The Seekers

  • Real Name: Keith Portger
  • Birth Date: March 21st 1941
  • Birth Place: Columbo, Sri Lanka
  • Judith Durham
  • 3rd July 1943
  • Melbourne
  • Real Name: Athol Guy
  • Birth Date: 5th January 1940
  • Birth Place: Victoria
  • Bruce Woodley
  • 25th July 1942
  • Melbourne
  • The Seekers had been formed in Australia as an all-male group almost two years before they became famous in the UK. The later installation of Judith Durham as the lead singer was important because they then drew the attention of Tom Springfield who saw similarity between them and the, now demised, Springfields. With Springfield as manager they gained a chance to back Dusty Springfield at the London Palladium, and also obtained the 'springfieldesque' song 'I'll never find another you' from Tom Springfield.

    The group's Folk-Pop sound worked well in the UK despite extensive competition from the beat groups who were at the height of their popularity during the mid-1960s. In 1967 Judith Durham started her own solo career but she still sang with the group. Despite Judith's splendid voice, the material was generally poor and her own singles did not do well; she only obtained one minor hit, 'The Olive Tree'. The group were also finding it difficult to get good songs; they were even driven to remaking the old Springfield's hit 'Island Of Dreams'. The group's last chart entry came at the end of 1967 and they eventually split up during 1968.

    "Morningtown Ride" was the Seeker's sixth hit and also the name of the EP shown here, SEG822 from 1967. In fact, three of the numbers on this disc were from two of their 1966 singles (Morningtown Ride/Walk With Me/We're Moving On). However the fourth track, Red Rubber Ball became issued as the B-side of Island Of Dreams in 1968. Perhaps this illustrates how they began struggling to find good material.
    Judith Durham soon returned to Australia and gave up singing. Despite repeated attempts to lure her away from her new life she resisted pleas from other members of the Seekers and her fans to reform the group for very many years. However she eventually did so during the 1990s. Keith Portger formed the 'New Seekers' shortly after the group's original break up, but turned from singing to management before the new group achieved chart success with 'I'd Like To Teach The World to Sing' in 1971.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Oriole CB1935 1965 With A Swag On My Shoulder/ Myra  
    Decca F22167 1965 Chilly Winds/ Kumbaya  
    Columbia DB7431 1965 I'll Never Find Another You/ Open Up Them Pearly Gates #1
    Columbia DB7532 1965 A World Of Our Own/ Sinner Man #3
    Columbia DB7711 1965 The Carnival Is Over/ We Shall Not Be Moved #1
    Columbia DB7867 1966 Someday One Day/ Nobody Knows The Trouble I Seen #11
    Columbia DB8000 1966 Walk With Me/ We're Moving On #10
    Columbia DB8060 1966 Morningtown Ride/ When The Stars Begin To Fall #2
    Columbia DB8134 1967 Georgy Girl/ The Last Thing On My Mind #3
    Columbia DB8273 1967 When Will The Good Apples Fall/ Myra #11
    Columbia DB8313 1967 Emerald City/ Music Of The World A-Turnin' #50
    Columbia DB8407 1968 Days Of My Life/ Study War No More  
    Columbia DB8460 1968 Love Is Kind Love Is Wine/ All I Can Remember  
    Columbia DB8509 1968 Island Of Dreams/ Red Rubber Ball  
    Columbia DB8609 1969 Colours Of My Life/ Rattler  
    Fontana TF1006 1969 Children Go Where I Send You/Little Moses  

    Judith Durham (Solo)
    Columbia DB8207 1967 Olive Tree/ The Non-Performing Lion Quickstep #33
    Columbia DB8290 1967 Again And Again/ Memories  

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