Ken Dodd

  • Real Name: Kenneth Arthur Dodd
  • Birth Date: 8th November 1927
  • Birth Place: Knotty Ash, Liverpool
  • Ken Dodd's career as a comedian began with the advent of television but his act still owed a lot to the traditional stand-up stuff prevalent in the old variety theatre. This meant that he was expected to sing as he neared the end of his act, thus allowing his audience to wind down from the pace of his comic antics. Fortunately, Ken had quite a good voice and his renditions of romantic ballads were good enough for him to be given the opportunity to record. So in 1960 his entry into the UK chart came as no surprise, but his transformation into a romantic balladeer was nevertheless a significant achievement for a buck-toothed comedian.
    The EP shown on the right was released while Ken Dodd was probably at the highest point of his lengthy recording career and no doubt well worth the ten shillings and eleven pence asked for it by his many fans. It was recorded in the company of the Geoff Love orchestra- a band that backed many singers of the time and who would have instrumental success in their own right a few years later.
    His first single was no 'flash in the pan'. In fact Ken Dodd's success in the 1960s makes a mockery of the claims of many critics and music writers who hold the erroneous- though often quoted- belief that all the old singers were swept away by the Beatles and those in the vanguard of Britain's beat boom. In fact Ken's 1965 hit 'Tears' spent four weeks at #1, longer than the Beatles, The Hollies or the Rolling Stones could manage at about the same time. Not only that, Dodd's pop chart career ran for more than 10 years, a feat few beat groups can match.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Decca F11248 1960 Love Is Like A Violin/ The Treasure In My Heart #8
    Decca F11293 1960 Dream That I Love You/ Jealous Of You  
    Decca F11355 1961 Once In Every Lifetime/ Just For A While #28
    Decca F11422 1962 Pianissimo/ If My Heart Was A Ship #21
    Columbia DB4872 1962 Come To Me/ More Than Anyone I Know  
    Columbia DB4937 1962 The Key/ Remember I Love You  
    Columbia DB7094 1963 Still/ Melodie #35
    Columbia DB7191 1963 Eight By Ten/ I'll Love You Tenderly #22
    Columbia DB7325 1964 Happiness/ All Of My Life #31
    Columbia DB7398 1964 So Deep Is The Night/ On One's Listening #31
    Columbia DB7659 1965 Tears/ You And I #1
    Columbia DB7750 1965 The River (Le Colline Sono In Fioro)/ Someone Like You #3
    Columbia DB7914  1966 Promises/ Thank You For Being You #6
    Columbia DB7976 1966 More Than Love/ I Can't Seem To Say Goodbye To You #14
    Columbia DB8031 1966 It's Love/ House With No Windows #36
    Columbia DB8101 1967 Let Me Cry On Your Shoulder/ I Am Two Kinds Of Fool #11
    Columbia DB8250 1967 Mine/ Then There Was You  
    Columbia DB8297 1967 The Same Mistakes/ Call Me Mr. Sunshine  
    Columbia DB8365 1968 Kisses From A Clown/ And You Were There  
    Columbia DB8444 1968 Sunshine/ I Can't Hold Back My Tears  
    Columbia DB8543 1969 With You Beside Me/ More Than Ever Now  
    Columbia DB8600 1969 Tears Won't Wash Away My Heartache/ How Can I Say I'm Sorry #22
    Columbia DB8647 1969 Sweet Memories/ Don't Say A Word  

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