Mike Sarne

  • Real Name: Michael Scheuer
  • Birth Date: 6th August 1940
  • Birth Place: London
  • Blonde haired Mike Sarne was studying a language degree at the time he cut his first single. Few people on hearing 'Come Outside' would have believed that the 'cockney lad' singing it was an expert in Russian. This first disc featured the voice- though not the singing- of a young Wendy Richard who would later become a familiar TV actress. Her best known roles have been in the long running comedy series 'Are You Being Served?' where she played the 'brassy' Miss. Brahms and, more recently, for her part in 'Eastenders' in which she plays the part of the 'dowdy' Pauline Fowler- one of the original cast. Mike's second disc 'Will I What' featured another girl, Billie Davis. She would become a pop star in her own right and is particularly known for her cover of the Exciter's classic, 'Tell Him'.
    The EP illustrated here (GEP8879) is the only one Mike had released in the UK during his time of pop stardom. It is simply a coupling of the A-sides from his first four singles. It also carries an interesting set of biographical notes. Aside from pointing out Mike's linguistic skills and studies, it mentions that Mike's introduction to the stage and screen was gained at the Max Reinhardt drama school in Vienna. He appears to have developed sufficient skills to sustain a long term show business career even before becoming well known by singing any of the tracks on this attractive and collectable EP.
    Mike's attempts to repeat his success using the same cockney novelty formula gradually grew less successful, but he squeezed four chart appearances from it, staying in the public eye for just about one year. Even a change of accent and the addition of another girl- this time (a Liverpudlian Vernons Girl) Margo't Quantrell- on the supposedly Beatles sounding 'Hello Lover Boy' didn't help. Although he would appear on records again, he turned his career towards the stage and films. With rather less hair than he had in his youth, Mike Sarne still appears occasionally in TV acting roles- particularly those requiring language or dialect skills. He has also appeared in and directed several moving pictures since ceasing to be a pop star.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    Parlophone R4902 1962 Come Outside/ Fountain Of Love #1
    Parlophone R4932 1962 Will I What/ Bird You Know I Love Ya #18
    Parlophone R4972 1963 Just For Kicks/ Don't You Phone Me I'll Phone You #22
    Parlophone R5010  1963 Code Of Love/ Are You Satisfied #29
    Parlophone R5060 1963 Please Don't Say/ Now You've Moved  
    Parlophone R5090 1963 Hello Lover Boy/ Baby I'm On My Way  
    Parlophone R5129 1964 Place To Go/ Out And About  
    Parlophone R5170  1964 Love Me Please/ You've Got Something  

    EP Discography

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    Parlophone GEP8879 1963 "The Mike Sarne Hit Parade"  
    Code Of Love/Will I What/Just For Kicks/Come Outside

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