Navy while still in his teens and became a popular performer with his fellow seamen whenever he was given the chance to sing. Although he took a job as a labourer after his demobilisation, he began entering talent contests- including the one for Hughie Green's radio show. It was from this that he found himself in demand nationally and was able to switch from carrying cement bags to singing in the West End of London. It was then a short step to his recording career with Decca. His first big successes were with 'Bridge Of Sighs' and the controversial 'Answer Me'. His greatest success however was with his powerful rendition of 'Cara Mia'- the lyrics of which he claimed to have contributed to himself. This song was so successful that it became the first major US hit for a British artist- an extraordinary feat for 1954.

    The EP shown on the right was typical of David's output during the late 1950s. It contained four numbers that benefited well from his powerful, strident, singing voice. However, these were all songs that he'd already had issued as singles. Nevertheless, this EP with sleeve notes and a picture of the singer is an attractive package for Whitfield fans.
    Despite David's wonderful voice, his record sales began to slip at the end of the 1950s and by the early 1960s his career had settled down into stage rather than studio work. His popularity and fame were sufficient to keep his splendid tenor voice in popular demand up until the end of his life. Sadly, David Whitfield died in Australia during 1980.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • David's earlier releases were available only on 78rpm
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Decca F10327 1954 Cara Mia/ Love Tears And Kisses #1 
    Decca F10355 1954 Smile/ How When Or Where  
    Decca F10399 1954 Santo Natale/ Adeste Fideles #2 
    Decca F10458 1955 Beyond The Stars/ Open Up Your Heart #8 
    Decca F10515 1955 Mama/ Ev'rywhere #3 
    Decca F10562 1955 The Lady/ Santa Rose Lea Rose  
    Decca F10596 1955 I'll Never Stop Loving You/ Lady Of Madrid  
    Decca F10627 1955 When You Lose The One You Love/ Angelus #7 
    Decca F10690 1956 My September Love/ The Rudder And The Rock #3
    Decca F10769 1956 My Son John/ My Unfinished Symphony #22 
    Decca F10833 1957 Adoration Waltz/ If I Lost You #9 
    Decca F10864 1957 I'll Find You/ I'd Give You The World #27 
    Decca F10890 1957 Without Him/ Dream Of Paradise  
    Decca F10931 1957 Ev'rything/ Martinella  
    Decca F10978 1958 Cry My Heart/ My One True Love #22 
    Decca F11018 1958 On The Street Where You Live/ Afraid #16 
    Decca F11039 1958 The Right To Love/ That's When Your Heartaches Begin #30 
    Decca F11079 1958 This Is The Lucia/ Love Is A Stranger  
    Decca F11101 1959 Willingly/ William Tell  
    Decca F11144 1959  A Million Stars/Farewell My Love  
    Decca F11161 1959 Our Love Waltz/Oh, Tree  
    Decca F11289 1960 I Believe/ Hear My Song #49
    HMV POP1015 1962 Impossible/ As Long As You Love Me  
    HMV POP1180 1963 You Belong In Someone Elses Arms/ This Heart Of Mine  

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