• Real Name: Eric Stewart
  • Birth Date: 20th January 1945
  • Birth Place: Manchester
  • Ric Rothwell
  • 11th March 1944
  • Manchester
  • Real Name: Bob Lang
  • Birth Date: 10th January 1946
  • Birth Place: Manchester
  • The Mindbenders were an extremely competent band who were brought together originally to back Wayne Fontana. They had been divorced by the singing star at the end of 1965 when he decided to go solo in order to try and reverse the decline of his chart career. Although Wayne went on to further hits, the Mindbenders also pressed on and probably surprised their former vocalist by being more successful than he was.

    It was a cover of a song that had been previously recorded by Patti Labelle and Her Belles a few weeks earlier that gave the Mindbenders their big chance. The song totally failed for Patti, but the Mindbenders took it to #2 on both sides of the Atlantic. (It would also become a hit for Phil Collins some years later when he was to remake it again). The group managed to consolidate their success and charted on three occasions more, but they had faded from the scene by the end of the 1960s. They continued for several years afterwards as members of other bands and also went into musical production, even opening their own recording studio- 'Strawberry' which hosted several future hits.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    Fontana TF644 1966 A Groovy Kind Of Love/ Love Is Good #2
    Fontana TF697 1966 Can't Live With You (Can't Live Without You)/ One Fine Day #28
    Fontana TF731 1966 Ashes To Ashes/ You Don't Know About Love #14
    Fontana TF780 1966 I Want Her She Wants Me/ The Morning After  
    Fontana TF806 1967 We'll Talk About It Tomorrow/ Far Across Town  
    Fontana TF869 1967 The Letter/ My New Day And Age #42
    Fontana TF877 1967 Schoolgirl/ Coming Back  
    Fontana TF910 1968 Blessed Are The Lonely/ Yellow Brick Road  
    Fontana TF961 1968 Uncle Joe The Icecream Man/ The Man Who Loved Trees  

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