Frank Ifield

  • Real Name: Francis Edward Ifield
  • Birth Date: 30th November 1937
  • Birth Place: Coventry England
  • Despite the fact that most people in the UK regarded him as an Australian, Frank Ifield had been born in England. His parents had emigrated when he was very young, but Frank decided to return to the old country after already establishing himself as an entertainer in Australia. As far as singers were concerned it was the UK that was the land of new opportunity.

    Shortly after his establishment in England, Frank secured himself a recording contract with Columbia under the guidance of Norrie Paramor. Frank's first release 'Lucky Devil' reached the #22 spot, but 1961 must have been a worrying time for Frank because he scored a complete blank and he was fortunate that Columbia didn't call a halt to proceedings. However in the summer of 1962 the song 'I Remember You' suited Frank's yodelling style absolutely and its catchy melody was soon being whistled by the British public throughout the land. It became an enormous smash hit and two more consecutive #1s followed to make it three in a row.

    The EP shown on the right (SEG8377) was released in 1964 and was one of no less than six released on that format alone. Indeed, Frank was close to his peak of popularity and James Wynn's notes on the back of the sleeve leave us in no doubt of that. However, the days of Frank's remarkable run of top ten successes were already behind him.
    Despite the fact that many reviewers wrongly claim that he was finished when the Beatles arrived, most of his singles made an appearance in the chart until 1967 after which he never returned. Since when, like many popular performers of the era, he has successfully made a career in cabaret and the 1960s nostalgia scene.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Upper list includes UK 45 singles releases only
    • See lower list for EP releases
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Columbia DB4399 1960 Lucky Devil/ Nobody Else But You #22
    Columbia DB4464 1960 Happy Go Lucky/ Unchained Melody  
    Columbia DB4496 1960 Gotta Get A Date/ No Love Tonight #49
    Columbia DB4568 1961 That's The Way It Goes/ Phoebe Snow  
    Columbia DB4658 1961 Life's A Holiday/ Tobacco Road  
    Columbia DB4741 1961 Your Time Will Come/ That's The Way It Is  
    Columbia DB4786 1962 Alone Too Long/ Bigger Than You Or Me  
    Columbia DB4856 1962 I Remember You/ I Listen To My Heart #1
    Columbia DB4913 1962 Lovesick Blues/ She Taught Me How To Yodel #1 
    Columbia DB4960 1963 Wayward Wind/ I'm Smiling Now #1
    Columbia DB7007 1963 Nobody's Darlin' But Mine/ You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry #4
    Columbia DB7062 1963 Confessin'/ Waltzing Matilda #1
    Columbia DB7131 1963 Mule Train/ One Man's Love #22
    Columbia DB7184 1964 Don't Blame Me/ One Man's Love #8
    Columbia DB7263 1964 Angry At The Big Oak Tree/ Go Tell It On The Mountain #25
    Columbia DB7319 1964 I Should Care/ Another Cup Of Coffee #33
    Columbia DB7355 1964 Summer Is Over/ True Love Ways #25
    Columbia DB7412 1964 Don't Make Me Laugh/ Without You  
    Columbia DB7520 1965 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/ Lonesome Number One  
    Columbia DB7655 1965 Paradise/ Goodbye Now #26
    Columbia DB7772 1965 I Guess/ Then Came She  
    Columbia DB7858 1966 There'll Be Another Spring/ Don't Be Afraid  
    Columbia DB7940 1966 No One Will Ever Know/ I'm Saving All My Love For You #25
    Columbia DB8078 1966 Call Her Your Sweetheart/ All My Daydreaming #24
    Columbia DB8164 1967 You Came Along/ And I Always Will Do  
    Columbia DB8232 1967 Roses Moonlight And One Little Bottle Of Wine/ Up Up And Away  
    Columbia DB8301 1967 All The time/ In The Snow  
    Columbia DB8344 1968 Some Sweet Day/ Singing The Blues  
    Columbia DB8432 1968 Morning In Your Eyes/ Oh Such A Stranger  
    Columbia DB8478 1968 The Swiss Maid/ Baby Doll  
    Decca F12893 1969 Mary In The Morning/ Let Me Into Your Life  
    Decca F12966 1969 It's My Time/ In The Snow  

    EP Discography

    • Stereophonic Versions have Cat. No. in parentheses
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Upper List For Singles releases

    Columbia SEG8211 1963 "Ifield's Hits" w.Norrie Paramour Orch. #1
    I Remember You/I Listen To My Heart/Lovesick Blues/She Taught Me How To Yodel
    Columbia SEG8254 1963 "More Of Ifield's Hits" w.Norrie Paramour Orch. #4
    Nobody's Darlin' But Mine/I'm Smiling Now/The Wayward Wind/You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry
    Columbia SEG8262 (ESG7897) 1963 "Just One More Chance" w.Norrie Paramour Orch. #5
    Just One More Chance/I've Got That Sad And Lonely Feeling/The Glory Of Love/Gone
    Columbia SEG8270 1957 "Viva Ifield!" w.Norrie Paramour Orch. #11
    Noche De Ronda (Forever Mine)/Siboney/Trés Paliabras (Without You)/Aquarella Do Brazil
    Columbia SEG8277 1963 "Confessin'" w.Norrie Paramour Orch.  
    Confessin' (That I Love You)/Waltzing Matilda (w. Ken Jones Orch)/Hoebe Snow/"Unchained" Melody
    Columbia SEG8284 1963 "Lucky Devil" w. Ken Jones Orch.  
    Lucky Devil/Happy-Go-Lucky Me/That's The Way It Goes/Tobacco Road
    Columbia SEG8288 1964 "Please" w.Norrie Paramour Orch. #18
    Please/My Kind Of Girl/Cattle Call/Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
    Columbia SEG8300 1964 "Don't Blame Me" w.Norrie Paramour Orch. #19
    Say It Isn't So/Don't Blame Me/Wolverton Mountain/Mule Train
    Columbia SEG8322 1964 "Born Free" w.Norrie Paramour Orch.  
    He'll Have To Go/Cold Cold Heart/Riders In The Sky/Half As Much
    Columbia SEG8343 1964 "Blue Skies" acc.dir. Norrie Paramour  
    Blue Skies/Tumbling Tumbleweeds/My Blue Heaven/Sweet Lorraine
    Columbia SEG8359 1964 "I Should Care"
    I Should Care/Another Cup Of Coffee/Angry At The Big Oak Tree/Go Tell It On The Mountain
    Columbia SEG8377 1964 "Frank Ifield Sings"  
    Oh Lonesome Me/I've Got A Hole In My Pocket/Summer Is Over/True Love Ways
    Columbia SEG8385 1965 "Funny How Time Slips Away"  
    Funny How Time Slips Away/Daybreak/Don't Make Me Laugh (Don't Make Me Cry)/Without You (Trés Paliabras )
    Columbia SEG8448 1965 "Love Walked In"  
    Love Walked In/Take Good Care Of Her/The Hawaiian Wedding Song/Forever Mine
    Columbia SEG8456 1965 "Hong Kong Blues"  
    Hong Kong Blues/Hold Me Thrill Me, Kiss Me/An Anonymous Phone Call/What A Way To Start The Day
    Columbia SEG8495 1966 "Give Him My Regards"  
    Give Him My Regards/Siboney/Sweetest Dreams/Me Japanese Boy (I Love You)

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