The Herd

  • Real Name: Andy Bown
  • Birth Date: March 27th 1947
  • Peter Frampton
  • April 22nd 1950
  • Beckenham Kent
  • Tony Chapman
  • Terry Clark
  • Andrew Steele
  •  Gary Taylor

    The Herd evolved from a group called the Preachers in 1965 whose members Andy Bown, Tony Chapman and Terry Clark were joined by Gary Taylor and Peter Frampton to become the Herd. Frampton was an accomplished lead guitarist having played guitars since his childhood. He was happiest in this instrumental role but after uttering a few supporting vocals during their live gigs he was rapidly pushed to the front by managers Alan Blaikley and Ken Howard. They were understandably keen to capitalise on Frampton's good looks which gave rise to a good deal of screaming from the female members of their audiences.

    1967 saw the rise of British psychedelia and the group successfully aligned their recordings to the genre, although their first attempt 'I Can Fly' went almost unnoticed. However, the group as a whole, and Frampton in particular, were unhappy about their musical direction which was a good deal less progressive than they desired. Despite a change of management Peter Frampton decided to team up with Steve Marriott on a new project- Humble Pie. Peter had admired the 'Small Faces' and when Marriott suddenly decided to quit his group it prompted Frampton to do the same. The Herd carried on for a short time afterwards but after Bown left to join Status Quo it was all over.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Parlophone R5284 1965 Goodbye Baby Goodbye/ Here Comes The Fool  
    Parlophone R5353 1965 She Was Really Saying Something/ It's Been A Long Time Baby  
    Parlophone R5413 1966 So Much In Love/ This Boy's Always Been True  
    Fontana TF819 1967 I Can Fly/ Diary Of A Narcissist  
    Fontana TF856 1967 From The Underworld/ Sweet William #6 
    Fontana TF887 1967 Paradise Lost/ Come On- Believe Me #15 
    Fontana TF925 1968 I Don't Want Our Loving To Die/ Our Fairy Tale #5 
    Fontana TF975 1968 Sunshine Cottage/ Miss Jones  
    Fontana TF1011 1969 The Game/ Beauty Queen  

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