Herman's Hermits

  • Real Name: Peter Noone
  • Birth Date: 5th November 1947
  • Birth Place: Manchester
  • Karl Green
  • 31st July 1947
  • Manchester
  • Keith Hopwood
  • 26th October 1946
  • Manchester 
  • Derek Leckenby (Lek)
  • 14th May 1946
  • Leeds
  • Barry Whitman
  • 21st July 1946
  • Manchester

    This Manchester band were controlled by pop music maestro 'Mickie Most' who was regarded highly in this role despite having failed as a pop musician himself. The musicians came together originally as the Heartbeats and their vocalist, Peter Noone, had been a successful young actor- once having appeared in the TV soap 'Coronation Street'.

    Their first release was a cover version of a song recorded in America by Earl-Jean, lead singer of the girl group 'The Cookies'. Such was the progress of the 'British invasion' that the Hermits' cover reached #13 in the USA while Earl Jean had to be content with #38. In the UK Noone's boyish looks helped push the record all the way to #1. It was also undoubtedly Peter Noone's cutish looks that helped their fortunes in the U.S. where they became even more successful than at home. Like many other vocalists in fading groups Noone ultimately embarked on a solo career. Unfortunately, by then record buyers had moved on and were becoming accustomed to music that was a good deal more progressive than hitherto and the solo career did not take off as hoped.

    Peter Noone was reunited, though briefly, with the other 'Hermits' during 1973, and an attempt to rekindle his musical career during 1980 with a new venture 'The Tremblers' did not bring the success hoped for. Subsequently, the singer appears to have concentrated his life on his interests outside the music industry- not least his acting and his family.

    Herman's Hermits continued successfully without their original vocalist for several years in cabaret and even today occasionally perform on the 1960's revivalist and nostalgia concert round. Apart from several brief appearances, Noone stayed in virtual musical retirement until the late 1990s when to the delight of his fans he began touring extensively again. So somewhat confusingly you may now come across two different sets of 'Herman's Hermits' on the road.

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    Columbia DB7338 1964 I'm Into Something Good/ Your Hand In Mine #1
    Columbia DB7408 1964 Show Me Girl/ I Know Why #19
    Columbia DB7475 1965 Silhouettes/ Can't You Hear My Heartbeat #3
    Columbia DB7546 1965 Wonderful World/ Dream On #7
    Columbia DB7670 1965 Just A Little Bit Better/ Take Love Give Love #15
    Columbia DB7791 1965 A Must To Avoid/ The Man With The Cigar #6
    Columbia DB7861 1966 You Won't Be Leaving/ Listen People #20
    Columbia DB7947 1966 This Door Swings Both Ways/ For Love #18
    Columbia DB8012 1966 No Milk Today/ My Reservation's Been Confirmed #7
    Columbia DB8076 1966 East-West/ What Is Wrong What Is Right #37
    Columbia DB8123 1967 There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over the World)/ Gaslite Street #7
    Columbia DB8235 1967 Museum/ Moonshine Man  
    Columbia DB8327 1968 I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving/ Marcel's #11
    Columbia DB8404 1968 Sleepy Joe/ Just One Girl #12
    Columbia DB8446 1968 Sunshine Girl/ Nobody Needs To Know #8
    Columbia DB8504 1968 Something's Happening/ The Most Beautiful Thing In My Life #6
    Columbia DB8563 1969 My Sentimental Friend/ My Lady #2
    Columbia DB8626  1969 Here Comes The Star/ It's Alright Now (sic) #33
    Columbia DB8656 1969 Years May Come Years May Go/ Smile Please #7

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