Jackie Trent

  • Real Name: Yvonne Burgess
  • Birth Date: 6th September 1940
  • Birth Place: Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffs
  • Jackie Trent's best work was done in partnership with Tony Hatch who was to become her husband, but her singing career began much earlier. She began singing professionally during the late 1950s and, although she was a popular singer at the small venues she played, she remained fairly unknown nationally. Her first recordings were with Oriole, which is now a label noted for being a little more adventurous with its signings than some of the better known ones. However, her work remained in relative obscurity until she auditioned at Pye for Hatch. The couple obviously liked each other's company because they soon began working together on a number of musical projects.



    I presume that the photo used for the cover of the EP shown on the right must have been taken on a very breezy day. This would explain what must be Jackie's hair- somewhat out of focus- obscuring the picture a little.

    Anyway, this EP (Pye NEP4225)- containing and named after her great hit "Where Are You Now"- is the only one issued in the UK for Jackie Trent that I am aware of.

    The first fruit of the new collaboration was 'Where Are You Now My Love' which they co-wrote, and which gave Jackie Trent her first and only #1. She had only two further minor hits in the UK, although her popularity and that of Tony Hatch was probably greater in Australia which was a country they frequently visited together. Although they wrote several more well known songs together they were turned into hits for other singers - in particular Petula Clark. Since then their best known work is probably the composition of the theme tune for the Australian soap 'Neighbours'.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    Oriole CB1711 1961 Pick Up The Pieces/ In Your Heart  
    Oriole CB1749 1962 The One Who Really Loves You/ Your Conscience Or Your Heart  
    Piccadilly 7N35121 1963 Melancholy Me/ So Did I  
    Piccadilly 7N35165 1964 If You Love Me/ Only One Such As You  
    Pye 7N15692 1964 Somewhere In The World/ I Heard Somebody Say  
    Pye 7N15742 1964 Don't Stand In My Way/ How Soon  
    Pye 7N15776 1965 Where Are You Now My Love/ On The Other Side Of The Tracks #1
    Pye 7N15865 1965 When Summertime Is Over/ To Show I Love Him #39
    Pye 7N15949  1965 It's All In The Way You Look At Life/ Time After Time  
    Pye 7N17047 1966 You Baby/ Send Her Away  
    Pye 7N17082 1966 Love Is Me Love Is You/ This Time  
    Pye 7N17158 1966 If You Ever Leave Me/ There Goes My Love There Goes My Life  
    Pye 7N17249 1967 Open Your Heart/ Love Can Give  
    Pye 7N17286 1967 Humming Bird/ I'll Be With You  
    Pye 7N17323 1967 Your Love Is Everywhere/ It's Not Easy Loving You  
    Pye 7N17415  1967 That's You/ Stop Me And Buy One  
    Pye 7N17437  1967 Bye Bye Love/ Alles OK  
    Pye 7N17623  1968 Hollywood/ 7.10 From Suburbia  
    Pye 7N17693 1969 I'll Be There/ Close To You #38

    Jackie Trent And Tony Hatch singles
    Pye 7N17300 1967 The Two Of Us/ Close To You  
    Pye 7N17467 1968 Thank You For Loving Me/ Don't Stop Now  
    Pye 7N17607 1968 Our Little Boat/ Play It Again  

    EP Discography

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    Pye NEP24225 1965 "Where Are You Now"  
    Where Are You Now/On The Other Side Of The Tracks/How Soon/Don't Stand In My Way

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