Humble Pie

  • Real Name: Steve Marriott
  • Birth Date: January 30th 1947
  • Birth Place: London
  • Peter Frampton
  • April 22nd 1950
  • Beckenham Kent
  • Jerry Shirley
  • February 4th 1952
  • Greg Ridley
  • October 23rd 1947
  • Humble Pie was formed when Peter Frampton and Steve Marriott came together after leaving their former groups, 'The Herd' and 'The Small Faces' respectively. They had both become a little disillusioned and had hopes of great things from their partnership. Greg Ridley had previously been with 'Spooky Tooth' and Jerry Shirley with some lesser known groups.

    The group's popularity is certainly not reflected in their singles sales. Their albums did much better in the USA than at home and it was certainly the case that their period of greatest commercial success followed the departure of Frampton who was replaced by Dave Clempson, previously of 'Collosseum'.

    During 1969 the group's music was a blend of rock and acoustic styles, but as the 1970s came and their efforts to consolidate their early hit 'Natural Born Boogie' failed, they adopted a much heavier, louder, even extreme rock sound. Although this change corresponded with Marriott's musical instincts, Frampton was not happy with it at all and he decided to move on again, forming 'Frampton's Camel'. Humble Pie carried on despite the loss of Peter and found lucrative popularity as a stage act in the US until Marriott too decided that the group lacked musical direction. He went on to form 'Steve Marriott's All Stars' where he was joined later by Greg Ridley.

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    Immediate IM082 1969 Natural Born Bugie/ Wrist Job #4

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