Joe Cocker

  • Real Name: John Cocker
  • Birth Date: 20th May, 1944
  • Birth Place: Sheffield, England
  • If you look up Joe Cocker in a volume specialising in Soul, the chances are that you won't find him there. That's because white Englishmen aren't supposed to be in that category. However, Cocker is most certainly the exception that makes the racial stereotype a nonsense.

    Cocker's chart career took a long time in coming and was all too brief. Through contacts he cultivated as a support artist he managed to get a chance to record with Decca in 1964 and had cut the excellent 'I'll Cry Instead', which got nowhere at all and is of course now a highly prized relic of his early career- if you can find a copy. However, by 1968 he had fully developed his soulful vocal style for which he became famous and his first release for the young label, Regal Zonophone, did well enough to draw attention. His next release then went all the way to the top, having all the right ingredients. Although it was already an established Beatles number, Cocker's brilliant interpretation showed it in a whole new light

    However, Joe's fondness for alcohol has made his career erratic and he's staged more than one comeback after apparently 'losing it' completely. Just like the lyric of his big hit says, he has pulled through because of the tenacity of his friends and the many fans who love him.

      Unfortunately, I've never come across any Joe Cocker EPs so I have had to make do by illustrating the picture sleeve on the left. It was actually issued in France during 1970- so it's not even a UK issue! Sorry about that, I must try harder. 

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    Decca F11974 1964 I'll Cry Instead/ Precious Words  
    Regal Zonophone 1968 Marjorine/ New Age Of The Lily #48
    Regal Zonophone 1968 With A Little Help From My Friends/ Something's Coming On #1
    Regal Zonophone 1968 Delta Lady/ She's So Good To Me #10

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