The Small Faces

  • Real Name: Steve Marriott
  • Birth Date: 30th January 1947
  • Birth Place: London
  • Ronnie Lane
  • 1st April 1946
  • London
  • Ian McLagan
  • 12th May 1945
  • London
  • Real Name: James Langwith (Jimmy Winston)
  • Birth Date: 20th April 1945
  • Birth Place: London
  • Kenny Jones
  • 16th September 1948
  • London
  • Ronnie Lane and Steve Marriott had already played in other bands when they met up for the first time in London's East End. These two created the 'Small Faces' together with Kenny Jones who was then playing on Lane's group 'The Pioneers' and Jimmy Langwith an acquaintance of Marriott's. After some success with their live stage act they were signed up to Don Arden's management who in turn secured a record distribution contract with Decca.

    Their first release 'Watcha Gonna Do About It' which was co-written by the original bass player of the Drifters (i.e. the Shadows), Ian Samwell, proved an instant success, but their next single was an untypical failure. Jimmy Winston left the group after a dispute with the other members and was replaced by Ian McLagan who had until then been with Boz and the Boz People. The band settled down with the new line-up but other management disputes continued which led to them moving to Andrew Oldham's Immediate label. It was this period that saw the band at its most creative and produce some of its most memorable and unusual singles.

    By February of 1969, Marriott quit the group quite suddenly saying that he didnt like the musical direction the band was taking and felt that he could no longer contribute. Steve went off to join Peter Frampton in a new venture that became the group 'Humble Pie'. The Small Faces were not able to continue after this trauma and split up. However, they would emerge, again with Marriott together with Rod Stewart and Ron Wood, as the Faces during the 1970s.

    Sadly, Steve Marriott died in a fire at his home during 1991.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    Decca F12208 1965 Watcha Gonna Do About It/ What's A Matter Baby #14
    Decca F12276 1965 I've Got Mine/ It's Too Late  
    Decca F12317 1966 Sha-La-La-La-Lee/ Grow Your Own #3
    Decca F12393 1966 Hey Girl/ Almost Grown #10
    Decca F12470 1966 All Or Nothing/ Understanding #1
    Decca F12500 1966 My Mind's Eye/ I Can't Dance With You #4
    Decca F12565 1967 I Can't Make It/ Just Passing #26
    Decca F12619 1967 Patterns/ E Too D  
    Immediate IM050 1967 Here Comes The Nice/ Talk To You #12
    Immediate IM057 1967 Itchycoo Park/ I'm Only Dreaming #3
    Immediate IM062 1967 Tin Soldier/ I Feel Much Better #9
    Immediate IM064 1968 Lazy Sunday/ Rollin' Over #2
    Immediate IM069 1968 The Universal/ Donkey Rides A Penny A Glass #16
    Immediate IM077 1969 Afterglow Of Your Love/ Wham Bam Thank You Mam #36

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