• Real Name: Keith Carlson
  • Birth Date:
  • Birth Place: Liverpool
  • Nicky Crouch
  • 9th February 1943
  • Liverpool
  • Stuart James (Slater)
  • 14th July 1945
  • Liverpool
  • Real Name: John Conrad (Bob)
  • Birth Date: 14th August 1944
  • Birth Place: Liverpool
  • Terry O'Toole
  • 20th December 1941
  • Liverpool
  • The Mojos were one of the few Merseyside groups to be signed to Decca. They had originally called themselves the Nomads and still had Adrian Wilkinson on lead guitar at the time they cut their first single, becoming the Mojos. He was soon replaced by Nicky Crouch, who had previously played with a group called Faron's Flamingos who had themselves cut two unsuccessful singles on the Oriole label. After their first single failed to chart the Mojos departed for Hamburg following the trail well worn by so many UK rock and roll bands of the period. While they were actually in Germany they cut their second single.'Everything's Al'right' which was penned by the group themselves. The record became the group's only top ten hit.
    The EP shown here on the right (DFE 8591) has become a real collector's item so if you have a copy then take good care of it. Although one of the tracks it contains is relatively easy to find on a single, it is the only way to find the other three tracks on a UK released 45- as far as I know.
    The Mojo's next single, written by their pianist O'Toole, and its follow up both made the chart. However only the first hit comes near to capturing the excitement of their live act. At the end of 1964 the group's line up changed dramatically, losing Keith Carlson (bass), Terry O'Toole and John Conrad (drums). However they continued to record as a four-piece benefitting from the addition of a new drummer, Aynsley Dunbar and a bass player called Lewis Collins. None of the band's subsequent recordings sold very well including one attributed to 'Stu James and the Mojos', and it finally broke up in January 1967. Lewis Collins became a professional actor and is best known for his part in the TV series 'The Professionals'.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    Decca F11732 1963 They Say/ Forever  
    Decca F11853 1964 Everything's Al'right/ Give Your Lovin' To Me #9
    Decca F11918 1964 Why Not Tonight/ Don't Do It Any More #25
    Decca F11959 1964 Seven Daffodils/ Nothin' At All #30
    Decca F12127 1965 Comin' On To Cry/ That's The Way It Goes  
    Decca F12231 1965 *Wait A Minute/ Wonder If She Knows  
    Decca F12557 1967 Goodbye Dolly Gray/ I Just Can't Let Her Go  
    Liberty LBF15097 1968 Until My Baby Comes Home/ Seven Park Avenue  

    *Actually credited to Stu James & The Mojos

    EP Discography

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    Decca DFE8591 1964 The Mojos #12
    Everything's Al'right/I Got My Mojo Working/The One Who Really Loves You/Nobody But Me

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