Ricky Valance

  • Real Name: David Spencer
  • Birth Date: 1940
  • Birth Place: South Wales
  • An artist whose name is often mis-spelled as 'Valence' or even confused with the late Mexican-American Ritchie Valens.

    "Tell Laura I Love Her" was a direct cover of Ray Peterson's American hit. It became a classic, if controversial, 'one-hit-wonder' for Welshman Ricky Valance. The record was a classic of the 'death' genre which even gave rise to an answer record "Tell Tommy I Miss Him". Tommy, of course, was the character who dies in a stock car race in the first song. The original version of this second song was by Skeeter Davis, but that too was covered by a British artist- Laura Lee. Neither version of the 'answer' succeeded in the UK. Laura Lee's version had been produced by Joe Meek who had also made a cover version of 'Tell Laura I Love Her' with John Leyton. This was John's first recording which did nothing but, unlike Ricky Valance, John Leyton was destined to have a string of hits.

    Nothing else that Ricky Valance ever did even reached the chart let alone came near the #1 spot achieved by his first release. He even tried covering songs by other other American artists; for example "Jimmy's Girl" from Johnny Tillotson, but without success. Nevertheless, his solitary number one was so memorable that it would sustain Ricky's singing career on the club and nostalgia circuit for very many years.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    Columbia DB4493 1960 Tell Laura I Love Her/ Once Upon A Time #1
    Columbia DB4543 1960 Movin' Away/ Lipstick On Your Lips  
    Columbia DB4586 1961 Jimmy's Girl/ Only The Young  
    Columbia DB4592 1961 Why Can't We/ Fisherboy  
    Columbia DB4680 1961 Bobby/ I Want To Fall In Love  
    Columbia DB4725 1961 I Never Had A Chance/ It's Not True  
    Columbia DB4787 1962 Try To Forget Her/ At Times Like These  
    Columbia DB4864 1962 Don't Play No. 9/ Till The Final Curtain Falls  
    Decca F12129 1965 Six Boys/ Face The Crowd  


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