• Real Name: Rodney Bainbridge (Rod Allen)
  • Birth Date: March 31st 1944
  • Birth Place: Leicester
  • Barry Pritchard
  • April 3rd 1944
  • Birmingham
  • Andy Brown
  • January 7th 1946
  • Birmingham
  • Richard Garforth (Glen Dale)
  • April 24th 1943
  • Deal, Kent
  • David Carr
  • August 4th 1943
  • Leyton, London
  • The Fortunes were probably aptly named because they were one of the few groups to transfer their hitmaking prowess through the transition from the 1960s to the 1970s. They were also successful at recording jingles for advertising like Coca Cola's 'It's The Real Thing', however their best known jingle should probably really have been their first hit single. 'Caroline' was adopted by the pirate radio station 'Radio Caroline' and it consequently got plenty of airplay as its main introductory jingle. This probably didn't help the sale of the record at all at the time, because few listeners were aware that it was in fact any more than a jingle, and the pirate's interest was hardly encouragement for other stations, particularly the BBC, to add it to their play lists. However the record has subsequently become almost as well known as other of the Fortunes' singles that enjoyed more immediate success.
    'Caroline' has long since become a collector's item and was subject to re-issuing by Decca. The copy shown here is a late repressing; original examples have the word 'Decca' 'out of its box'.  

    The group first came together as the 'Clifftones' but changed their name at the time they secured a recording contract with Decca. All their early singles were of good quality, but they struggled for a chart presence until they cut the Cook- Greenaway composition 'You've Got Your Troubles'. They managed a total of five chart hits, four of which reached the top ten and the last of which was in 1972. Although the group had no hits during the last years of the 1960s, their popularity is beyond question- for Decca would not otherwise have re-issued the appropriately named 'Here It Comes Again' during 1969.

    The group continued with a few changes of personnel along the way and have survived- off and on- until the present time when they can still be found working in nostalgia concerts and cabaret.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Decca F11718 1963 Summertime Summertime/ I Love Her Still  
    Decca F11809 1964 Caroline/ If You Don't Want Me Now  
    Decca F11912 1964 Come On Girl/ I Like The Look Of You  
    Decca F11985 1964 Look Homeward Angel/ I'll Heve My Tears To Remind Me  
    Decca F12173 1965 You've Got Your Troubles/ I've Got To Go #2
    Decca F12243 1965 Here It Comes Again/ Things I Should Have Known #4
    Decca F12341 1966 This Golden Ring/ Someone To Care #15
    Decca F12429 1966 You Gave Me Somebody To Love/ Silent Street  
    Decca F12485 1966 Is It Really Worth Your While?/ I Am Losing My Touch  
    Decca F12612 1967 Our Love Has Gone/ Truly Yours  
    United Artists UP1188 1968 The Idol/ His Smile Was A Lie  
    United Artists UP2218 1968 Loving Cup/ Hour At The Movies  
    United Artists UP2239 1968 Seasons In The Sun/ Louise  
    Decca F12874 1969 Here It Comes Again/ Our Love Has Gone  
    United Artists UP35054 1969 Books And Films/ Sad Sad Sad  

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