Ron Goodwin

  • Real Name: Ron Goodwin
  • Birth Date: February 17th 1925
  • Birth Place: Plymouth, England
  • This talented Devonshire born conductor became famous for the musical scores he produced for many well known movies and TV series of the 1950s and 1960s. He is alleged to have learned the piano at the age of five. Although he started out professionally in music as a trumpet player, he was a more expert arranger and composer. Ron learnt this craft while working with the big UK bands of the early 1950s, notably Stanley Black, Ted Heath and Geraldo before forming his own unit.

    His orchestra became frequently heard on BBC Radio and TV. His singles are reminiscent of some of his most familiar work, which- although popular- were not the material of hits- apart from some brief success in the 1950s. In 1953, He reached the UK #3 spot with 'Limelight' from the Charles Chaplin film and also scraped in at #20 with 'Blue Star' (78rpm) in 1955. The long list of singles attributed to Ron Goodwin's Orchestra include a high proportion written by the conductor himself. Indeed he wrote a lot more material recorded by other artists and was one of Britain's most prolific writers of themes for stage and screen. In addition to these many instrumentals, the orchestra was regularly used for backing singers of the period including Petula Clark. He worked extensively with George Martin at Parlophone on arrangements for the label, but went on in his own right to provide it with some of its best selling albums.

    The EP pictured here is one of several that Ron Goodwin's concert orchestra had released on that format. This one comes with quite a decent set of biographical notes on the rear. According to these, Ron was the son of a police constable and his family moved from Devon to London when Ron was nine years old. It also points out that it is Ron's orchestra who provided the backing on Jimmy Young's "Too Young"- which led to the adoption of the band by Parlophone as the label's resident orchestra.
     Sadly, Ron Goodwin died shortly before his 78th birthday, on January 8th, 2003.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Upper list includes UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Lower list for UK EP releases

    Parlophone MSP6020 1953 When I Fall In Love/ Jet Journey  
    Parlophone MSP6035 1953 Limelight/ Moulin Rouge #3
    Parlophone MSP6044 1953 The Melba Waltz/ Shane  
    Parlophone MSP6103 1953 The Song Of The High Seas/ Guadalcanal March  
    Parlophone MSP6115 1954 Cara Mia/ Three Coins In The Fountain  
    Parlophone MSP6116 1954 Smile/ The Messenger Boy  
    Parlophone MSP6136 1954 On The Waterfront/ Midnight Blue  
    Parlophone MSP6154 1955 When You're In Love/ You My Love  
    Parlophone MSP6159 1955 Under The Linden Tree/ Last Love  
    Parlophone MSP6221 1956 Concetta/. Handyman  
    Parlophone R4162 1956 No Other Love/ The Headless Horseman  
    Parlophone R4229 1956 Whatever Will Be Will Be/ Lay Down Your Arms  
    Parlophone R4235 1956 War And Peace/ The Christmas Tree  
    Parlophone R4250 1956 Rock Around The Clock/ Giddy Up A Ding Dong  
    Parlophone R4272 1957 Elizabethan Serenade/ Red Cloak  
    Parlophone R4297 1957 Skiffling Strings/ I'll Find You  
    Parlophone R4349 1957 Swedish Polka/ Lingering Lovers  
    Parlophone R4391 1958 Colonel Bogey And The River Kwai March/ Laughing Sailor  
    Parlophone R4448 1958 Jumping Jupiter/ Indiscreet  
    Parlophone R4480 1958 Wagon Train/ Josita  
    Parlophone R4508 1958 Latin Lovers/ The Blue Grotto  
    Parlophone R4537 1959 Theme from The Whirlpool/ Herman's Theme  
    Parlophone R4608 1960 Lolita/ All Strung Up  
    Parlophone R4632 1960 Tracy's Theme/ My Girl  
    Parlophone R4649 1960 The Girl From Corsica/ The Singing Piano  
    Parlophone R4663 1960 Love Theme from Ben Hur/ Theme from The Unforgiven  
    Parlophone R4687 1960 Walkin' Down To Washington/ Sunshine Cruise  
    Parlophone R4718 1960 Wedding Dance/ Windows Of The East  
    Parlophone R4787 1961 Theme from Romanoff And Juliet/ Pleasure Island  
    Parlophone R4821  1961 Murder She Said/ Double Scotch  
    Parlophone R4891 1962 Postman's Knock/ Wormwood Scrubs Tango  
    Parlophone R4892 1962 Village Of Daughters/ Cafe Royale Waltz  
    Parlophone R4962 1962 Theme In Blue/ Hot Sand  
    Parlophone R4994 1963 Kill Or Cure/ Panatella  
    Parlophone R5053 1963 Moonstrike/ Midsummer Madness  
    Parlophone R5083 1963 Mexican Pirate/ Ladies Who Do  
    Parlophone R5146 1964 Theme from 633 Squadron/ Love Theme from 633 Squadron  
    Parlophone R5181 1964 Girl With A Dream/ Of Human Bondage  
    Parlophone R5239 1965 Fat Man/ Colonel Schmendrich  
    Parlophone R5394 1965 Early Birds/ Theme from the Alphabet Murders  
    Stateside SS422 1965 Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines/ Arizona  
    HMV POP1518 1966 That Riviera Touch/ Now That You're Here  
    Parlophone R5501 1966 Operation Crossbow/ The Trap  
    Parlophone R5618 1967 The Magnificent Two/ Venus Waltz  
    Columbia DB8472 1968 Decline And Fall/ Margot's Theme  
    Paramount Para3002 1969 Monte Carlo Or Bust/ They're Playing Chester's Song  
    United Artists UP35040 1969 The Theme from The Battle Of Britain/ Luftwaffe March  

    EP Discography

    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Upper List For 45rpm Singles releases
    • Stereo releases shown in parentheses

    Parlophone GEP8555 1955 "Orchestra De Luxe"  
    Blue Star/Lonely Heart/Summertime In Venice/The Three Galleons
    Parlophone GEP8573 1956 "Contrasts For Star Orchestra"  
    No Other Love/Headless Horsemen/Bluebell Polka/The Little Laplander
    Parlophone GEP8662 1957 "Ron Goodwin Specials"  
    Lingering Lovers/Swingin' Sweethearts/Swedish Polka/Laughing Sailor
    Parlophone GEP8684 1958 "Music Of The Sea"  
    La Mer/The Song Of The High Sea/Spanish Main
    Parlophone GEP8699 1958 "Ron Goodwin Specials No.2"  
    Jet Journey/Red Cloak/Messenger Boy/Elizabethan Serenade
    Parlophone GEP8722 1958 "Themes"  
    Joista/Wagon Train/Colonel Bogey And The River Kwai March
    Parlophone GEP8816 (SGE2010) 1960 "The Smooth Sound"  
    The Girl From Corsica/Tje Singing Piano/Tracy's Theme/My Girl


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