Michael Holliday

  • Real Name: Michael Milne (changed by Deed Poll from Miller)
  • Birth Date: 26th November 1928
  • Birth Place: Liverpool
  • Michael Holliday had a method of crooning that was heavily influenced by and similar to Bing Crosby; although his overall style was probably closer to that of Perry Como.

    Michael served in the Merchant Navy during World War II, having been born into a seafaring family. On a 'stop-off' in New York, Mike took the opportunity to enter a talent contest at Radio City Hall- which he won. This gave him the confidence to try and become a professional singer and he began by offering his services around Liverpool's dance halls. His first important professional work came as a member of the Eric Winstone Orchestra. From this he soon became a top performer during the dying days of the Variety theatre and drew sufficient attention to get into Television and records.

    The EP illustrated on the left (SEG 7683 "Music With Mike" published 1957) was the second of no less than sixteen that were released on that format in the UK during Michael Holliday's lifetime. It includes the track, 'The Runaway Train', a number which was- and still is- popular among the young of all ages. It is very difficult to find that track on 45-rpm, so if you are looking for it (for the kids, of course) then finding a copy of this EP might be a good way of doing so (no, my copy isn't for sale, er- I'm saving it for my grandchildren!).

    Mike's career peaked during the late 1950s at a time when it was common for multiple cover versions of the same song to be released. In these circumstances, as often as not, it would be the Michael Holliday version that would succeed; such was his popularity. In fact much of his recorded output, in common with other British MOR artists, were covers of American songs. He also hosted his own TV series and was one of the first to adopt a 'relaxed' style as used by Val Doonican a few years later.

    Sadly, despite his popularity as a performer, his chart presence was erratic and the 1960s brought a long series of failures. Michael Holliday died from a suspected drugs overdose on 29th October 1963 in Croydon, Surrey.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Columbia SCM5221 1956 Sixteen Tons/ The Rose Tattoo  
    Columbia SCM5252 1956 Nothin' To Do/ Perfume Candy And Flowers #20
    Columbia SCM5273 1956 Hot Diggity/ The Gal With The Yaller Shoes #13
    Columbia DB3813 1956 Runaway Train/ Ten Thousand Miles #24
    Columbia DB3871 1957 I Saw Esau/ Yaller Yaller  
    Columbia DB3919 1957 Love Is Strange/ My House Is Your House  
    Columbia DB3948 1957 Four Walls/ Wringle Wrangle  
    Columbia DB3973 1957 It's The Good Things We Remember/ All Of You  
    Columbia DB3992 1957 Old Cape Cod/ Love You Darlin'  
    Columbia DB4058 1958 The Story Of My Life/ Keep Your Heart #1
    Columbia DB4087 1958 Rooney/ In Love #26
    Columbia DB4121 1958 Stairway Of Love/ May I #3
    Columbia DB4155 1958 I'll Always Be In Love With You/ I'll Be Lovin' You Too #27
    Columbia DB4188 1958 She Was Only Seventeen/ The Gay Vagabond  
    Columbia DB4216 1958 Careless Hands/My Heart Is An Open Book  
    Columbia DB4255 1959 The Girls From County Armagh/ Palace Of Love  
    Columbia DB4307 1959 Dearest/ Moments Of Love  
    Columbia DB4336 1959 For You, For You/ Life Is A Circus  
    Columbia DB4378 1959 Starry Eyed/ The Steady Game #1
    Columbia DB4437 1960 Sklark/ Dream Talk #39
    Columbia DB4475 1960 The One Finger Symphony/ Little Boy Lost #50
    Columbia DB4548 1960 Stay In Love/ Catch Me A Kiss  
    Columbia DB4604 1961 I'm The One Who Loves You/ Miracle Of Monday Morning  
    Columbia DB4663 1961 Dream Boy Dream/ I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now  
    Columbia DB4819 1962 I Don't Want You To See Me Cry/ Wishin' On A Rainbow  
    Columbia DB4890 1962 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/ It Only Takes A Minute  
    Columbia DB4976 1963 Laugh And The World Laughs With You/ Iron Fence  
    Columbia DB7080 1963 Between Hello And Goodbye/ Just To Be With You Again  
    Columbia DB7171 1963 Drums/ Can I Forget You  
    Columbia DB7265 1964 Dear Heart/ My Year Of Love  
    Columbia DB7327 1964 My Last Date (With You)/ Always Is A Long Long Time  

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