Eden Kane

  • Real Name: Richard Sarstedt
  • Birth Date: 29th March 1942
  • Birth Place: Delhi, India
  • Richard Sarstedt was born in India, but returned with his parents to England while he was still a child. Although he formed a skiffle group with his younger brothers Peter and Robin his first recording was sponsored by Cadbury; 'Hot Chocolate Crazy'- an advertising jingle used on Radio Luxembourg. By this time he had created the name 'Eden Kane' for himself. This was thought more fashionable at the time than Sarstedt. The new name, allegedly inspired by the film 'Citizen Kane', had similar biblical connotations to that of the highly successful Adam Faith.

    His natural good looks enabled him to get a part in the 1960 film 'Drinks All Round', but then came the opportunity to record 'Well I Ask You' which was penned by UK songwriter, Les Vandyke. This proved to be a smash hit and was followed up with two more Vandyke songs, both of which reached the UK top ten. This was followed by a revamp of the old standard 'I Don't Know Why', some of which was spoken rather than sung. This also managed the chart's upper reaches, but then the string of hits halted despite a return to Vandyke with 'House To Let'. Even changing his recording company to Fontana did nothing to restore fortunes. However, after a gap of more than eighteen months, record buyers finally sent 'Boys Cry' to #8, a song more suited to his growling vocal style than some of his previous material. The song also met with great popularity in Australia which encouraged the singer to go and live there, though he also spent long periods in the UK and the USA.

    His two younger brothers also enjoyed individual chart success though unlike Eden they decided to retain the family name.

    Eden and his wife Charlene have now made their permanent home in Los Angeles. However, he still makes regular trips back to the UK for concert appearances. Eden's sister-in-law is 'Hart To Hart' TV star Stephanie Powers.

    The EP illustrated here (Decca DFE6696) was Eden's first release on the format and- typical for the time- was just a coupling of both of his first two hits singles- including the B-sides. Nevertheless, this did not prevent Decca using the title "Eden Kane Hits" on his next EP release a few weeks later which then simply included Eden's first four hits!

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Upper list includes UK 45 singles releases only
    • See Lower list for EP releases.
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Pye 7N15284 1960 Hot Chocolate Crazy/ You Make Love So Well  
    Decca F11353 1961 Well I Ask You/ Before I Lose My Mind #1
    Decca F11381 1961 Get Lost/ I'm Telling You #10
    Decca F11418 1961 Forget Me Not/ A New Kind Of Lovin' #3
    Decca F11460 1962 I Don't Know Why/ Music For Strings #7
    Decca F11504 1962 House To Let/ I Told You  
    Decca F11568 1963 Sounds Funny To Me/Someone Wants To Know  
    Decca F12342 1966 Magic Town/ The Whole World Was Crying  
    Fontana TF398 1963 Tomorrow Night/ I Won't Believe You  
    Fontana TF413 1963 Like I Love You/ Come Back  
    Fontana TF438 1964 Boys Cry/ Don't Come Cryin' To Me #8
    Fontana TF462 1964 Rain Rain Go Away/ Guess Who It Is  
    Fontana TF508 1964 Hangin' Around/ Gonna Do Something About You  
    Fontana TF582 1965 If You Want This Love/ Have I Done Something Wrong  
    Fontana TF1023 1969 Boys Cry/ Don't Come Cryin' To Me  

    EP Discography

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    • See Upper List For Singles releases

    Decca DFE 6696 1962 "Well I Ask You"  
    Well I Ask You/Get Lost/I'm Telling You/Before I Lose My Mind
    Decca DFE8503 1962 "Eden Kane Hits" #12
    Well I Ask You/Get Lost/Forget Me Not/I Don't Know Why
    Decca DFE8567 1964 "Six Great New Swingers" w. Wally Stott Orch.  
    Romance/Something Tells Me/Another Spring/My Time Of Evening/Ten Out Of Ten/That's for Me
    Fontana TFE17424 1964 "It's Eden"  
    Boys Cry/Don't Come Crying To Me/Tomorrow Night/Like I Love You

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