The Scaffold

  • Real Name: Roger McGough
  • Birth Date: 9th November 1937
  • Birth Place: Liverpool
  • John Gorman
  • 4th January 1937
  • Liverpool
  • Real Name: Michael McCartney (McGear)
  • Birth Date: 7th January 1944
  • Birth Place: Liverpool

    The Scaffold were a mixture of 'pop', poetry and comedy, although they also had a serious side which was never reflected in their singles. Mike McGear was the brother of Paul McCartney and he attempted to keep his real name concealed for many years although eventually it was to become an open secret. Roger McGough was the poet and has since become renowned for his work as one of the 'Liverpool poets', today still preserving his stage presence with readings of his own work and that of others.

    They managed to reach the chart several times at the end of the sixties before evolving into the less successful 'Grimms' which also included in its number Neil Innes and Zoot Money. However, Scaffold were to have one further major hit in 1974 with 'Liverpool Lou'.

    Only Gorman remained in full time show business. He did so by entering television where he became a contributor to 'Tiswas'. McGough continued to write poetry and Mike McGear took up full time photography.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Parlophone R5443 1966 2 Day's Monday/ 3 Blind Jellyfish  
    Parlophone R5548 1966 Goodbat Nightman/ A Long Strong Black Pudding  
    Parlophone R5643  1967 Thank U Very Much/ Ide B The First #4
    Parlophone R5679 1968 Do You Remember/ Carry On Krow #34
    Parlophone R5703 1968 1-2-3/ Today  
    Parlophone R5734 1968 Lily The Pink/ Buttons Of Your Mind #1
    Parlophone R5784 1969 Charity Bubbles/ Goose  
    Parlophone R5812 1969 Gin Gan Goolie/ Liver Birds #50

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