Ruby Murray

  • Real Name: Ruby Murray
  • Birth Date: March 29th 1935
  • Birth Place: Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • A 'Ruby Murray' may live on as a cheeky piece of cockney rhyming slang for an Indian dinner, but so too does the memory of the legendary singer whose name sprang so readily to the lips of the person that first used it in that context. For Ruby's voice became familiar to all who lived in Britain during the 1950s and her name, indeed, became a household word.

    Ruby Murray was a precocious youngster and she began her entertainment career as a child singer in and around her home city. She was still in her teens when she replaced Joan Regan on the BBC TV programme 'Quite Contrary'. However, it was not her youth but her beautiful voice that caught the mood of the British public; sweet and gentle, but full of character. She was widely regarded as the 'voice of Ireland' and she soon became one of the most significant performers in the UK and Ireland during the decade. She appeared in numerous shows and once even under the direction of Gordon Parry in the 1956 comedy movie 'A Touch Of The Sun'. However, it was her recording career that would prove to be the most astonishing. Her early chart hits came like 'a ton of bricks', first came 'Heartbeat' followed by a string of top ten entries including her massive #1, 'Softly, Softly'. She had no less than five records in the top twenty chart simultaneously (all of her first five full releases!) - a feat that occurred during March, 1955. Despite her strong associations with Northern Ireland she made her home in England following her marriage in 1957.

    There are quite a number of EPs around issued in Ruby's name, mostly issued during the mid to late 1950s. However, the one shown on the left (SEG8052) was not issued until 1960. I seem to come across it fairly regularly so it is possibly the easiest of her output on that format to find.

    Sadly, by the end of the 1950s, Ruby's chart career was over. Her choice of material, and her image, were perhaps a little too sentimental for the less innocent era of the 1960s. However, she remained a popular performer and her LP recordings were far from ignored even into the 1970s. She continued to perform regularly, though in later years, inevitably for one who had been such a great star, she became regarded as a nostaligia act and fans really just wanted to hear her sing her famous hits.

    Ruby Murray died on December 18th 1996.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Upper list includes UK 45 singles releases only
    • See Lower list for UK EP releases
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red.
    • Ruby's first release (Heartbeat) was originally issued on 78rpm. Several of her other earlier issues are also very difficult to find on 45rpm and most of the singles listed below for 1956 were special issues.

    Columbia SCM5162 1955 Softly, Softly/ What Could Be More Beautiful #1
    Columbia SCM5169 1955 If Anyone Finds This, I Love You/ Before We Know It #4
    Columbia SCM5180 1955 Evermore/ Bambino #3
    Columbia SCM5222 1956 Two Rivers/ Boy Meets Girl  
    Columbia SCM5225 1956 For Now, For Ever/ Oh Please Make Him Jealous  
    Columbia DB3810 1956 Teddy O'Neil/ It Only Hurts For A Little While  
    Columbia DB3849 1957 Knock On Any Door/ True Love  
    Columbia DB3852 1957 In Love/ O'Malley's Tango  
    Columbia DB3911 1957 From The First Hello- To The Last Goodbye/ Heart  
    Columbia DB3933 1957 Mr Wonderful/ Pretty, Pretty  
    Columbia DB3955 1957 Scarlet Ribbons/ Macushia Mine  
    Columbia DB3994 1957 Little White Lies/ Passing Strangers  
    Columbia DB4042 1957 Ain't That A Grand And Glorious Feeling/ I'll Remember Today  
    Columbia DB4075 1958 Forgive Me My Darling/ Keep Smiling At Trouble  
    Columbia DB4108 1958 In My Life/ Nora Malone (Call Me By 'Phone)  
    Columbia DB4192 1958 Real Love/ Little One #18
    Columbia DB4266 1959 Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)/ Who Knows  
    Columbia DB4305 1959 Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye/ The Humour Is On Me Now #10
    Columbia DB4326 1959 A Pretty Irish Girl/ Connemara  
    Columbia DB4379 1959 A Message From Jimmy/ A Voice In The Choir  
    Columbia DB4426 1960 Forever/ Congratulations  
    Columbia DB4497 1960 My Little Corner Of The World/ Sweetheart Of All My Dreams  
    Columbia DB4575 1961 Goodbye Is The Loneliest Word/ Living For The Day  
    Columbia DB4701 1961 Tammy, Tell Me True/ The Faith Of A Child  
    Columbia DB4771 1962 Pianissimo/ The Diamond  
    Columbia DB4944 1962 How Did He Look/ As Simple As That  
    Columbia DB7028 1963 I'm In Love With The Boy Next Door/ I'll Walk The Rest Of The Way  
    Columbia DB7152 1963 Hurry Home/ Something Old- Somthing New  
    Decca F12291 1965 The Little Pine Tree/ Silent Night  
    Columbia DB7491 1965 Softly, Softly/ Promises Were Made To Be Broken  
    Fontana TF838 1967 I Can't Get You Out Of My Head/ Paper Mansions  
    Fontana TF914 1968 Sooner Or Later/ Going Home To My Love  

     Note: 'Connemara' was sung with Brendan O'Dowde, 'Boy Meets Girl' was with Norman Wisdom, 'If Anyone Finds This, I Love You' was with Anne Warren.

    EP Discography

    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Upper List For Singles releases
    • Stereo releases shown in parentheses

    Columbia SEG7588 1956 "Ruby Is A Gem"  
    Happy Days And Lonely Nights/Get Well Soon/Let Me Go, Lover/He's A Pal Of Mine
    Columbia SEG7620 1956 "Everybody's Sweetheart No.1"  
    Slowly With Feeling/I'll Come When You Call/It's The Irish In Me/The Very First Christmas Of All
    Columbia SEG7631 1957 "Everybody's Sweetheart No.2"  
    Teddy O'Neil/The Green Glens Of Antrim/Heartbeat/Two Kinds Of Tears
    Columbia SEG7636 1957 "Everybody's Sweetheart No.3"  
    You Are My First Love/That Look In My Eye/I Know I'm Home/Please Hold Me Tightly
    Columbia SEG7748 1958 "Mucushla Mine" (w. Ray Martin Orch.)  
    Macushla Mine/It's A Great Day For The Irish/How Can You Buy Killarney?/Dear Old Donegal
    Columbia SEG7952 1959 "Endearing Young Charms"  
    Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms/With Me Sillelagh Under Me Arm/Let Him Go Let Him Tarry/A Little Bit Of Heaven
    Columbia SEG8052 (ESG7830) 1960 "Love's Old Sweet Song"  
    Love's Old Sweet Song/When You Wore A Tulip/When I Grow Too Old To Dream/Tell We Meet Again

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