Kaye Sisters

  • Real Name: Carol Lindsey Young
  • Birth Date: April 12th 1930
  • Birth Place: Oldham, Lancashire
  • Shirley "Shan" Palmer
  • August 15th 1938
  • Hull, Yorkshire
  • Sheila Jones
  • October 21st 1936
  • Lewisham, London
  • These three young ladies were not sisters and didn't always call themselves sisters. The group were often billed as the "Three Kayes", or simply as the Kayes. However, they always went to enormous trouble to present themselves as identical to each other. With blonde fringe-cut hairdos and similar dresses they came across well. However they weren't related at all and even came from different parts of England. They took their name from their manager, a girl called Carmen Kaye whose inspiration and determination got them started.

    They were probably Britain's only serious rivals to the Beverley Sisters as a closely harmonising girl group. They had great popularity during the mid to late 1950s and were frequently seen on TV and in the charts. One of their best known numbers was recorded with Frankie Vaughan, and is one of few recordings I'm aware of where the featured singer's name is mentioned in the song title.

    The extremely rare EP featured on the right (BBE12256) was issued during 1959 and shows that even at that time the girls were very much at home as a cabaret act. It is actually a recording of their act performed at the Colony Club, a London night spot. The picture on the sleeve gives a good impression of how they appeared on stage and TV. It is also interesting to note the songs covered on this EP that weren't issued as singles were all hits by other artists.
    However the Kaye Sisters' star waned somewhat as the 1960s progressed although they could still be found in cabaret up until the late 1970s. However, like their rivals the Beverley Sisters, they managed to establish themselves much later as a nostalgia act, and once more found themselves in cabaret.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See lower list for EP releases
    • Note many early releases were on 78rpm only
    • Important 78rpm shown in Green

    Philips HMV POP209 1956 Ivory Tower #20
    Philips JK1030 1957  Gotta Have Something In The Bank Frank/Single #8
    Philips PB752 1958 Alone/Shake Me I Rattle #27
    Philips PB778 1958 Handed Down/Love Me Forever  
    Philips PB806 1958 Are You Ready, Freddy?/The Pansy  
    Philips PB832 1958 Stroll/Torero  
    Philips PB877 1958 Calla, Calla, (The Bride, The Bride)/Oho-Aha  
    Philips PB892 1959 Jerri-Lee (I Love Him So)/Deeply Devoted  
    Philips PB913 1959 Come Softly To Me/Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart #9
    Philips PB925 1959 Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye/Dancing With My Shadow  
    Philips PB970 1959 Too Young To Marry/True Love, True Love  
    Philips PB1024 1960 Paper Roses/If Only You'd Be Mine #7
    Philips PB1088 1960 Come To Me/A Whole Lot Of Lovin'  
    Philips PB1156 1961 Palma De Majorca/I Just Wanna Be With You  
    Philips PB1189 1961 Little Soldier/Mistletoe Kisses  
    Philips PB1208 1962 If Only Tomorrow/Mistakes  
    Philips 326 541BF 1962 We Won't Say Goodbye/Seven Roses  
    Philips 326 569BF 1963 Big Wide World/I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles  
    Philips PB1273 1963 Nine Girls Out Of Ten Girls/I Forgot More Than You'll Never Know  
    Philips PB1340 1964 Keep On Loving Me/That Little Touch Of Magic  
    Philips PB1468 1966 Life Goes On/I Should Never Know  

    Note: JK1030 and PB913 were recorded in the company of Frankie Vaughan

    EP Discography

    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Upper List For Singles releases

    Philips BBE12166 1958 "Presenting The Kaye Sisters"  
    Alone/Shake Me I Rattle/Dark Moon/Love Me Forever
    Philips BBE12256 1959 "The Kayes At The Colony" w. Felix King and Orch.  
    When/Sisters/A Certain Smile/My Heart Belongs To Daddy/Smarter/Kiss Me Honey, Honey Kiss Me
    Philips BBE12392 1960 "Kaye Sisters Favourites"  
    When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along/A Little Bit Independent/Broken Hearted/Goodnight My Love

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