• Real Name: Derv Gordon
  • Birth Date: 29th June 1948
  • Birth Place: Jamaica
  • Lincoln Gordon
  • 29th June 1948
  • Jamaica
  • Eddy Grant
  • 5th March 1948
  • Guyana
  • Patrick Lloyd
  • 17th March 1948
  • London
  • John Hall
  • 25th October 1947
  • London
  • The Equals racial mix was reflected in their music which although not an obvious Carribean style owed a lot to West Indian rhythms. Like many of the Merseybeat groups that preceded them the Equals were initially more popular on the continent than they were at home. Their biggest hit 'Baby Come Back' which had been written by the talented Eddy Grant, became a big seller in Germany before it was a hit in the UK.

    The north London group had first come together during 1965 and had 'Baby Come Back' (PT135), their second release, issued during 1967. However the first pressing of this disc was largely ignored and they had to wait until their fourth single, 'I Get So Excited' (PT180), scraped into the bottom of the chart before they could say they had a hit. However, 'I Get So Excited' was sufficient to get them noticed and 'Baby Come Back' at last received the airplay it deserved.

    The group enjoyed a string of chart entries until 1971 when Eddy Grant decided to make changes to his musical career. It took Eddy until 1979 to get his first hit on his own, but his chart successes did not then cease until the mid-1980s. Sadly, the Equals never recovered from the loss of Grant and folded a few months later.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    President PT117 1967 I Won't Be There/ Fire  
    President PT135 1967 Baby Come Back/ Hold Me Close #1
    President PT158 1967 Give Love A Try/ Another Sad And Lonely Night  
    President PT180 1968 I Get So Excited/ Skies Above #44
    President PT200 1968 Laurel And Hardy/ The Guy Who Made Her A Star #35
    President PT222 1968 Softly Softly/ Lonely Rita #48
    President PT240 1969 Michael And The Slipper Tree/ Honey Gum #24
    President PT260 1969 Viva Bobby Joe/ I Can't Let You Go #6
    President PT275 1969 Rub A Dub Dub/ After The Lights Go Down Low #34

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