Dickie Valentine

  • Real Name: Richard Bryce
  • Birth Date: November 4th 1929
  • Birth Place: London
  • Dickie Valentine's show business career went back to his childhood. As the child actor, Richard Bryce, he appeared in several moving pictures and became a theatre call boy during his teens. He trained as a singer while doing this job and got his big break with the Ted Heath band, with whom he became known by his adopted name 'Valentine'. He proved to be a talented and popular entertainer who was able to bend his vocal style and provide impressions of other famous singers. However, he was much more than just an impressionist and had great success with his own brand of romantic ballads chalking up two #1 hits during the mid-1950s.
    The EP shown on the left was one of around ten that Dickie had released during the 1950s. Despite this, the singer's EPs are surprisingly difficult to find. According to the sleeve notes on this one, it is claimed that he started his film career at the age of three. Obviously, his parents had no reservations about a career in show business!
    Dickie's star rose and fell again during the 1950s, probably because his big-band crooning style belonged to an earlier era; by 1960 his chart career was over. Despite his lack of hit records, he remained a popular live performer and appeared regularly on TV. Sadly, Dickie Valentine died in a car crash during 1971.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Dickie's earlier releases were available only on 78rpm
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Decca F10346 1954 Endless/ I Could Have Told You #19
    Decca F10394 1954 Finger Of Suspicion/ Who's Afraid #1
    Decca F10415 1954 Mister Sandman/ Runaround #5
    Decca F10430 1955 A Blossom Fell/ I Want You To Myself  
    Decca F10484 1955 Ma Cherie Amie/ Lucky Waltz  
    Decca F10493 1955 I Wonder/ You Too Can Be A Dreamer #4 
    Decca F10517 1955 Hello Mrs Jones/ Lazy Gondolier  
    Decca F10549 1955 No Such Luck/ The Engagement Waltz  
    Decca F10628 1955 Christmas Alphabet/ Where Are You Tonight #1
    Decca F10645 1955 The Old Pi-Anna Rag/ First Love #15
    Decca F10667 1955 Dreams Can Tell A Lie/ Song Of The Trees  
    Decca F10714 1956 The Voice/ The Best Way To Hold A Girl  
    Decca F10753 1956 My Impossible Castle/ When You Came Along  
    Decca F10766 1956 Day Dreams/ Give Me A Carriage With Eight White Horses  
    Decca F10798 1956 Christmas Island/ The Hand Of Friendship #8
    Decca F10820 1956 Dickie Valentine's Rock 'N' Roll Party Medley Pt.1/ Pt.2  
    Decca F10874 1957 Chapel Of the Roses/ My Empty Arms  
    Decca F10906 1957 Puttin' On The Style/ Three Sides To Every Story  
    Decca F10949 1957 Long Before I Knew You/ Just In Time  
    Decca F10950 1957 Snowbound For Christmas/ Convicted #28
    Decca F11005 1958 Love Me Again/ King Of Dixieland  
    Decca F11020 1958 In My Life/ Come to My Arms  
    Decca F11066 1958 Take Me In Your Arms/ An Old Fashioned Song  
    Pye 7N15192 1959 Venus/ Where #20
    Pye 7N15202 1959 A Teenager In Love/ My Favourite Song  
    Pye 7N15221 1959 One More Sunrise (Morgen)/ You Touch My Hand #14
    Pye 7N15255 1960 Standing On The Corner/ Roundabout  
    Pye 7N15294 1960 Once Only Once/ A Fool That I Am  
    Pye 7N15336 1961 Hold Me In Your Arms/ How Unlucky Can You Be  
    Pye 7N15366 1961 Climb Every Mountain/ Sometimes I'm Happy  
    Pye 7N15381 1961 I'll Never Love Again/ Shalom  
    Philips 326583 1963 Lost Dreams And Lonely Tears/ Come Another Day Another Love  
    Philips BF1307 1964 Free Me/ Build Yourself A Dream  
    Philips BF1392 1965 It's Better To Have Loved/ Wanted  
    Philips BF1447  1965 My World/ In Times Like These  
    Philips BF1668 1968 Mona Lisa/ Wait For Me  

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