Peter And Gordon

  • Real Name: Peter Asher
  • Birth Date: June 22nd 1944
  • Birth Place: London
  • Gordon Waller
  • June 4th 1945
  • Braemar, Scotland 
  • This duo would seem unlikely candidates for pop success. They did not have the musical motivation of many of their less middle class peers and their Westminster School education would have seemed to point them in a different direction. However, the pair had one enormous advantage. Peter's sister was the young actress Jane Asher and she had gained the attention of none other than Paul McCartney who had begun a courtship with her.

    With access to the young Beatle's 'surplus' songs the pair obtained 'World Without Love' and cut a competently crafted single with it. The popularity stemming from its success, reaching #1 on both sides of the Atlantic, would sustain their musical career for almost three years. They split up during 1968 after some inevitable arguments and Peter forged a new career in show business management- becoming an agent for James Taylor. and eventually moving himself to Los Angeles. Gordon tried to kick start his singing career again on a couple of occasions, but never regained significant public attention. Unlike Peter, Gordon remained domiciled in the south of England, but pulled out of show business entirely. Nevertheless, unlike many duets the couple have remained on friendly terms separated only by the distance between them and not their musical ideals.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Columbia DB7225 1964 A World Without Love/ If I Were You #1
    Columbia DB7292 1964 Nobody I Know/ You Don't Have To Tell Me #10
    Columbia DB7356 1964 I Don't Want To See You Again/ I Would Buy  
    Columbia DB7407 1964 I Go To Pieces/ Love Me Baby  
    Columbia DB7524 1965 True Love Ways/ If You Wish #2
    Columbia DB7617 1965 To Know You Is To Love You/ I Told You So #5
    Columbia DB7729 1965 Baby I'm Yours/ When The Black Of Your Eyes Turns To Grey #19 
    Columbia DB7834 1966 Woman/ Wrong From The Start #28
    Columbia DB7951 1966 Don't Pity Me/ To Show I Love You  
    Columbia DB8003 1966 Lady Godiva/ Morning's Calling #16
    Columbia DB8075 1966 Knight In Rusty Armour/ The Flower Lady  
    Columbia DB8159 1967 Sunday For Tea/ Start Trying Someone Else  
    Columbia DB8198  1967 The Jokers/ Red Cream And Velvet  
    Columbia DB8398 1968 I Feel Like Going Out/ The Quest For The Holy Grail  
    Columbia DB8451 1968 You've Had Better Times/ Sipping My Wine  
    Columbia DB8585 1969 I Can Remember Not Too Long Ago/ Hard Time, Rainy Day  

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