Marty Wilde

  • Real Name: Reginald Smith
  • Birth Date: April 15th 1939 (or 1936 depending on who you believe)
  • Birth Place: London
  • Marty Wilde had been discovered by rock and roll entrepreneur Larry Parnes who was keen to expand his management of young hopefuls beyond his first signing Tommy Steele. At that time Marty had already changed his name from 'Smith' to 'Patterson' but Parnes, in line with his thinking for all his stars, changed the name entirely creating 'Marty Wilde'.

    Marty's big break came with the advent of the UK's first rock and roll TV show, Jack Good's 'Six-5 Special', where his good singing voice made him a great asset. Not only could Wilde 'rock and roll', but he could also sing ballads. This ability led to his version of Jody Reynolds US hit 'Endless Sleep', which was one of many cover versions that Marty Wilde was called upon to make. All of these covers were well done, some like 'Endless Sleep' were arguably superior to the original, but this lack of his own material would prove a big handicap. Marty transferred himself to Jack Good's new ITV show 'Oh Boy!' following the BBC's foolish dismissal of Jack Good. He was the star of that show when Cliff Richard suddenly appeared, riding high from the issue of his first record, 'Move It!'. The two stars allegedly got on well but Larry Parnes decided to pull Marty out of the show rather than risk him being seen as a subsidiary act to Cliff. In retrospect, Parnes would regret this move because it enabled Cliff to quickly assume Marty's former role as the UK's foremost rock and roll star.

    Although Marty's covers of US songs continued to chart they were in direct competition with the originals and by the early 1960s Marty was struggling to make even the top 20. Despite the downward slide in his record sales most of his records were well made. However, the competition from the US and from Merseybeat was too great and even his wonderful, self penned, 'Come Running' failed to chart.

    Marty Wilde married Vernons girl 'Joyce Baker' and later in the 1960s he created an unsuccessful trio with himself, Joyce, and Justin Hayward- the 'Wilde Three' . Fortunately, Marty had a loyal base of fans- particularly in the North of England which enabled him to ride out the 'group' obsession. He later re-established himself as a premier act at rock and roll nostalgia concerts. He took sufficient time off from this to help his daughter Kim Wilde become a major international star, before she retired to landscape gardening. Marty still tours regularly and retains that excellent singing voice that gave him such a good start in his long show business career.


    The EP on the left "More Of Marty" on BBE12200 is like most of Marty's work on that format- hard to find in good condition, and generally expensive when you find it. It shows a very young looking Marty in what was then quite a fashionable pose- relaxing with a cigarette.

    The EP contains both sides of his first two full 45 single releases (Honeycomb was only sold on 78 or for jukebox), one of which is very difficult to find.


    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Upper list includes UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See lower list for EP releases.

    Philips JK1028 1957 Honeycomb/ Wild Cat  
    Philips PB804 1958 Sing Boy Sing/ Oh Oh I'm Falling In Love Again  
    Philips PB835 1958 Endless Sleep/ Her Hair Was Yellow #4
    Philips PB850 1958 My Lucky Love/ Misery's Child  
    Philips PB875 1958 No One Knows/ The Fire Of Love  
    Philips PB902 1959 Donna/ Love-a Love-a #3 
    Philips PB926 1959 A Teenager In Love/ Danny #2 
    Philips PB959 1959 Sea Of Love/ Teenage Tears #3 
    Philips PB972 1959 Bad Boy/ It's Been Nice #7
    Philips PB1002 1960 Johnny Rocco/ My Heart And I #30
    Philips PB1022 1960 The Fight/ Johnny At The Crossroads #47
    Philips PB1037 1960 I Wanna Be Loved By You/ Angry  
    Philips PB1078 1960 Little Girl/ Your Seventeenth Spring #16
    Philips PB1101 1961 Rubber Ball/ Like Makin' Love #9
    Philips PB1121 1961 When Does It Get To Be Love/ Your Loving Touch  
    Philips PB1161 1961 Hide And Seek/ Crazy Dream #47
    Philips PB1191 1961 Tomorrow's Clown/ The Hellions #33
    Philips PB1206 1961 Come Running/ Evr'yone  
    Philips PB1240 1962 Jezebel/ Don't Run Away #19
    Philips 326546BF 1962 Ever Since You Said Goodbye/ Send Me The Pillow You Dream On #31
    Philips 326579BF 1963 No Dance With Me/ Little Moss Happiness  
    Columbia DB4980 1963 Lonely Avenue/ Brand New Love  
    Columbia DB7145 1963 Save Your Love For Me/ Bless My Broken Heart  
    Columbia DB7198 1964 When Day Is Done/ I Can't Help The Way I Feel  
    Columbia DB7285 1964 Kiss Me/ My What A Woman  
    Decca F11979 1964 The Mexican Boy/ Your Kind Of Love  
    Philips BF1490 1966 I've Got Used To Loving You/ The Beginning Of The End  
    Philips BF1632 1968 By The Time I Get To Phoenix/ Shutters And Boards  
    Philips BF1669 1968 Abergavenny/ Alice In Blue  
    Philips BF1753 1969 All The Love I Have/ Any Day  
    Philips BF1783 1969 Endless Sleep/ Donna  
    Philips BF1815 1969 Shelley/ Jump On The Train  

    EP Discography

    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Upper List For Singles releases

    BBE12164 1958 "Presenting Marty Wilde" (w. his Wildcats)  
    Wild Cat/Honeycomb/Love Bug Crawl/Afraid Of Love
    BBE12200 1958 "More Of Marty" (w. his Wildcats)  
    Oh-Oh-I'm Falling In Love Again/Sing, Boy, Sing/Her Hair Was Yellow/Endless Sleep
    BBE12327 1959 "Sea Of Love"  
    Teenage Tears/Sea Of Love/Danny/A Teenager In Love
    BBE12385 1960 "Versatile Mr. Wilde"  
    BBE12422 1960 "Marty Wilde Favourites"  
    BBE12517 1962 "Come Running"  
    Come Running/Ev'ryone/The Hellions/Tomorrow's Clown
    BBE433 638 1963 "Marty"  
    Don't Run Away/Jezebel/Ever Since You Said Goodbye/Send Me The Pillow You Dream On


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